Nate Robinson Autographs A Baby

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We already knew Nate Robinson was one of the greatest Summer League players of all-time — he was such a dominant scorer that they once retired his Summer League jersey. So it was only fitting that when Robinson returned to Summer League, even only as a spectator, that he would be asked to put his signature on a baby.

(And as Nate is a noted fan of Ricky Bobby and “Talledega Nights,” we’re wondering if Nate thought of the same moment we did.)


  1. horry says:

    Good thinking! Now, he can sell the baby on ebay!

  2. Jimmy Buckets says:

    NATE THE GREAT X2!!!! Please come back to Chicago Nate……Gar bring him back!!!!!!

  3. ezequiel says:

    nate to the lakers on the subtitution on steve nash


    • Rayhawk says:

      Yeah, but don’t forget the history he had with Mike D’Antoni. He would just get benched right next to Pau…

  4. Hi says:

    Nate needs to be a starter!

  5. Ben says:

    Lakers pls Nate the great

  6. Answer says:

    Most Overrated player in NBA. Had one good playoff series. Ridiculous.

    • JJRedo says:

      That’s what happens when he actually got the PT. He’s always been good just never been given the opportunity to put it out there. I bet a lot of his former teams are regretting the thought of having him play barely 5-10 mins a night when they had him.

    • peter says:

      u sound stupid

    • BullsFan2000 says:

      How is he overrated? He played pretty well through the playoffs, battling fatigue and sickness, yet came through when his team needed him the most. This wasn’t a lucky break, he has worked incredibly hard for this. To preform like he did takes unbeliveble skill and athleticism. Considering he’s 5’9 makes the acheivement even more impressive.

      In my opinion he’s underrated, few has played so well and yet gotten so little in form of interest from teams. The energy and talent he brings has proven to be very valuable. All he needs to do is tighten up his defense, work on his shot-selection, try to be more coachable and he will probably have a great career.

    • r u seriousssssssssssssssssssssss says:

      he is considered a good role player…….known by a lot so how is that overrating him, no one is saying he is the next MJ or that is was. He also had numerous good seasons, your conclusion of someone who is pretty much the same height as your are, i’m sure 95% that your are, to go against NBA All-stars and players around and compete is a statement alone that you cant seem to grasp.


    • lol says:

      overrated? no blake griffin is overrated not nate

  7. Ziden says:

    All dough nate waz good in da summer leauge, he is still not good az a starter….. ore a star player

  8. says:


  9. Gentleman Jack says:

    The Knicks need to welcome back Nate to the Garden. Nate and J.R smith off the bench would be a small but powerful force to stop for the most of the east team second unit guarding them.

    • Yave says:

      For real instead of getting a bust in Andrea Bargarani they should’ve found a way to sign Nate “The Great” Robinson

  10. Captain's log says:

    He shoulda signed its forehead heh

  11. caloyski says:

    Nate go back to your Hometown

  12. bama46 says:

    i think nate is a real good player, hes got more heart then most players. i would love to see him in a lakers unifourn, he”s the type of player that could play with kobe, hes not afraid of the big moment nor the big shot.