NBA Rooks: Diaries … M. Carter-Williams

By Michael Carter-Williams, for

The O-Town Experience

Michael Carter-Williams

Michael Carter-Williams (NBAE)

I’m back in Boston after a great learning experience at the Orlando Camp.  As a team we would have liked to perform better than going 1-4, but it was definitely a positive experience for us as a team.

Our first two days at were filled with practice, which mostly focused on getting down the plays and learning what we’d be doing out on the court. It also gave us a chance to get to know each other both on and off the court. I had hoped to get more into a workout routine between the Draft and leaving for Orlando, but it has been a really busy time. I, of course worked out, I just wasn’t on a steady schedule like I would have wanted to be.

Arsalan Kazemi (we call him AK) and I were both selected in the NBA Draft, but there were a lot of other players on the 76ers summer league team trying to make the roster, so there was some friendly competition. Nerlens Noel is a rookie on the team as well, but he wasn’t down in Orlando with us. I took it upon myself to be a leader along with AK. We both had a goal to use this time to help the team be better. We also went out together to dinner in a big group a few times and I had a lot of fun getting to know the guys better.

The whole experience gave me a taste of what the NBA is like. It also gave me the confidence to know that I can be successful playing against other NBA players, even though I know I need to work on for my own game to improve on certain things, including shooting the ball more consistently and getting lower when I dribble. I’m really happy with how I’m playing defensively.

I really like Coach Curry, he’s a great coach. He has already taught me so much, and I still have a lot more to learn from him. I think we are going to work real well together.

It was also my first time staying in a hotel room by myself, without rooming with any teammates. That was a little different for me, but it was also really nice having my own space.

What’s Next?

Now that I’m back at home in Boston, I’m living with my parents, which is kind of a funny feeling since I’m in the NBA now! It’s nice to spend time with my family and see my brothers and sisters and just get a chance to hang with everyone before the season starts. I’m still their big bro!

I’ve gotten into a good workout regimen since I’ve been back here. I’m working out with a trainer and my stepfather works me out on the court every day, too. I’m shooting about two to three times a day and lifting weights as well. I’m in the gym at least four hours a day and I’ll be following this regimen until I start training camp.

I haven’t had a chance to explore Philly at all because I was only there for about two days right after the Draft. I’ll take a trip back at some point this summer to look for a place to live. My stepfather will be making the trip with me and living with me for a while, so I’m excited about that.

To be honest, I’m excited about everything! I’ve got a positive attitude and I’m ready to go in there and work really hard!

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