Erik Spoelstra And Greg Oden Want Their Baby Back Ribs

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It seems like a lifetime ago, but it was actually just over five years ago that there was a very real debate about who should be the first pick in the 2007 NBA Draft: Kevin Durant or Greg Oden. As it turned out, Oden went first, Durant went second, and nothing has ever been the same since. Durant, obviously, turned into an all-world player, while Oden has struggled mightily with injuries.

The thought with Oden has always been if he could only get healthy and stay healthy, he was such a good player in college that he should still be able to have a productive NBA career. After all, he’s still only 25 years old, and reports the last few months have suggested that Oden was getting healthy enough to consider another comeback. The only question was, With which team would that comeback take place?

According to an report, Oden worked out in Indianapolis yesterday for several teams, including New Orleans, Miami and Sacramento. He also has a few other workouts scheduled for today.

But which team has the inside track on signing Oden? We might have the answer to that question, thanks to a user on Reddit.

Late yesterday afternoon, someone posted two photos on Reddit with one caption, “Look who I met today at a Chili’s In Indy.” And in the photos? Greg Oden and Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra.


While we have to wait and see where Oden ends up, this photo could mean one of two things:

1. After Oden’s workout, Oden and the Heat got together to discuss the opportunities for Oden should he sign with the Heat.

2. There was a Chili’s close to where Oden worked out and anyone near that part of town eats there because people want their baby back, baby back, baby back ribs. (Barbecue sauce *low voice*)

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  1. ThisIsTheTruth says:

    Good luck Oden stay healthy and do well no matter where you go

  2. Axsmash@holland says:

    Eric’s face says it all…oops trapped

  3. akeem says:

    The Heat had better do SOMETHING, because KG, Lopez and up n coming Blatch will have their way with Bosh and their other pseudo big men.

    • KunJay says:

      Yea like they did last year? Don’t be so naive, yes i agree they need a big man but only for Indiana, Hibbert and Lopez are the only skilled big that can score consistently in the low post in the east. Chandler, Noah, and those other centers are more defensive players, don’t pose much of a threat down low.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        True, plus we got BIRDMAN-BIRDMAN! Oden will be insurance for the playoffs if we have to play IND again. The bulls and the Nets don’t pose a threat to the heat in the playoffs!

      • eric skinner says:

        PG, game 2, who was grounded after that dunk?

  4. theholyspectator says:

    it comes down to either the heat or the spurs..all the other teams need him to play a much bigger role, but those two teams would just need him to come off the bench and play 15-18 minutes..playin with timmy with the spurs could be good learning wise but then again playin wit the best player on earth isnt bad either since thatll pretty much guarantee him rings

    • Lolwut says:

      I really doubt that Miami will make him a bench-player. This wouldn’t solve their problem at all.

  5. I thing Miami needs a big man in order to reapeat as nba champions and a change for a three peat championship. Greag odn

  6. Jay T says:



    • dountoothers says:

      can we make this any clearer?
      I hope Greg is thinking big picture.
      Next year is your year Greg. You’ll be the most coveted Free agent after LBJ.
      Just show everyone you’re healthy this year.
      Playing for the champions and getting a ring.
      The sky is the limit Greg (after this year).

  7. kjones082 says:

    If he signs with the Heat and he give about 9 and 8 a game and doesn’t take up space in the regular season, just wait till the playoffs.

  8. Cris says:

    The best case scenario for Greg Oden is to sign with the Miami Heat….It’s a win win situation for both parts…..Miami needs a big man…..Oden will fit just right, he won’t have to carry that team at all, just be a role player!!….There is so much fun winning!!!!…..Greg Oden was suppose to be great, win championships!!!……Come to Miami to fulfill your destiny!!!…..Like the great Pat Riley says: “There is winning, and ther is misery”…..Enough pain, injuries and misery…’s time to enjoy the game of basketball once again, so be smart Mr. Oden and come to Miami……Wanna be remember like Sam Bowie? Go to New Orleans or any ther medriocre team……Wanna be remember like Bill Walton? Come to Miami baby!!!…, Miami is a paradise city my friend!!!

    • Ray says:

      lol @ he wont have to carry that team at all. you say that like hes a superstar and any other team he goes to he would be THE guy. LMAO

  9. Mj says:


  10. NBA says:

    sources saying that Greg Oden is strongly now considering the OKC, Spurs, Lakers, Nets and Knicks.

  11. Nick says:

    It just goes to show you how wrong the media often is. Oden never impressed me as a potential NBA player when he was in college- too slow. Maybe it was his knees. I guess we may get a chance to find out. I wish him well.

    • T says:

      You didn’t watch Oden enough in college if you thought he was too slow. He could run the floor like a wing at 7-0 257 lbs.

  12. bl says:

    Heat just needs 10 mins from him each game.

  13. TheAll-Star136 says:

    The chances the Heat signing Greg Oden went higher.

  14. me says:

    G. Oden if healthy, should play for Portland for league minimum after all the money and time invested into him.

  15. basketbalover says:

    If you notice the photo that Greg and two boys you could easily figure that out the shoulder of Spoelstra on the right bottom corner.

  16. nick says:

    Greg Oden doesn’t owe Portland anything. Injuries are part of the risks of basketball

  17. TheAll-Star136 says:

    2010-2011 LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and Mike Miller
    2011-2012 Shane Battier and Norris Cole
    2012-2013 Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, and Chris Anderson
    2013-2014 Greg Oden?
    Greg Oden, please join the Heat. The Heat last year was the worst rebounding team.

    • yunaks_22 says:

      yes……come on baby…needed u to defen the championship

    • Peter says:

      With Oden on the bench, that would make the Heat pretty brutal (given Oden is healthy and CAN PLAY) with that said though, everyone discounts the Heat for their lack of rebounding…but have you guys ever noticed their shooting percentages?? if u MISS a lot, you need to rebound…but if you dont miss that much…then rebounds are not AS crucial. Its the defensive rebounds that hurt the Heat IF ANYTHING. WIth the Defense though…The HEat have been disproving those “non believers” for quite a little bit now…Two years in the row they were “owned” by opposing big men…but you gotta remember. If Chris Bosh makes them work hard enough, Chris can take a back seat on scoring and leave it to the “TRUE SCORERS” where Lebron, Wade, Ray, Rio and the rest make their mark. I think even with Bosh alone HEAT will prevail again for a THREEPEAT, but At least somewhat healthy Oden would be an AMAZING STEAL!!

  18. You people in Miami are accoustomed to buy players to build your team. It is a shame that in this time and age, the NBA still allows such transactions to take place. What happens to team parity? Teams like Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks, LA Lakers, and New Jersey Nets have very wealthy owners with huge egos that do not mind getting over the luxary tax to get an advantage to win. I think it is a pathetic, meaningless, and unprofessional practice. I personally will never watch these teams in my spare time because they are too plastic. They think that when players recuit these so called super stars that makes the entire process okay. Then we have teams like the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma Thunders who like to develop players from the draft like they were meant to be and still manage to win lots of games the right way. I dont really care which team Greg Oden signs with because he has given every scenario possible from weak teams to very strong teams as potential suitors. I wish him the best!!!!!!

  19. Germany says:

    @All-Star136 – yes, they were the worst rebounding team and still WHAT??? They Won the NBA Championship – doesn’t that tell you something? I agree with you, I hope Oden comes to the Heat. I would be an important key to the Three-peat. Bosh could move to his natural 4 position and Oden and Birdman at Center (only in the Playoffs is this important). Miami will still keep its versatility when going small with Bosh as a stretch 4 and Haslem or Birdman at the 5. The name of the Game for Miami is versatility. This thinking is starting to permeate throughout the whole NBA. CU @ the Finals 2014 Go HEAT – THE WILL 3-Peat.

  20. Lebron iZ DeezD says:


  21. Fern says:

    I hope he plays for the Miami Heat as they so need a center and he would get to play with the best basketball player in the world–LeBron. I also read somewhere that he wanted to play with Wade–can’t remember where I read it now. Miami Heat is a close knit team and he would be welcomed with open arms.

  22. Ehsan says:

    It makes sense for Oden to land in Miami. The limited minutes will allow him to ease his way back into top form like he was before the draft. It would do wonders for Miami too. I don’t see them repeating if they don’t have a big man.

  23. Fare Comment says:

    after the heat waived Mike M it just became more obviously that they are creating space and is really looking to get a big man in the middle


  25. asdfrom says:

    I second the motion!!!

  26. gerald says:

    Greg Oden will be a perfect fit for the heat… The 9.4ppg, 8.5rpg will help bolster Miami Heats three-peat run!

  27. mikke says:

    Addition of oden Yahooooooo …. Championship is here to stay : ))

  28. michael mcbride says:

    how is lewis still on team and miller isn’t and why doesn’t james jones play he barley misses… ANYWAYS WHO WILL SEE THE COURT FIRST ANDREW BYNUM OR GREG ODEN. my money is on BYNUM!

  29. Just a Random Dude says:

    Hmmm…Although the Heat were the worst rebounding team, are not the Heat also a fastbreaking team that get most of their scoring on transition offense? I don’t think Oden, who should be taking it a little easy and working to stay healthy, should be on a team that runs the floor. His knees may not keep up with the intensity. Don’t think the Heat is really a good move to get rings at the cost of your health and recovery. Just saying

  30. heatrocboy says:

    Oden will be coming to Miami….but that doesn’t guarantee a three-peat…..but it’s pretty damn close!!

  31. J.S KIM says:

    all of you guys dont understand that greg oden even if he goes to the heat he is and will probably be injury prone for the rest of his career

    • dountoothers says:

      you probably also predicted that LBJ will never win a ring.
      We get it. You’re Nostradamus’s son

  32. caloyski says:


  33. jay says:

    Join THE SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. corey says:

    so hope we can get him

  35. michael says:

    ODEN’s addition = T H R E E PEAT!!!!!

  36. wooderson says:

    this just make me hungry for ribs

  37. slipstik says:

    you are the no. 1 pick, be at the no. 1 team at present. you are younger that dwade,bron and bosh. miami will be yours in time.

  38. sergio says:

    Ok first of all, the myth of the super center is a myth and will always stay a myth. The last Center who truly won a NBA championship by his own I mean as the go to guy player is Shaquille Oneal and before him it was the Dream Hakeem Olajuwon. The hype about the big men is as old as the nba. At the end of the day the best team win not automaticaly the team with the best center. The impact of big men on defense is important (rebounding/blocking shots) but it is not enough to win a championship. If Hibbert was that good Pacers would have won the series against Miami Heat. But they didn’t. Does Oden has the body to play hard defense on Hibbert, Bogut, Lopez? Remember he hurts himself by trying to block some shots?
    whatever if i was Pat Riley I would have taken him too. Not because “you can’t teach size” but because of his physical abilities. I m very happy for him, with Lebron and DWade and Bosh who are trully unselfish team players, Oden may have greater numbers in offense than he did in Portland.

  39. Anthony says:

    I hope Greg Oden will sign with the Miami Heat, the team needs big men for the center position to protect the rim. Joel Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Chris Andersen may be centers but an another young big man could be enough for the team.

  40. Lakersfan says:

    Indianna poses the biggest threat to Miami at the moment and that’s coming from a Laker’s fan.

  41. john jones says:

    don’t he look like lebron’s big brother? GO HEAT!!!! 3-PEAT!!!!

  42. SPURS2014NBACHAMPS says:

    How tall are these kids? Could be photoshopped.

    • Keir says:

      If it is photoshopped then they spent a lot of effort on it as the lighting is the same for everyone. Incredibly unlikely this is a photoshop.

      I really hope Oden gets some good luck on the injury front.

  43. bendog says:

    3 peat i smell it

  44. Jay says:

    I knew he will be joining the Miami heat the face says it all

  45. Bird33 says:

    Come to Boston, big fella….go for the culture, the team environment and the tradition…contrary to Kermit’s song – it IS easy being green πŸ™‚

    Or you can go to Miami and join the most hated group of NBA players on the planet…..

    C’mon Miami fans…lets hear from you…….AM I WRONG??!!

    LOL…don’t think so!!

    Search the NBA archives for the past 3 years…the evidence is in the blogs….an open and shut case….yep….the Heat are definitely NOT loved ha ha

  46. GoMavs says:

    Miami bought them selves two championships. Now they’re gonna buy another

    • dountoothers says:

      oh wait…A Mavs fan?
      what. your one championship was not enough to satisfy you for the rest of your life?
      is the memory fading already?
      the year you won, were your players drafted other than Dirk?
      hypocrite much?

  47. bullsfan13 says:

    why has everyone forgotten that the heat nearly lost to indiana and the spurs should have won it all in game 6, but they just commited some silly turnovers and gave up an offensive rebound and popovich made some dubious decisions (so did the refs) and 2 3s which the heat made with the d draped all over them were pretty lucky as well. also, bosh and wade were not performing well most games, which makes me think that the heat are in decline.

    • dountoothers says:

      Greg Oden has more heart than your superstar.
      but D Rose is the best player in the NBA.
      You’d better hope the NBA brings the rims down to 8 feet.
      pray that D Rose didn’t lose anything from the injury.
      Ask shaun Livingston.

  48. Wilfred says:

    its destiny and Oden’s destiny to be a champion of course with MIAMI HEAT together with Le Bron, Wade and Bosh.God Bless……

  49. Fern says:

    Boston is a disliked team. Now they are a broken team.

  50. smasher says:

    Now you can call it the big 5 including allen and oden.

  51. Drago says:

    No i think once you go down his tragic road there is no coming back.Medicine is not advanced enough to compensate for years of strain and abuse to the joints and ligaments and bones that playing basketball does.I wish him the best of luck anyway he deserves a break.

  52. LISTEN UP says:

    Look, Greg Oden, wants to win. He’s waited years from a knee injury, and doesn’t want to wait anymore. Go with the heat and win. The Spurs are good and all, but they are old. They’re washed out, especially after losing in the Finals AGAINST the Heat. Good Luck Oden and come back . πŸ˜€

  53. Mg988699 says:

    It would be funny if Oden actually does end up winning a ring before KD

  54. angHEATsucks says:

    The Heat fans forgot that they will miss Mike Miller.. the only productive bench player in the playoffs.. he hit 5 three’s against the Pacers and Spurs.. Sorry but until Wade is 110% healthy.. Heat will never win another Championship period!

  55. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Oden still wont be able to stop Derrick rose…and when they they throw the double on rose, Jimmy will be there to do somthing like this…

  56. Romasdf says:

    Congrats! Thank you Greg!

    – miami heat fan

  57. Greg will not guarantee a three peat,so all you miami fans can quit that. Greg don’t know what Greg can do so lets give him a chance and see what’s left after the injuries. What Miami needs is a true big man not a 4 trying to play like a big man. I don’t believe Miami will three peat because they should have gone down against the Pacers, but lucky they were. There will be a new champion this year.