Dirk Nowitzki Can’t Get No Satisfaction

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here is a list of the things that happen in the following YouTube video:

1. Dirk Nowitzki gets into a car with a fellow German, a DJ named Flula.

2. The car is driven by a member of the Dallas Mavericks Dancers. Another member of the Dallas Mavericks Dancers is riding shotgun. They are both wearing their dancing costumes.

3. While riding in the car, Flula uses a bunch of technical equipment to create a beat and loop it.

4. Eventually, a spirited rendition of the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” breaks out.

5. Dirk takes the lead.

If it sounds like there’s a lot going on here, that’s because there is. And I didn’t even get to half of it. But it’s totally worth checking out…

(via TBL)


  1. rookie98 says:

    Yea great I bet Dirk sounded better thea Mitch the rick,

  2. Phil says:

    ….And this is why Dwight Howard didnt join the Mavericks.

    • realist says:

      really? this is why? he just wanted to go to a city where he will be the biggest name and still have a shot at a title run. i am glad he didnt go to the mavs. let the rockets deal with that diva. i would rather the mavs go through rebuilding years than let him chase carlisle away.

      • Phil says:

        Instead of being judgemental and stupid think about what he left. Los freakin angeles. Do you know how much guts it takes to leave LA for Houston? Biggest name my rear end, dwight is a good guy and he likes to have fun. His descision to come to houston is more to do with happiness than business. D12 is that kinda guy. Get over it.

      • Dan Montani says:

        phil nailed it on the head

  3. Sam Reyes says:


  4. genaro says:

    Y es por eso que HOWARD es un perdedor!!!!!
    No quiso ir a DALAS, su peor decision. Asi le va a ir.
    Aguante DIRK41, idolo , el mejor jugador FIBA de la historia. Hojala que en esta ultima temporada te podamos regalar lo mejor.GRACISA!

  5. Chris says:

    Dirk is awesome, gotta love him

  6. Raphael says:

    ohhh come on now!!! And who said that the Germans are serious with no sense of humor? You can see that the dancers were so impresed!

  7. Michael Tran says:

    Dwight couldn’t get any satisfaction.

  8. LBG says:


  9. Jeremy says:

    i just care why he with the mavs girls

  10. rantrave says:

    oh my goodness, at least dirk fits inside the car

  11. Captain's log says:

    That’s awesome heh

  12. caloyski says:

    Obviously Dirk’s drive for another Championship Ring is still there!

  13. MeloMvp says:

    And its in triple A?

  14. sp says:

    german fun

  15. Calimero says:

    Sounds like message for Cuban and his work on building team around Dirk.

  16. jay214 says:

    wow those dancers need to lighten up

  17. dean says:

    Taste you like yogurt.

  18. forever41 says:

    keep dancin’! the most Favorite player ever!-chrisq