Amir Johnson Competes In Karaoke Competition

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve talked before about Toronto Raptors C Amir Johnson being our (unofficial) social media MVP, and just because it’s the summer doesn’t mean he’s taking any time off. He has already, for instance, visited Disneyland and taken the requisite roller coaster photos, where he, as always, kept it cool.

This week we get a video that involves Amir and a couple of other athletes who ply their trade in Canada, including hockey’s P.K. Subban and baseball’s J.P. Arencibia. (And shoutout to my main man Cabbie, hosting.)

The trio of athletes are working for Kit Kat, as part of a series of videos trying to tell us something or other about new flavors (or flavours) of their chunky candy bars. (To be fair, I think I’ll need to test all these flavors to be the judge of that.)

Anyway, to decide who reps the best flavor between them, the guys take to the karaoke stage. Which means one thing: The Amirettes.


  1. SteamRickroller says:

    “Let it soothe you..let it touch you…..I hope you brought your pillows…and your blankets”

    Congratulations, P.K Subban. You may have lost the Kit Kat Chunky Challenge, but you have won the Internet

  2. kulangot says:

    whats a karoake?

  3. BEasy says:

    Are u kidding me!