Kent Bazemore Is Not Mr. 499

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Warriors G Kent Bazemore made a mark last season mostly by being the team’s spirit leader from the bench, which led us a few weeks back to observe the trend known as Bazemoring. But Bazemore wants to be more than just a cheerleader, as we saw throughout the Vegas Summer League, where Bazemore averaged 18.4 ppoints per game over 7 games for the undefeated Warriors.

How does Bazemore fuel his fire? Last year, ranked Bazemore the 499th best player out of 500 NBA players. So yeah, not so great. In order to constantly remind himself of where he came from, Bazemore had “499” sewn into the tongue of his Under Armour sneakers. There was a brief shot of it on NBA TV, and CJ Fogler made a great screengrab of Bazemore’s motivation…


And after scoring 18 last night to help to lead the Warriors to the Las Vegas Summer League title over Phoenix, Bazemore grabbed the trophy and did his best MJ imitation on Instagram…

(via BDL)


  1. Mothug says:

    so hes like number 456 now?

  2. chrisq says:

    motivation is d key! #499

  3. 499 says:

    go tat 499 on your forehead

  4. Teamakina says:

    Stop pretending as if you won the nba finals…dude this is just summer league. I’m sure you wont even get playin time. I rank you #498 haha good job bruh

  5. cp3 epic basketball says:

    whos 500

  6. Trubblman407 says:

    Man y’all are some haters. I count at least 25 players he is better than without giving much thought. For the funny guys online, I doubt any of you could beat this guy on your best day, and him playing with the flu or a fever. #thesameguysthatgotdunkedoninhighschool

    • Trubblman407 says:

      So Robert Sacre, Nemanja Nedovic, Donatas Montiejunas, Jonas Valanciunas, Quincy Acy, Luc Mbah a Moute, Patrick Patterson, and Luke Babbitt to name a few, are all better than Kent Bazemore?… Powder slap yourselves.