Don’t Sleep Around Blake Griffin

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As a member of the Los Angeles Clippers, Blake Griffin knows what happens if you fall asleep on the team plane: You get embarrassed. Because it was the Clips who came up with “Got ‘Em,” the fad whereby sleeping teammates are photographed and memorialized on various forms of social media. It became such a common occurrence that there are entire Pinterest boards dedicated to it.

For the past few days, Griffin’s been on a tour of Asia with his fellow Jordan Brand athletes, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. And on the long plane flight home, while everyone else was sleeping, Blake went to work…


  1. Mark says:

    Hahaha that’s hilarious

  2. thejerr says:

    haha, its hard to hate a funny guy that can amuse himself, im sure the hate will come back once the clips n lakers play eachother this comeing season tho

  3. tj says:

    he should probably spend more time working on his offensive game rather than being a clown

  4. are you stupid says:

    tj.. work on his offensive game while hes on a plane? maybe a more reasonable response would have that he should get some needed rest so that he can wake up earlier the next morning and “work” on his offensive game.

  5. yeah says:

    Is it just me or the more you watch it the funnier it gets

  6. I find it absolutely ridiculous how whenever an athlete shows any semblance of having fun, even by creating such an innocent video as this one, they get comments like “Maybe they should work on their game instead!” Yes. Because basketball is their lives! Perhaps they should not have families to care for. Forget Lil Timmy, I’m going to the post today. 24/7, 365, we shooting balls. ShutuP!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AtomIk says:

      Fo sho! Work hard play hard. It makes for a happy soul which can definitely translate to a happy team. Blake is awesome and just needs to keep progressing. Less complaining and being completely down on himself. The refs will appreciate this and call on him/against him less

  7. Ivica says:

    Blake has always been funny and don’t worry, his game will get better..

  8. Neil Young says:

    Is the title for this post a warning for promiscuity?