JaVale McGee Takes No Days Off

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks back, Steph Curry took to social media and posted a Vine showing us all how he takes no days off, even during the summer.

Not to be outdone, Denver big man JaVale McGee (a.k.a. “JAVALE MCGEE!” *Shaq voice*) took to Vine and showed us that he, too, takes no days off. NO DAYS OFF!


  1. gfd says:

    Taht’s awesome

  2. bokz says:

    Training hard for the new season of Shaqtin’ a Fool πŸ˜€

  3. Bullsfan2000 says:


  4. JasperMia says:

    I wonder how many takes it took for him to complete the obstacle course without throwing the ball over the top of the camera. Personally I think (and hope) that he has a great season with the new confidence they are going to show him.

  5. Tragic Bronson says:

    Is he planning on running the Point Guard position next season?

  6. HeshaM says:

    he was going to slip & in the end he almost lost the ball !

    “JAVALE MCGEE!” *Shaq voice* makes me laugh everytime

  7. XX says:

    It takes him 50 times before get this perfect clip =).

  8. kalllem says:

    and they fired George Karl to get this guy more playing time. Kroenke you are a pain.

  9. Polak from Poland says:


  10. abc says:

    is he trying to pull off another tragic bronson

  11. gavatronica says:

    Tragic Bronson!!!

  12. briank says:

    take in the sequence after he dribbles behind his back he fumbles the ball a bit before he goes up lol

  13. Matthew says:

    This is GOLD!!! Javale McGee is one post move away from becoming an all-star. How many post moves does he already have. One. Dunk the basketball.

  14. Ari says:


  15. steven says:

    Im pulling for him…Karl did him dirty this year. Now he can finally have his breakout year. All year long he played 10-15 min and in most of those games he would avg about 10 points, couple of blocks and some rebounds. Just imagine if he played 30-40 minutes a game. You shouldn’t cut his playing time just bc he goofs up one play.

  16. John says:

    Shaqtin’ a Fool! Javale McGee is the best. Should play with the Lakers…he’s better than Kaman.

  17. Coop says:

    WOW never would have thought he takes no days off.

  18. rap-rap says:

    Javale is owning the Chairs and Post!!!! Next video will be chairs and post with brooms and sticks on the side hahaha and Finale will be with kids at least trying to get the ball from him bwahahahaha

  19. XmanX says:

    more playing time = longer shaqtin a fool episodes!

  20. michael says:

    still lost control of the ball at the end of this clip

  21. Javale is a Beast says:

    Shaqtin a fool isn’t gonna have any material when Javale is murkin it next season, just wait and see.

  22. Javale is a Beast says:

    And do you all get he is making fun of Steph Curry?? I think some (all) of you missed that.

  23. MOTH says:

    NO DAY OFF!!!!!!!!

  24. dennis says:

    weird, that man is hilariously weird

  25. coach-c says:

    he’s looking at the ball all the time – hope he doesn’t dribble to much in game situations πŸ˜‰

  26. theflowson says:

    javale is a good sport, for being a repeated candidate on shaqtin a fool lol its a shame that’s how many people know him

  27. TL says:

    Javale’s got butter fingers. You can see in the last part of this video that he almost fumbled the ball a bit. That’s how he’s like in games. He’s just not a ball handler. Leave that for the guards. In Shaq’tin the Fool, you see a lot of clips of him losing control of the ball when coming down court. Bad.

  28. TJ says:


  29. asdf says:

    Dribbling a fool!