Young Rockets Fan Demands Shaq Respect Houston

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Houston Rockets overcame long odds to go out and sign Dwight Howard, and in the aftermath of the pursuit for Dwight, some fans were apparently feeling a little disrespected. At the celebratory press conference for Dwight, one young fan in particular decided to address Shaquille O’Neal, who went on record and called Houston “a little city.”

This fan feels otherwise…

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  1. YODO says:


  2. justsayin says:

    Truly was a rare bush-league moment for Shaq. You dont owe respect to a player – but knocking a city like that is like dogging someones mom. Just disrespectful. The kid said it right.

    I don’t understand how he is so threatened by and resentful of a player not even in his league. Maybe it’s because of Kobe. He ran Shaq out of LA when they couldve dominated the decade and concievably won every title. Now he’s begging a less dominant center to stay. Kobe wanted to be an AW and get all the credit for winning but it looks like he has finally learned to be careful what you wish for.

    If Howard was copying you, Big Fella, his next team woulda been Miami.

    • migsrocks says:

      Kobe won championships for being a great player and hard worker not by being a punk like Howard.

      • justsayin says:

        Refute a single point I made. You can’t. Clearly you know better than your hero Kobe – since he and the Lakers desperately tried to re-sign Howard. (Insult him all day, as if I give a crap – I aready pointed out he is a mere shadow of the Diesel.)

        The fact is Kobe rode the coattails of a Hall of Fame center and coach to get his rings. And even though he is a great scorer, hard worker, and legit HoFer – he’s still a punk for putting his ego before his team and his city. He and Shaq-fu would have rings enough for both hands. Like LeBron Quixote’s fervid prediction when he signed with the Heat, except much more likely.

        Now at least Shaq isn’t the only one today who “just got told”.

      • Hater says:

        Laker fan. U just mad

      • kenneth says:

        Im feeling a lot more bandwagon fans in houston now what are the lakers n heat n knicks gona do nowswitch teams again now laker fans are clipper fans magic fans turned on them for miami and now dallas fans turning to houston soooo sad

    • HUH?????? says:

      Do you even know the whole story behind shaq and kobe? obviously you aren’t a lakers fan so thats fine I’ll accept your apology. Shaq and Kobe has ego issue back in the days. Also shaq was the worst one in that situation thats why the great DR. Jerry Buss made that trade for the sake of the franchise. Shaq was cancer to the team chemistry and he was extremely out of shape. out of shape shaq or 24 years old kobe. 99 out of 100 times everyone would choose Kobe. Thank you have a nice day. also he didn’t run shaq out. Shaq wanted to stay. Shaq has the balls to want to stay with the Lakers. Only lilo town players would go to the lilo town to play bball with his tiny balls.

      • Axlams says:

        You say Shaq was out of shape…..he went to Miami and won a title….
        anyway he shouldn’t talk about cities like that…..

      • Jimmy Buckets says:

        out of shape shaq is still more dominant than Kobe ever was sorry. Shaq would literally kill you every night on the court so badly that your best chance was to foul him. Hack-a-Shaq was invented because he would DESTROY you. Kobe never was that dangerous

      • NewYorker says:

        A Jimmy Buckets. That’s not exactly true. Some of it is, but hack-a-Shaq was not invented just because he was so dominant, but to a large extent because he was a terrible FT shooter. Now what good would hack-a-Kobe do? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a Kobe fan, but that’s the reality.

      • mark says:

        If Houston is such a small town market wise (globally) or otherwise, why did Yao Ming get more votes than Shaq every year he was in the Western Conference for the All Star game? A lot of people “noticed” Yao Ming more than Shaq!

    • Pimpdaddy says:

      True story, my dude!

    • kenneth says:

      Getting all but hurt over what he said about houston but u all have no problem calling sacramento a cowtown haha you will all see what sacramento has up their sleeves new arena ownership coaches and again a decentsquad that if u don’t take serious they will creep in the 7 or 8 spot

  3. j ballingon says:

    shaq’s an idiot, Houston is the 4th biggest city in the US

    • CowanLewitt says:

      Haha, very good remark man, little city…. pfffff

    • oliver says:

      Is it bigger than LA??…of course it is not bigger than LA; actually NY and LA are the biggest; so Shaq´s comments are not completely wrong; don´t you think?…I think he has to have respect for the city; but I also think he didn´t try to insult to anyone in Houston, he is only messing to DH; not a big deal; as these kind of things have happened before…

    • Sam Reyes says:

      oh yeah? shack was talking about nba market,nothing against houston btw D!@ deserves a ring no matter where…

    • Erdal Erbas says:

      The guy is actually brilliant and biggest proof is the fact that he is one of the few people on the planet having had success with everything he is involved in…music, movies, restaurants and I could go on…In addition he probably has bigger balls then you can ever dream of….I think you need to understand what he said not literally but more in basketball terms…but I guess you are not that smart…hahahahaha

    • coach151 says:

      He’s speaking of Marketing…. Sure Houston is the 4th largest, good luck Dwight… You know he’s going to blame everyone and everything before he takes responsibility for his incompetency… You are aware that he choose to use an excuse for choosing Houston, right… Well after your team never win a championship he’s going to blame everything but himself when it WAS HIM that you choose just to WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS… You’ll see…

      • What????? says:

        If your talking about marketing then DH made the right choice. Most players from Houston are popular outside America specially in China. To be a Global brand you must go to a team with the largest fan base outside America. Why did you think they gambled on Jeremy Lin? In China TMac is more popular than Kobe . So, marketing wise he made the right choice. What happened to shaq’s shoe brand just ask Starburry

    • DGuyinCanada says:

      Houston is great city!

    • lol says:

      lol ur an idiot. hes obviously refering to houston’s relevance NBA-wise. Lakers 16. Houston 2.

  4. isack says:

    i honestly don’t know why shaq has the right to give his opinion in public (even though his opinions should mean nothing to the world). he should just stop doing what he’s doing and quit all this nonsense. he’s been a great player for many years and that’s it, he should be nothing more than that.

    • Jorge says:

      Shaq has as much right as you do to express his opinion. Now, because he was one great player he also has a bigger stage to air said opinion than you or I have, which means he is going to be heard by more people. His comment might have been wrong, with regards to the actual size of the city, but I want to believe he meant his comment to be in the basketball terms, leaving just Boston, Chicago and LA as “Big Cities”. The remark was silly and out of frustration since he clearly had wanted Howard to stay in LA, but we just have to take his opinion for what it is, a personal opinion, nothing else.

    • sp says:

      its part of the show man. Everybody has a right to say what he/she thinks and you have the right to critizise them with arguments.. I just find him nice when he is funny.

    • D12 ain't winning a championship in Houston says:

      Shaq has all the right to give his opinion because HE WAS ASKED by a reporter for it. He may not have said anything otherwise.

      I think what Shaq wanted to say is not that Houston is little, but that it SUX!

  5. Dude says:

    Shaq’s talking about market-wise, not size of the city. sheesh ur an idiot

  6. MIP243 says:

    I’ve never wanted to smack a child so badly…

    • L Dixon says:

      I suppose you don’t have any of your own…. idiot.
      Just accept the fact that the kid was and is right. This was the same “little city” that swept him, yeah I said it, SWEPT HIM in the finals.

  7. Wilt #13 says:

    Wow that kid should shut up,Yes Shaq said something wrong with Houston is a little city[4th biggest city in the US]
    But that little kid need to know that he is talking to a top 5 Center of all time.
    Shaq need to show respect but that kid is 8 years old.

    • L Dixon says:

      And your point??? With all due respect to “top 5 Centers of all time”, no one is beyond getting checked even by an 8 year old. That goes for my boy Shaq as well.

  8. nclakerfan says:

    Shaq was right, and who is going to respect the comments of a child who has never even seen shaq play ball…LOL

  9. Ray says:

    You have heard Shaq – seen Shaq over the years.

    He had some ball skills back in the day – but clearly he is intimidated by Howard, so this is how he expresses himself.

    As an TV personality or someone who speaks NBA – he is overmatched and obviously an idiot.

    I dont think ANYONE listens to what Shaq says anyway – like fully a waste of air space.

    • lol says:

      ur obviously 12 years old or an idiot. Dwight’s career will never come close to be intimidating

    • Captain's log says:

      Shaq is a brilliant media personality, as an analyst and when he was a player. I highly doubt Shaq-fu is intimidated by anyone especially not Howard. Shaq in his prime would have owned Howard for his height and weight advantage and also his dominant mentality. Shaq was also quick for a big man and had the highest recorded vertical officially… If you are going to make subjectjive sissy jabs at people, especially living legends, you should support your claim with a bit of factual information.

  10. Neil Young says:

    Shaq is a doosh. Don’t let things go to your head man, you were a dominant physical force, obviously not sharp. Who does he think he is calling out innocent fans? Lebron?

  11. Huh? says:

    Replace Shaq on Inside the NBA with Karl Malone. Everytime he gives his “analysis” on something, it’s always something that’s RIDICULOUSLY obvious and makes me go.. “ummm.. duh?” everytime. One of the all-time greats, but as a basketball player, not analyst.

  12. GW says:

    shaq merely pointed out a fact. Houston is a little town. Ever travelled the world? New York and LA are USA’s only big cities.

  13. Eddie Sandoval says:

    Maybe Houston is one of the biggest cities in the US, but how can u compare Houston to LA? Sorry to Houston but there is nothing to compare. I think Kobe will win a Championship before Howard no question about it.

  14. H-TOWN! says:

    Shaq obviously still mad that the 94-95 Rockets swept his Orlando Magic. Clutch City ! Remember Shaq?

  15. John says:

    Maybe Shaq is just hatin’ because Houston crushed his championship dreams with Lil’ Penny back in Orlando and never forgave ’em.

  16. Nick says:

    Man, everyone is so uptight and sensitive these days! Shaq was perfectly right when you take his whole statement in context. It doesn’t matter if Houston is the “4th biggest city” in size or population. When you compare the size of the stage one is playing on in terms of the “lights”, media attention, scrutiny, championship expectations, and pressure, there is no comparison between LA and Houston. Why anyone would feel “disrespected” because of that, I don’t know.

  17. Polak from Poland says:

    without shaq you couldn’t watch shaqtin’ a fool you foo…:D but he can comment , so can you, freedom of speech my man…

  18. Brian says:

    The comment has nothing to do with Houston being a big or little city it’s a spotlight thing. New York, LA, Boston has the brightest lights, Houston is just low key. He feels that Dwight couldn’t handle the spotlight and the pressure that comes with playing under the spotlight.

  19. Jay T says:

    After watching the video… H-TOWN BABY!!! LOL. I’m not even a Rockets fan but with the recent addition, they will be a west contender for sure.

  20. Kevin says:

    To all of you dissing the kid saying he’s disrespecting one of the best centers of all time, Shaq was a great player but has shown unfair judgement toward Dwight Howard. Yes Dwight has made some huge mistakes and been a crybaby in LA, but even before that Shaq was dissing Dwight already. Comparing Bynum and Howard, Shaq chose Bynum. Howard excels in everything that Bynum doesn’t, and that’s a lot. Only thing Bynum can best out of Howard is his footwork.
    But lets forget all of that. Shaq said that Houston was a small city, and if you look at it blankly, it’ll just be a small statement of saying that their market is small. But to some people, that was disrespect. Houston is small market wise in the NBA, but it was very disrespectful the way he said it. The way he said it, “that’s right, I said it, small city,” was almost as if he was trying to imply it was a terrible city/team. Howard made the right choice, even if the team he was leaving wasn’t LA. You just can’t throw him into a team he’s not comfortable with. Because of his shoulder injury, most LA fans dissed Howard and just called him a “crybaby.” Howard, is more or less, like Shaq when he played. A goof ball who doesn’t take much serious. Howard just chose the wrong time to join LA, and the fans showed their disapproval. Why would he stay with the Lakers? Majority of LA fans hated him and told him to go to LA. So he did what everyone wanted.

  21. lee says:

    im tired of hearing it really and kobe didnt win championships by himself and everyone including him keeps forgetting it he won them with shaq gasol and bynum 3 really good big man dont care what anyone says you need a good center unless your going to go wade and james but who else could make a pairing like that kobe needs to retire because his career is done he want be winning anymore championships he isnt mj and never will be housten is now a team to be feared kobe is a geat player a sure hof but he cant do it by himself and the lakers cant keep help because no one wants to play with him

  22. Sun Jack says:

    i dont think shaq was referring to the physical size of Houston. He was referring to its “size” in the NBA which is puny compared to the Colossal LA Lakers.

    • ClutchCity says:

      Yup, that colossal franchise was begging for Dwight to stay. They showed the world how colossal they are with those #D12Stay banners!

  23. Alex says:

    Since when was Kevin Durant a rockets fan>

  24. zelaya322 says:

    After one season it’s going to sound more like “damn, we got Dwight. Damn. 4 years. Damn.”

  25. Jamiel Howard says:

    Clearly these people took Shaq’s comment out of content. I am pretty sure what he is saying is that Houston will give Dwight Howard the opportunity to focus on Basketball as opposed to trying to be a make model or a movie star. Being in Houston is in fact the best place for him working with Kevin Mccale will allow him to finally get some post moves because playing above the rim all the time is going to shorten his career. AND I DONT CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS THIS KID IS FRESH AND NEEDS TO LEARN SOME RESPECT THATS MY STORY AND IM STICKING TO IT!!!1

  26. John says:

    Shaq is talking about Cap Room. But this kid is still funny and gets respect for the love he shows for H town

  27. ClutchCity says:

    Houston is a major market dummies. Just because LA is a bigger market than Houston doesn’t mean it is a “small city” both from a physical size and market standpoint. It was a diss by Shaq. That’s why he had to qualify the statement with ” Yea, I said it”. Obviously he knew that his statement would be offensive.

  28. Boots says:

    Shaq will propably always dislike (the city of) Houston for what they did to him/them in ’95..

  29. Boots says:

    oh someone allready stated bad..

  30. Marie Davis says:

    Mr. Whitaker, thanks for the press for my grandson is 11 years old. He will be 12 next month. He’s a true basketball fan and a good kid/.

    Thanks, Kolce’s Grams

  31. PAY YOUR DUES says:

    2000 season MVP
    1993 Rookie of the year
    All-NBA 1st Team
    1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
    3X Allstar MVP

    PAID DUES!!!

    “We’ve all been in L.A., and not a whole lot of people can handle being under the bright lights. Everybody wants to do it, but when you get there, there are certain pressures. I think it was a safe move for him to go to a little town like Houston. That’s right, little town. I said it.

  32. JP says:

    I don’t know why so many people are so dumb when Shaq made that comment about Houston. Everybody knows that is a big city, but please understand he made that comment in terms of basketball market it is a small city like Atlanta,Orlando,New Orleans and many more, probably 80% of US cities fit in this category( of course again as basketball market place) means the mayority OK? Wow what a bunch of idiots!!!

  33. Lamar says:

    Shaq if Houston is such little city why did they beat you in nba finals back 95

  34. Smitty says:

    Everything is small to Shaq !!!

  35. Buddy says:

    Yeah Boi
    H Town! hahaaaaa

  36. nammoumj says:

    Houston is not really a large city or doesn’t have a large city feel because it has so much sprawl. Houston has 3,623 people per square mile. Houston covers over 600 square miles which doesn’t mean much which is why metro areas should be factored.

    For instance Cleveland a city that has lost population for 60 years still has 5,107.0 people per square mile and a Metro Area which is larger then Houston yet still covers less square miles the Houston.

    Same thing with Detroit, Pittsburgh, etc. They all have larger metros and population densities. This is what gives a city a big city feel not having people spread out over 600 Square miles.

    • ClutchCity says:

      Thats because Houston is in TEXAS!!! Everything is big here including our cities!

      • Black22 says:

        But not ur brains i see howard cant even say he a man he jokes to much good luck on ur kiddy project fear the beard right well westbrook back hope ur small town get a playoff bid #houstonwehaveaproblem

  37. David Gomez says:

    When Shaquille said a little city he actually tried to say that Houston Rockets its not a contender for a championship……Yeah they have a good……not a great team but a good team……..enough to get to the playoffs but not the finals.

  38. Lakers4ever says:

    i respect shaq’s anger on Dwight Howard, but calling Rocket a little city would defeat the purpose of idolizing Hakeem Olajuwon who helped the team win the two titles in Houston, coming from a laker fan. Plus Hakeem and the rockets faced great match-up in the center pos., (Parish, Shaq and Ewing) in the finals and shaq only faced hakeem and the rest of the finals that shaq has been(Dikembee, Smits, MaColough, ben wallace and erick dampier) All of them are scrubs.

  39. jimD54 says:

    I think Shaq is still salty at Dwight because of the Superman nickname, Shaq is old and retired now he needs to let that go, quit haten big fella you had your day, move on and quit making statements that make you look jealous..

  40. Ergon says:

    Shaq needs to be quite may i remind you that you made Kazaam or Man of Steel !

  41. mikmaks says:

    Shaq is talking about basketball, that in the NBA. Lakers is bigger than Houston. Those people having a different interpretation…well, please use common sense next time.

  42. Mark says:

    and don’t forget Shaq has lived in the Houston area for almost 20 years.So he is allowed to say what he wants about Houston.

  43. rockethater says:

    He is SHAQ! who is Dwight? bastards!

  44. .... says:

    This is by far the most pointless blog on And this guy Lang Whitaker never has anything rich to say, basketball related. Please stop these pointless posts.

  45. LA 4LIFE says:


  46. lebrown cow says:

    what’s shaq’s tellin was LAs a lot bigger than houston with their rich basketball tradition….

    not literally a lil city……

  47. Lance says:

    dwight howard just wanted to be happy.

  48. rd says:

    c`mon ppl. lets break this down. WAIT, BOTH PLAYERS CAREERS ARENT over yet. UNTIL both players career is over, no need to debate who`s better,. AS FAR AS I REMEMBER, WINNING CHAMPIONSHIPS REQUIRES MORE THAN 1 PLAYER/SUPERSTAR. KOBE,MJ,MAGIC,BIRD,etc etc. KOBE/SHAQ for the first 3 ships; KOBE/PAU for the next 2, MJ/PIPPEN were together all 6 ships, magic/kareem… and LEBRON has 2 other superstars+former all star(ray allen) on his team. TILL BOTH PLAYERS CAREERS ARE OVER, NO NEED TO DEBATE. AS FAR AS RING GOES, KOBE – 5 , LEBRON – 2. AND TO ALL LEBRON FANS(miami heat fans) all the hate towards kobe riding shaq to get his first 3 ships. there`s NO DIFFERENCE into JUMPING onto ANOTHER TEAM TO WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS. LEBRON/WADE/bosh all d***ck ride each other to get the rings, and they got a stacked up bench, with good role players(former allstar(lewis)/future hof(ALLEN). with LEBRONS CURRENT TEAM, there`s no reason why they can`t win more than 2. TILL THEN, they still got something to prove.NEXT YEAR WILL BE THE REAL TEST FOR MIAMI, as ROSE comes back, nets are stacked, INDI ain`t goin nowhere. lets see how good MIAMI IS with all teams on the eastside getting more and more powerful.

    • kenneth says:

      It also requires nba officials in ur pocket they wouldn’t have won a thing in 02 without the reffs and if u disagree ur on crack go online and watch the secon half or just 4th quarter of the confrence finals Kings were wipping the floor with lakersthat whole game

  49. H-town says:

    I’d be talking trash too if Hakeem from Little ol’ Houston swept me in the Finals by taking me to school… He went from Hakeem the Dream to Hakeem “Shaq’s Nightmare”

    • Black22 says:

      Shaq torched the dream too elie smith horry maxwell and thrope won that seris cause only grant and oneal showed up p.s. Shaq did one thing the dream can only dream of he beat jordan in the playoffs won rings with 2 teams the dream had to wait for our king the best ever Jordan to retire

  50. Me says:

    Shaq houldnt have said anything. And what does anyone think Dwight will do for the rockets. Dwight is a finished product. He won’t get any better, and we have all seen how far his talents have gotten him. Close but no cigar. I’d love to see Okc, Denver, and Portland shut Houston up and I hate those teams. No championships for Dwight, not as long as there are the lakers with kobe, Miami, Okc, Memphis, golden state, Knicks, or even Indiana. Sorry rocket bandwagoners

  51. Kev says:

    Can’t believe people didn’t understand what Shaq really by his statement…of cos it sounded disrespectful but he meant in terms of basketball…not the size Houston as a city. But I guess it takes a really wise guy to understand such statements. As for that kid, God knows what he will turn into once he’s grown.

  52. D12 for life says:

    rockets all the way!! i dont get it why so many ppl mad at d12 when earl clark also left LA. why only dwight? cause they know without d12 they will suck bigtime specially kobe is done for his remaining years. kobe will never get his 6th ring with an inury like that.

    • Black22 says:

      U think so all it takes is what miami has
      Done the past two seasons pay the refs to cheat lolbvfs

  53. blaz says:

    A few sights into this situation:
    1. Who, the hell, gives right to speak at, to this child? Why let speaking somoene 8 yo, and having nothing to say?
    2. Shaq was dominant player, had some skills, but is lacking basketball IQ to be good commentator.
    3. But Shaq has his opinion (and some market experience). I basically agree with him, that Houston, especially comparing to the LA those days is not a big city, in marketing, and basketball terms. If not put out of context, this was about franchise, not the city. Being out of US and hving more world’s perspective “big cities” now are: LA, New York, Miami, San Antonio, Dallas, Boston, Chicago. (I am big supporter of Indiana Pacers, but I don’t think their Citizens should feel ofended when called “small city” in basketball terms. They have some ambitions and prospects for the future, but they are not the elite, yet. So is not Houston, not yet.)
    Houston have some ambitions, but also have a lot to proove yet. They were in recent years more about “Chineese market”, having Yao Ming.
    4. Another thing is Dwight himself. He is so far only dominant is stat sheets. He was leading NBA in rebounds, but made almost no progress there in LA. He keeps talking about “pressing the reset button”, like LA was something that happened to him, not as a time he wasted himself. For present day DH have no style of his own, no special plays for cluth time, no signature moves. Just another big bullie underneath the basket.
    And in playoff time, his big smile, and “having fun” attitude will have no meaning for people in houston.
    5. LA lost their case for many seasons right at the moment they hired Mike DAntoni as coach. It was sign, they have no ideas for the franchise, and how to utilise what they have, and build for the future.

  54. Da_Truth says:

    A lil kid speaking for a little town lol

  55. Ryan Nelson says:

    Hey kid learn to count how many NBA Championships The Rockets won:

    Rockets: 2

    The Lakers have won more Titles then Dwight will ever win in his career and plus they beat him and the Magic in the 2009 NBA Finals. So here is how many NBA Titles the Lakers Have Kid:

    Lakers: 16

    So learn how to count!

  56. Ryan Nelson says:

    Rockets: 2 Nba titles


    Lakers more titles then DH will ever win in his career. So kid do us a favor and learn to count!

  57. Never underestimate the heart of the champions says:

    Cannot blame shaq for hating the city.his first finals appearance were swept by houston with hakeem.his all star starting center spot was taken by houstons yao ming.and it is sir charles team.i feel for you shaq…

  58. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Shaq would eat him

  59. jaw says:

    shaq has the right to express his opinion, 1 of the most dominant C, its because of him that some of rules has in the shaded area was been revised, he just want DH to realize he made the wrong decision

  60. Fern says:

    Dwight has always been in the spotlight since he entered into the NBA. He doesn’t need NY or LA to be in the spotlight!!

  61. Denzel says:

    @What????? Actually Kobe is more known than TMac in China. Just because TMac was in there for the Chinese League doesn’t mean anything. Right now Kobe is the most know player internationally. Especially in China look at his jersey sails there. He does ALOT in China.

  62. Keeon says:


  63. B Radd says:

    knowing Shaq, his ego is now hurt and it’s now a free for all on this 8 year old. Let it go big man, your 100 time his size. Go pick on Javelle or Dwight or Chuck… They can take it. Why did TNT pick this guy up again?!?

    • Black22 says:

      Fam shaq is the tnt show hes hot hot hot lol im a bulls fan but houston dead in the water howard is a joke a big kid at heart and it takes men to win titles and p.s. If shaq had the cast olajuwon did orlando would have swept The tired ole dream lol cant wait for the season

  64. GREEN says:


  65. gaesmrfg,naersgz says:

    Dwight howard isn’t the best center in the league… mark gasol Tyson chandler joakim noah and brook lopez are better

  66. Human Being says:

    Please people,
    Stop being sold to the only picture in your head…
    Open your eyes, take some awareness.
    There was no anger, only ideas…
    Thank you brothers and sisters

  67. ed says:

    I’m going to tell you something. Dwight Howard, in his coming out party at the All Star event slam dunk contest, when he donned the Superman outfit, totally disregarding then Elder Statesman Shaquille O’Neill, who we all know was and is known as Superman, even having the tattoo, set the table of disrespect that young centers ought not have for future hall of famers. No nod to Shaq was a big mistake. Get back in your box Howard.

    • Abraham Leonides says:

      Dwight Howard is the best Center Right now since his on his prime, though put the injuries aside..never underestimate what a player can’t do nor what the team can’t do. Actions speaks for themselves, on yall people already talking down on a player nd the team knowing the season hadn’t started yet…the Houston Rockets finished 2nd or 6th on the best offense this yr

  68. lakerfann17 says:

    lmaoo, hate to break it to you kid…..Howard aint doing nothing for Houston within these four years. hes a joke

  69. GoMavs says:

    Roy Hibbert= Best Center in NBA.

  70. C Reyes says:

    Im sure shaq meant more of a smaller franchise compared to that of the lakers or celtics, he wouldn’t disrespect a city like that he is smarter than that hes a doctor after all

  71. I give props to the kid but shut up seriously u dont see Miami fans doing this with Lebron. Houston is a little city and if Dwight wants to play in small Houston then fine. People have the right to say what they want. AKA Big Shaq can make comments on small Dwight and Houston he can’t handle the big city

  72. Found this funny due to small man is defending a small town and dwight so much for being his own man first his dad then a kid. Who else will defend the new big baby

  73. RocketToTHeTop says:

    See Shaq- the Rockets have a better big man the was more dominant than you were in their history. Hakeem Olajuon

    From 1984-2001 Hakeem had 26,946 Pts, 13,747 rebounds, 3,830 blocks, 51.2% from the field, and had 71.2% ft %, 58.2% fg%, and 51.2 ft%

    From 1992-2011 you had: 28, 596 pts, 13,099 rebounds, 2.732 blocks, 58.2% fg, and 51.8% ft.

    Sorry Shaq but Hakeem was much more dominant of a player and much more all around player than you were. Dwight can respect the guy who went about his career the right way.

    • True fan0106 says:

      U forgot one stat Shaq had 4 rings and Dream had 2….only in this new era do weak ppl care about things that don’t matter nothing is more important than rings and points

  74. Lakerdynasty4ever says:

    To all those Dwight fans in houston: you guys think you stold something very big from L.A. I bet you guys feel all proud of youselves. But the truth is… You guys bought “fools gold”. Of course… The Lakers put up banners for him to stay….But that was the Lakers, not Laker fans. From the beginning, we really didn’t want him here. We as fans knew right away he didn’t wanted to stay the moment he didnt want a extended contract. Shaq’s comment was acurate: Dwight couldn’t handle the bright lights of Hollywood! He thought he could just come in and take over a team, just like that!…dwight needed to realize only big boys can apply for that job. So what did he do? He quit. Just like he did in orlando…and in L.A. Remember this: Shaq’s the”original Superman”….often imitated, never duplicated. that’s why dwight coward ran away…kobe wasn’t going to give him the keys to the m Mansion. So from all of us Laker fans we say to you: HOUSTON…YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!needed to realize that
    Tjust come in

  75. kenneth says:

    Maybe if they had a basketball wives houston or texas he might change his mind damn that show is an insult to the nba and makes them all look like hobags that’s just out for a man’s money

  76. Black22 says:

    Gone head lil guy tell shaq u demand yours

  77. ruggedry says:

    Houston aka H-town sucks an Dwight just gave them that title cause he wont when the Nba Title hes chasing LMAO