Derrick Rose Says Derrick Rose Is NBA’s Best

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There’s been a lot of Derrick Rose-related news of late, which feels like a nice change of pace after we spent the last year having pretty much only speculation about when Rose would or would not return to action. But as Rose has circled the globe, we’ve seen him return to the news for various other reasons.

Today we find a video where Rose is being interviewed by CNN International in a round of rapid-fire questions, and when he’s asked to name the best player in the NBA, he says…Derrick Rose.

It’s pretty clear he’s not joking, either. It actually reminds me a little of back in 2010, when Rose asked why he couldn’t be the MVP. At the time it seemed brash and hyperbolic.

A few months later? This was happening…

Derrick Rose MVP Press Conference

Just saying.

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  1. dattebayo says:

    I really don’t care about the drama and who said what and whatnot. It’s just sad, that we could have had 2 epic Eastern Conference Finals in 2012 and 2013 and didn’t get to see it, because the Bulls had so many injuries. Here’s to a great 2013-2014 NBA campaign and a full strength Eastern Conference Final:

    Bulls vs. Heat.

    • akeem says:

      Nets v Heat

    • garrett3551 says:

      kobe is da best yalll shut up

      • Don't ever CLICK MY NAME!!!! It's not CLICKABLE says:

        Yeah kobe is a living legend, 2nd only to mike and Lebron on the 3rd spot and D’rose…. Can’t see em below?

      • Jackmouve says:

        If your team was up by ONE point and the other team had 3 seconds and the ball in the fourth quarter… Who would you rather be facing Kobe or LeBron.. I’d take may chanced against LeBron any day, don’t want no parts of the Mamba! Pending the status of the injury, Kobe is the TOP GUN in the NBA. Pretty sure no one is backing off and daring HIM to shoot the jumper (I think Toronto tried that once….) LBJ may be the best ATHLETE, but he is not the most skilled player. And Westbrook might have something to say about the best athlete claim, too.

    • mecena says:

      Two seasons in a row with injuries problems. One would wonder about this, maybe the way they’re coached and the way playing time is managed it might not be right…Just saying…

    • mannie says:

      we had the best east final with the pacers and heat

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      Even the year that Derrick Rose won MVP, Lebron was the best player in the league that year.

      The only reason Rose won that year was that everyone hated Lebron. Fans hated Lebron, Basketball Analysts and Media Critics hated Lebron. Even Lebron hated Lebron. But that was all bias because stats don’t lie and Lebron was still the best even that year.

  2. Lawl says:

    Is that why lebron shut him Down in the 11 playoffs in the 4th quarter and he has only gotten the bulls past its first round once? Hahaha what a joke.

    • cordell says:

      Lebron shut him down or the double team shut him down. watch the vengeance video what LeBron shut him down

    • Aamer says:

      Don’t act like James guarded Rose one on one, Rose did get doubled now don’t forget about that

      • Tweet says:

        Lebron did guard Rose one on one and completely shut him down. In fact, Lebron always shuts Rose down one on one. Do you research. Lebron is the best player in the league.

      • mannie says:

        either way the bulls has not made to the east finals. So far They haven’t prove anything. derrick rose bulls has accomplish less than LeBron james Cleveland cavaliers

      • TazmanianAngel says:

        First off Nannie, it took forever for Lebron to make the cabs go to the finals, he was how old?? Derricks 24, and was injured on top of it. Don’t mistake injury for skill, because we ALL know had Lebron got injured and the heat lost all you cHeat fans would be saying the same thing…

      • Maynard says:

        It took LeBron 4 years, and he was 22, to get the Cavs to the Finals. He has now been to the Finals 4 times, at 28. Rose would need to make the Finals the next four years in a row to be at the same point that LeBron is now. Your point… is invalid.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      What a joke D.Rose is … He only got the MVP 2011 because that was the year everybody hated LeBron and he was the “Villain”
      And on top of that, D.Rose was ready to play at the all-star break but decides to sit out half of the season PLUS the entire playoffs because “I had to be selfish” – Derrick Rose – quote unquote
      And now he says he is the best player in the league ??? with a straight face ?!?!?! LOL… I just lost what little respect I had left for this clown.

      • Huh? says:

        Lol go take a nap, but remember to kiss your LBJ poster beforehand. At the time he was recovering from a serious injury. If he came back too soon, he could easily re-aggravate it and be out another season. Being selfish is also being responsible when you’re their franchise player. Also, have you seen his playing style? It’s similar to Westbrook, which is plain athleticism and explosiveness. After the long rehab, do you expect Rose to compliment LeBron when the Heat in the past recent years have been their roadblock? He himself is a former MVP and is still quite young, if I were a Bulls fan, I’d be ecstatic that he’s entering the season with that kind of mindset. People these days, so narrow minded…

      • TazmanianAngel says:

        Uhhhh yea, MVP is voted by the NBA…you’re an idiot…

      • TazmanianAngel says:

        Nah, you’re just peeved that he refused to lie down and not have that mindset going into the NBA. I can tell you’re ignorant and have not a poetic bone in your body. If you did, you’d know he’s making a statement to all those who doubted him. Also, I know you didn’t have respect for Rose riding the Lebron jock strap so many ride…so…save it.

      • rhey says:

        derrick rose is more of a clutch player than lebron james in pressure moments. . lebron always chokes. . watch the series between the heat and the granger less pacers and you’ll see what i mean. .haha!

      • HATERS says:

        I love how everyone says James chokes….. Yet he has the record for most points scored in elimination games…. He outscored Jordan by several points in elimination games! Dont be stupid, he choked one year. He’s still most “clutch” in pressure according to the stat sheet. Research before talking RHEY.

    • Huh? says:

      After the long rehab, do you expect Rose to compliment LeBron when the Heat in the past recent years have been their roadblock? He himself is a former MVP and is still quite young, if I were a Bulls fan, I’d be ecstatic that he’s entering the season with that kind of mindset. People these days, so narrow minded…

    • NewYorker says:

      Well, sure. I found it stupid tho how the guy interviewing went on and on to talk about LBJ. He’s a great player no doubt, but you’re interviewing D-Rose. Let’s stick to the subject, shall we?

    • eric says:

      every time LeBron tried to guard rose one on one rose scored. he needed help from a teammate. watch the games.

    • me says:

      atleast he did it on the team he was drafted the heat is just a exact remake of the 90s bulls watch the 97 playoffs and stuff he wasnt good enough to get past the 1st round on the cavs so calm dat down and he had shaq varejo and a couple other decent people

    • nuthinliketheNBA says:

      Soo thats why lebron needed help defending d-rose? cause im pretty sure he was double teamed the entire series cause he still scored on lebron pretty badly….

  3. Michael Graham says:

    Yeah that’s right! We outchea in the Chi and D Rose finna ball out this season!

  4. Michael Graham says:

    Interviewer: “when I see him in press conferences with those arms he looks like the hulk.”

    Rose: yeah uhhhhhhhhhhh


  5. c says:

    Sorry, this title is reserved for LBJ

    Confidence and humility don’t go hand in hand I guess

    • TazmanianAngel says:

      That title was barely won with teams now beefed up even more and the cHeat stagnant. We’ll see what’s reserved, remember “I told you so” because I won’t say it again.

      • c says:

        …the title of the best player in the nba fool.

        I’m sorry to say, but 21ppg 6.8apg 3.8rpg and 48%fg for career stats does not make you the best player in the NBA by any stretch of the imagination.

        “I told you so”

  6. b says:

    drose is right, he is the best. haters want to talk about him only getting out of the 1st round once. to that point i want to mention that his teams have never missed the playoffs in his career. lebron cant say that; he didnt see the post-season until his 3rd year. his fist trip was that epic series against the celtics. im sure if he hadn’t pulled his acl, the bulls would have found a way to get past the sixers. we will see what this year will bring. i pray for a healthy bulls team

    • AL says:

      LeBron def went to the playoffs in his second year guy.

      • Shady says:

        Rose, You say you’re the Best In NBA, But you only got 1 MVP, Rookie of the year and played on a all star team. You skipped an ENTIRE season and still think you’re the best? Best Point Guard, Even? Talk To Kyrie Irving, Jrue Holiday, Damian Lillard, John Wall and Chris Paul. BIIIIG changes happened this post season so we’ll see how the this season Plays out.

      • Tom says:

        No, he didn’t. According to Yahoo, the Cavaliers went to the playoffs in 2006-2010, while Lebron was on the team. Lebron came into the league during the 2003 -2004 season so the 2006 playoffs would have been his third season.

      • bryce says:

        haha jrue holiday.
        i’m pretty sure every team in the nba would rather have d rose right now than jrue holiday

    • Chris says:

      Got past the sixers??? Swept the Sixers you mean

    • lbj is best says:

      Lol he is not the best in the nba

    • mannie says:

      ok The bulls are a good team they made it to the playoffs without D. Rose and they beat the nets without D.rose. Basically the bulls went as far without rose as they usually do with rose. The bulls are a good team period

    • Sit Down says:

      So D Rose has been to the playoffs every single year, did LeBron have the same quality teammates? Next best player to LeBron during his Cav years was Eric Snow or Big Z, I bet you about 1% of the people outside Ohio knows who those two are. Also, has D Rose carried his team to the Finals? I don’t think so. Lastly, after missing a whole season then claiming you are the “Best in the World,” that’s like Bynum saying he’s the “Best Center in the World” after sitting out last season.

      • evan says:

        ok, good point about Bynum. However everyone is looking at this the wrong way. It doesnt matter if DRose is the best player in the league. His confidence shows his fans, his teammates and his coaching staff that he is ready to go. Oh yeah, big Z was a beast (probably the best center LBJ will every play along side) and us sixers fans remember eric snow but we’re trying to forget him.

  7. theholyspectator says:

    hmm, i like the confidence but lets pay respect to the king, dudes a 4time mvp and a 2time world champ..this is kinda like when brandon jennings said theyd beat the heat in the first round playoffs..hes obviously gonna say hes the best..but they not goin to the finals…itll be fun to watch them play this year tho, they may be a 3rd seed..second round playoff exit..but they will be part of the top 3 teams in the east…

    • BullsOrBust says:

      Since your Miss Cleo and all I’m curious to know whose going to win the superbowl cuz I’m going to put all my money on your predictions…YAY!!!

      Seriously though, This Bulls team is not only going to be tops in the league because they got Rose back, but they will also have one of the top Defenses in the league along with a much improved offense with all the shooters they’ve added. Don’t forget to mention the ascension of Jimmy Butler that will surely play a role in how good this team really can be. There will be no more doubling Rose because everyone on the floor will be capable of making shots. Teams will have to play them straight up and that is not what the Heat want cuz no one on their team can stop D.Rose including Lebron. The East will come down to the Heat and the Bulls again this year barring any major injuries and this will be the Bulls best shot since Lebron went to the Heat of dethroning them and making a lot of wannabe “analyst” fans look like clowns. Including you buddy.

  8. BullsFanDan says:

    Welcome back Derrick. Your real fans never had any doubts. You are the real MVP and you will lead us to the finals! Go Bulls! #D-Rose #TheReturn

  9. eleni says:

    he is the best player

    • mannie says:

      D. Rose is a highlight machine next to black griffin but how you going to call him best player when the bulls made it to the second round without D. rose and made it to the second round with D rose as well lol Same results with D. Rose out of the line and actually this bulls without D. rose knocked off a higher seed something the D. Rose bulls never accomplished

  10. Mick57 says:

    LBJ took a bunch of no name on his back to the finals Rose has not accomplished squat.

    • Bulls fan says:

      you are a goofy, dwade wayne is a no name?, he already has a championship himself, along with ray allen who also has a championship himself, you are an example of all the lebron fans that have no sense what so ever

      • mudi4real says:

        he was referring to the cavalier team of lebron, seriously do we still remember any of the cast members. Rose is good bt if T parker cant say he’s the best Rose should shut it. LBJ aint gat no worries.

      • bigwes95 says:

        He’s talking about 2007 with the Cavs I’m sure. You know, LeBron in his 4th season went all the way to the finals without the help of a Wade or Bosh. Or the help of a Noah, Boozer, and Deng. If LeBron had any of these players from either the Bulls or Heat, he just might have another championship. I don’t believe even if he did have them at that stage in his career he would have won the Spurs in 2007. Duncan and Parker along with the best coach and bench in the league. Well, maybe considering of what he to the Pistons.

      • stuart says:

        he’s talking about when a young lebron brought cleveland (with not much help) to the finals where they were swept by the spurs. lebrons been to 4 finals, 2 finals mvp. Do a little research before you call out people bud

      • What?! says:

        And you sir don’t obviously know your NBA history. Lebron took the Cavs to the finals in 2007 with a bunch of nobodies. Do your research before you talk next time. It might help you not look so silly.

      • mannie says:

        actually the entire 2007 cavaliers are looking for a job lol Drew Gooden was amnestied Daniel Marchal no body knows where he is lol. Next reinforcement Daniel Gibson still a free agent waiting for a job. Even the second best player on that Cleveland team is waiting for a job lol Zidruga Igalzalga is gone lol

    • Larry says:

      Lebron did not do it by himself. Zydrunas Ilgauskas(who followed Lebron to Miami), Shannon Brown(former slam dunk champion), Anderson Verajaou(one of the leagues best rebounders currently), Mo Williams(all-star). Give credit where credit is due. The NBA is professionals, and you gotta be good to be there. Lebron did not win 60 games in consecutive seasons by himself. Last I checked, Lebron didnt average 90 ppg. He averaged about 27 ppg of his TEAM’S 95+ ppg. The “nobodies” scored over 70 of those ppg. Every player in the NBA is good and dont need to be “belittled” by you. Why dont you put your “air jordans” on and try some one on one with Larry Hughes(Cavaliers 2nd leading scorer at 14ppg)? Bet you wont think he’s a “no name” player after the game.

      • Sit Down says:

        Those “nobodies” are bench players on every other team they’ve been in other than the cavs. except maybe for Mo, I’m 90% sure he was a bench player with the Jazz and Clippers.

      • huh? says:

        I agree that no one makes it to the Finals on their own, but you also have to admit that the Bulls’ supporting cast is better than the one LeBron had in ’07 when he took the Cavs to the Finals. Also, when you mentioned Hughes’ PPG average you forgot to mention what his shooting percentage was – 40%. Shannon Brown, though insanely athletic, only played 9 minutes a game on average and scored 3.2 PPG. Aside from 3 or 4 solid (consistent) players, the Cavs really had no one else to shoulder the work, aside from James of course.

  11. IR BABOON says:

    He’s Gonna Slip up this Season, If a Trade doesn’t pan out then off to the Amnesty Clause for the Bulls.

  12. justmekeith says:

    Wait hold up did drose say he is the best player in the nba? That some bs son! Stop dreaming u are nowhere near the person who just won 2 rings and 4 mvps i mean seriously ur not even past kobe, durant, westbrook, rondo, melo or my man dwade! Thats some bs right there man! U got a long way ahead of u till u can even reach the bottom of the throne!

    • Carlo says:

      I hope you know only one of those guys you named has a MVP award. Rondo or Westbrook isn’t better. You have to look at it like lebron had to leave his dynasty in order to win a championship. He needed to get two other big stars in order to win, Sounds like a bail out to me

    • justmekeith says:

      Drose is a All Star palyer yes and will dominate the NBA as a single player and will be a top 10-20 player with in the NBA but a player does not need 2 be great or better then the next cuz he has 1 or 2 championships more or less then the next player! look at the players who play around him and dont judge a player cuz he has done more in the NBA then someone else who’s been there the same amount of time! i bet if you replace DROSE with LBJ DROSE would have the 2X championships and the 4 mvp awards! if you come from a fish tank bottem feeder team and pull off a MVP or a CHAMIONSHIP! THATS THE TRUE MVP! DROSE IS NOT THE BEST NO BUT HE IS ONE OF THE BEST!

      • Suck one says:

        You sir are an idiot

      • shaddap says:

        Hmmmm….read my name. Can Derrick Rose shoot as well as lebron? Cause if not, I bet the tactic that the Spurs used to lebron. You know, the one that he is forced to take jump shots in game 7 would have worked.

    • Brandon says:

      This man just said Rondo is better than Rose. This is where I realize I am dealing with an idiot and peace out.

      • Suck one says:

        Rondo does more for his team and played a game with an acl tear and a dislocated elbow #droseisapuss #rondosaman

    • mannie says:

      hahahah If you can think of it you can accomplish it lol
      He could at least say Kevin Durant just because Heat and bulls are east rivals.

  13. Ed says:

    Alright If everybody can calm down. Isn’t a former MVP allowed to have some confidence. My god its not like its nate robinson making the statement. And MARK MY WORDS THE real KING OF THE NBA IS BACk. Derrick Rose MVP and 2014 finals MVP.

    • shaddap says:

      Look at my name. They ain’t better than the spurs or the heat. When healthy this 2 are the only ones capable of throwing each other out

      • U-crazy? says:

        Dude, when the Bulls are healthy they are crazy good as well! They fought hard against the Heat even while half their squad was limping, sniffling and having temperatures shooting across the roof! This is a team that can be potent when healthy, and I’m looking forward to a Bulls-Heat East Conference Finals next season!

  14. PitBull says:

    I believe DRose is the best player in the NBA right now. Watch out for D Return

    • justmekeith says:

      THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE BEST! IT’S WHO YOU HAVE AS A CORE AROUD U!!! i bet you any money if you flip flop LBJ AND DROSE!!!!! DROSE would have the 2 rings and 4 MVP AWARDS///

  15. YeezyTaughtYouWell says:

    C’mon guys, did you really think he would say Lebron was the best player in the NBA, when the two teams have a conference rivalry? Was he suppose to say “Lebron is the best player in the NBA, he’s better then me”? That reporter asked an awful question.

    Can’t wait for you to return Rose, you just set yourself a high bar!

  16. Philip says:

    Psychology and Reality 101….He said what he is supposed to say….whether he actually believes it, I don’t know. We do know that if he believed that for real, then he would have said HE IS ALSO THE TOUGHEST GUY TO DEFEND. Think about it, if you are the best player in the league, that is 100% synonymous w/best player. Ive never seen someone say Jordan is the best player in the league but he is not the hardest to defend….I think he knows who is king…and furthermore, he just got done watching a ton of film on Lebron during that playoff matchup, so I know that HE KNOWS WHO IS KING

  17. PitBull says:

    2011 DRose cant win it by his lonesome, same as jordan before him. He needs a great supporting cast to win it all. Lebron became champ only because he has Wade and Bosh around him. DRose didnt have that luxury.

    • Suck one says:

      Drose has two other all stars just like Lebron

    • Sit Down says:

      Boozer, Noah, Deng, etc are a pretty good cast, the Heat just have better ones. Jordan + Scottie Pippen, sound familiar?

    • shaddap says:

      Yeah lebron has 2 other all stars. But who carried the heat during the post season. Who separated himself from the pack? LEBRON did. He carried Wade cause of his hurting knees. His numbers we’re down everybody is grinding that. Bosh is inconsistent. He did make some crucial plays.

      The only person that is worth mentioning in terms of player importance for a championship team is Ray Allen, Game 6 baby. I ain’t gonna give Derrick Rose a ****. Until he proves he can carry a team to at least an East Conf. Championship. He only emerged a star about 3 years back. While Lebron is a phenom back in his Cleveland days. Imagine taking a team like that to the finals, also leading that team to the best record in the NBA in back to back seasons. Compared to what lebron has done. Derrick Rose don’t even have the credibility of being called the best. Durant is surely at lebron’s back but not D Rose. He only got that MVP because everybody is hating Lebron because of the Decision. Stats says it all. Check it if you want. Lebron’s stats on D Rose MVP still better.

      You can say that the MVP award is chosen by the NBA. Why? can’t the people inside the NBA have hate towards what he did? They’re people too Also for the people saying that Derrick Rose went to the Playoffs every year of his career, is Derrick Rose responsible for that? He emerged as a superstar 3 years back. His teammates should be given credit instead.

  18. ken says:

    If D Rose did not get hurt 2 years back there is a big possibility MIAMI would be 0-2 right now.. Lets be fair MIAMI HEAT did not earn this Championship, the Spurs simply gave it away which will haunt them forever. Also, Indiana P George/Hibert out played the heat and also gave it away when coach V took Hibert out of the game. Now 2012 Bulls team was a very good team if D Rose didn’t get hurt and this last two years could have been way different. Injuries to a superstar can make a lot things outcome different in Basketball… We could say the Lakers also there final games into the Playoffs played very well and that could have changed Howard mind too. OKC would have a very dangerous team if Russel was healthy too..We will hope D Rose a healthy come back, also need Russel to come back healthy as well..

    • ant syd says:

      Well the spurs gave it away sounds way worst than how you make it sound andddd.the heat definitely earned it my dude what game was you watching.

    • justmekeith says:

      BUTTERFLY AFFECT!!!!!! U can say what if what if!!!!! many endings…. it is what it is!

    • Sit Down says:

      Take it easy, in 2011, the Bulls had Home-court advantage a healthy MVP D Rose and they lost 4-1 to the Heat, you think they will fare better when the Heat has added Allen, Birdman and an improved LeBron? Spurs didn’t completely give it away, and they had Game 7 to win it, why didn’t they? Ind series, game one could’ve gone either way, simply outplayed and huge mistake on the Hibbert benching. Harden-less OKC is not going to beat a better Heat team than the year before.

  19. hatersgonnahate says:

    So many haters here. That is all.

  20. GoMavs says:

    Nets= Loaded
    Bulls= ROSE
    Pacers= Legit Contenders
    Thunder= Healthy
    Spurs= Not Leaving
    Rockets= Rising
    Grizzlies= Watchout

    Watchout Heat, next year will be the real test!

  21. clockwork57 says:

    How deluded? Hahahahaha

  22. Alex-Martin says:

    This is exactly why he is getting much hate. Because he is the best. Would the people hate Brian Scalabrine if he said he’s the best? I don’t think so..

  23. Rose #1 fan says:

    OK HERE WE GO !!! to start off im a huge bulls fan ! And a rose fan. And i think derrick can be even greater than lebron and durant but within time. His speed and talent to get to the basket is like no other MORE THAN john wall , more than rondo , more than westbrook. He is the best point guard in the league when fully healthy.

    Now lets go back to the 2010-2011
    Derrick was mvp and he was carrying the team , but this 2010-2011 season was before the great bench , before noah became a beast , and before boozer grew balls , So it was derrick vs the big 3 so yeah of coarse bulls lost but i bet lebron could not take rose , wade , bosh either , So that season was a bust

    Bulls had a healthy team healthy rose , thats why they had the best record that season , and without a doubt the best bench , it scored the most that season from any other bench THEY WERE THE TEAM TO BEAT AND THE FAVORITE TO WIN IT ALL but of coarse it happend , rose tore his acl game 1 and noah went out game 2 , so of coarse their championship was stolen cus of injuries.

    The bench was lost and a new one was made but still it was very good . this team was great and would have went to the finals . cus look wat they did , they were 5th seed without thier star player , they beat the heats win streak, and made it to the playoff 2nd round WITHOUT rose and deng plus ! noah had a injured foot . and some how still got a win over he heat .

    So bulls have been robbed from injuries , the bulls and heat were supposed to meet in the east finals 3 years in a row and i believe the bulls could have went to the finals 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 IF THEY HAD A FULL HEALTHY TEAM and possibly win both championships that year .

    But is he right now ? No , but i put him in the top 5
    CAN HE BETTER THAN LEBRON ? YES and for those that say no are dumb , when rose and the bulls are healthy they cant be beat ! rose is a top 5 player ! noah is a top 5 center ! boozer grew balls and now is a top 5 power forward and gets double doubles almost every game.
    Here is wat rose has over lebron he got mvp in his 3rd year and it took lebron 6 years . Rose has never floped ! look it up not 1 flop , lebron is the flop king ,
    james has 4 mvp and 2 championships very true but does rose have a chance to get that too YES a better chance than lebron building a time machine to go back and try to win mvp in his 3rd year and to never flop

    within time does rose have a chance to be better than james YES
    BUT is he right now no , hes i believe a top 5

    all this is comming from maybe the biggest rose fan !

    SO THIS UPCOMING SEASON 2013-2014 there should be no excuses rose is back , noah is a beast , as well as boozer , and a decent bench all which they didnt have in the east finals 2011 except rose

    • Sit Down says:

      Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    • 0_o? says:

      boy you have so many predictions and what ifs. but the truth is, with your long comment your are still DUMB! go back to your cave!

      • JJ says:

        bud, “your are” even dumber. Learn how to read and possibly write and maybe you could understand how much sense that “long comment” made…just sayin

    • DEBO 52 says:

      That is the best and most accurate comment that has been made on this entire page. Everyone else needs to shut up. Rose #1 fan is exeactly correct. 2013-2014 Chicago Bulls NBA Champions!!!!!!

  24. schaummy says:

    Yes he is!!

  25. schaummy says:

    Yes He is

  26. don says:

    Seriously, if you ask any NBA player this who is on the top of the league, they will say the same thing. DRose is not the best NBA player, period, but I have no problem with him saying that. As a Bulls fan, he just needs to stay healthy and show a bit more heart, first. LOL. How he let his brother handle the PR part of last year was a joke. He should have just said he is done for the year so we all could have moved one, but I have never seen a great player take this long in any sport with the same injury.

  27. don says:

    Lastly, with the injury still over his head, he needs to come back first, play well and then he can say that. We have not even seen this guy in a long time, and what he does not need is to put a mark on his own (big) head. LOL. He already injury prone, as it is. Go Bulls!

  28. IvanFromArgentina says:

    Please comeback Drose! i miss your game so much

  29. ant syd says:

    Hey lets be honest with ourselves lebron isss the best basketball player and the heat is the best team.And the second best is Kobe and the third is kd so I don’t know where d rose would be fourth it’s a lot a great player’s out there soo I dnt know

  30. Zohan says:

    Why would any mvp not consider himself the best

  31. bkn says:

    When D Rose said that he would win the MVP people said that he was crazy so he went on to become the youngest MVP ever so I fully expect that he will return to that form. He must be feeling 100% back to be making such bold statements but I for one love it. I can see why all of the Lebron fans don’t like it but so what. Bring it on.

  32. tiz22 says:

    WHAT EVERYONE SEEMS TO FORGET IS ONE SIMPLE FACT…..YES Injuries have plagued DRose and maybe that is the reason he doesn’t have a championship or more MVPs but guess what………………….The REASON LBJ is so damn good (and the best) is BECAUSE he doesnt get injured…the man has put on 50+ lbs of muscle and no matter what beating he takes – he plays almost every game….That right there is what separates him from all the superstars (Durant, Rose, whoever) that goes down with countless injuries/setbacks to their game

    • Sit Down says:

      It took Kobe however-many-years-he’s-been-playing to get injured and he is not even close to what LeBron use to look like in his Cav years, he was a lot bigger than now. Some people just aren’t as lucky when avoiding injuries or know their body really well.

      • tiz22 says:

        ur dumb kobe is ancient and gets injured all the time but “plays through it” because he doesnt mind chucking up 40%, losing all on a “sprained” finger or whatever he wants to call it

  33. Somewhat Guy says:

    Does anyone remember what LBJ did in his first 4 years. Look into it then come back and say something about Rose that would be comparable because when you look at it they’re not all that different. Give Rose 4 more years and see what happens.

  34. Ivan says:

    Drose back at it!! Bring it haters. Can’t wait until the season starts.

  35. lol says:

    Derrick.. who?? MVP? are you delusion fans seriously serious? He won that MVP only because of the Decision by Lebron. 100% Rose + healthy Bulls got PWNED by Heat in their first year together in 5 games. What makes you think they can beat Miami? I’m sorry if the truth hurts you but yea. lol

  36. Mark says:

    so what do you want him to say??? lebron is the best??? he may not be the best right now but one thing will never change is that he is a competitor and if you want to be the best then you consider lebron by far your greatest don’t suck up to your competition..unless your KD..

    • Sit Down says:

      That’s cause KD already lost to LeBron in the Finals, he’s out of his mind not to admit it. D Rose lost to LeBron but for some reason wont admit it.

  37. Sonnie B says:

    D-Rose didn’t have to run to 2 other all-stars. When he wins a title and I said WHEN he whens a title it will be his team. Lebron was from Ohio and gave the finger to his home state. 2011 when Derrick stated why not me for MVP and everyone laughed well when MVP naming time came around nobody was laughing. So if he claims that he is the best in the league up to now he has been a man of his word so LOOK out Lebron and the rest of the NBA. Oh yeah what is Chris Paul’s record against Derrick?

  38. boston rules says:

    Rose is overrated

  39. Sasquatch says:

    LeBron James and Kevin Durant are both better than Derrick Rose today. However, the last time Rose was healthy, I would say he was the best in the league then. But both LeBron and Durant have taken huge strides forward while Rose has been injured. 2013-14 will be very interesting with Rose’s return, D-Will and CP3 having no more excuses to NOT reach their full potential and I believe Paul George’s name will become a much bigger part of this whole conversation. He could have an MVP run himself if Indiana blazes towards the best record in the Eastern conference.

  40. Paul says:

    KD is the best player, skill wise he is complete, jump shot, can get to the rim, can be clutch, role model, humble, team player, scoring leader multiple times, great free throw percentage, can shoot the long ball and short jumpers. Lebron doesn’t have a shot like that, spurs let lebron shoot jump shots and it still took 7 games to close out. Most of his points are from getting o the rim. Derek rose sat on the bench when he could’ve played and watched his team lose to the heat, I think kd is all around more complete than rose. Everybody is on the lebron wagon but can’t see that his jump shot is avg. championships don’t make u the best player. A team wins a championship, not a player! James is good but Kd is more complete period,

  41. justarandomdude says:

    Rose is good. I know it. But the only reason he was MVP in 2011 was because the media hated LeBron. Simple as that

  42. justmekeith says:


  43. alp says:

    how could he be the best in the league when he hasn’t even played for a year.

  44. ODR says:

    I agree with Derrick Rose saying Derrick Rose is the best NBA player. He was supposed to say that… it is like a reported asking who he thinks is the best lover his girlfriend has had… what was he supposed to say? “from what I have seeen, my best friend Jay”???!!… Besides, Lebron is a good player, the Heat certainly would get nowhere without him… but I would not expect Rose giving him or any other player props for being the best

    • Sit Down says:

      So if Bynum all of sudden said “I’m the best center in the NBA” that’s ok too?

  45. SDeeeezy says:


    Guaranteed he will lead the bulls to the NBAs best record.. something along the lines of 64-18
    He will average atleast 25ppg 8apg while shooting better than 50% from the field.
    He will record atleast 8 triple doubles and He will win his 2nd MVP award EASILY
    He will lead the bulls to the Eastern conference finals where his numbers will eclipse “king” James’.
    His series stats will be atleast 30ppg with 9apg and 7rpg.. The bulls will beat the heat in 6 games MAX

    He will then provide some of the greatest finals performances ever against….. The OKC Thunder.
    He will average 35+ppg 10+apg and 8rpg he will shoot 60+% he will average more than 3 steals a game.. he will win the FINALS MVP award

    but he will not win a ring

    • eric says:

      why are you writing video game numbers?? he’s never had those numbers in his life and never will. and your saying 8 triple doubles this year he’s had like 1 or 2 in his carrer.. lol lay off the drugs

  46. Andres says:

    Derrick Rose is the youngest player to ever win MVP. He’s young and talented. He cannot be guarded at anytime , all he needs is a consistant jump shot. When he develops this jump shot he will be great and recognized as one of top best ,say top 5 with Kobe being #1 followed by lebron James being #2 and rose as #3 Carmelo Anthony at #4 and Durant as #5. When Rose’s shot becomes consistent he’ll be the 2nd best .

    • Sit Down says:

      1) He won MVP because LeBron was hated by the media. 2) Kobe is nowhere near LeBron’s level. 3) Seriously? ‘Melo over KD? Melo might be the scoring champion this season but when it comes to big stages, KD made the record for most points in the Olympics

  47. lovestephon23 says:

    They double team Derrick rose and left korver and Deng open they both choked like always so the blamed it all on rose and made lebron James look liked he shut him down but we all no what happened rose well get him its his time to shine

  48. Not 1 ... Not 2... Just Sayin... says:

    They just keep doubting and making excuses, oh this player got hurt again or it was a lockout season oh that team gave the finals away. Did you hear what he said on the podium after game 7 boy? I ain’t got no worries. All he does is work and improve every year in every aspect of the game. How many more trophies does he have to raise before you truly appreciate Best SF in the history of the Game.

    I hope the bulls do reach the ecf so Bron & Wade can send them home in 5 like they do every time.

  49. Ross says:

    LBJ is overated, drose is a talented young player he has more potential to be better then lebron

  50. cp3 epic basketball says:

    i would rank him the top 6 or 5 not 1

  51. lei says:


  52. JEC says:

    bwahahahaha!~Is this a Joke?!?! Prove something first… Best player in the NBA?!?! bwahahahaha! I can’t help it! Too funny!

  53. JEC says:

    With the type of game that he plays he’ll be back on the shelves soon enough… I guarantee it!

  54. Syntax_error says:

    DRose is one of the best player in the league..but not the best of the best.. He still need to prove that he is the best.. like LBJ did since he join the NBA.. many haters criticize LBJ bcoz he leave the Cavs.. but many Star players did it also becoz they want to win championship.. and besides, many comments about the Heat..its still the same comments and they did last year.. but it still the Heat win championship.. Lets just wait and watch the 2013-2014 NBA to prove who’s the best player and the championship team..

  55. ANEM says:


  56. Basketball Fan says:

    Derrick Rose plays for like 2 games then gets an injury for like half a year….

  57. David says:

    He’s an athlete. At a tremendous athlete at that. And if he’s to perform at a high level there’s no way he could answer “who’s best” any differently.

  58. zzz says:

    Too much talking about how rose is this and that, i just hope he comes back well next season and let his game do all the talking. Seriously, he has a lot to prove to be considered the best and he cannot do it when he is sidelined due to injury.

  59. DumBHeatfaNs says:

    really no one on the cavs team how bout Larry hughes and Zydrunas Ilgauskas who both scored 15 a game

  60. mongoose says:

    This is news? What else are superstars supposed to say when asked that question? Would you honestly want Rose to say that anyone else was the best in the NBA if you’re a Bulls fan?

  61. RONEY says:

    if every player in the east is healthy come play off what teams hold a real therat against the heat(pacer with grainger ,nets with pierce ,kevin bulls with ross)

  62. Errol Sampson says:

    Comment context needs to be included in this article excerpt…who knows what the tone was, event was… Derrick Rose was top 5 NBA player prior to his injury hands down. However, D-Rose will need to improve defensively and be better able to manage his team when he’s double-teamed. He will have to develop some sort of post game and a better shot and decisions off-the-ball. Allen Iverson was 1000 times better of an overall player and NBA talent in his true prime. Took the talent-strapped Sixers to the finals. Kobe, LeBron, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Carmelo Anthony amongst active NBA players in or on the down side of their primes have carried more weight with on par or better winning percentages for far longer period. D-Rose has shown the elite potential, now he just has to stay healthy and do it for a prolonged sequence of seasons.

  63. rudeboydom says:

    honestly rose is pretty good but he is overrated

  64. knicksfan33 says:

    and the nets arent a threat the heat will treat the east like trash but the only real threats are bulls knicks and pacers and i think the cavs might make it too

  65. knicksfan33 says:

    and besides the nba is dog poop right now compared to what michael jordan had to do in 80s and 90s . there was larry bird joe dumars isaiah thomas patrick ewing charles barkley and magic johnson, and most of those guys are in the hall of fame. the only people who are in the nba right now that would go to the hall of fame are lbj drose kd and tony parker . im not gonna say melo though

  66. Lakersfan says:

    Indianna is a better team than the Bulls even with Rose.

  67. Peter says:

    Rose thinks he is the best player in the NBA? What a joke!!

    Another shot jacker forced to pay PG only because he’s too short to play SG. Weak defense, weak jump shot. Just another player who gets by purely on his athleticism, without it bs be a useless scrub.

    While his team is out losing in the playoffs, he’s at home playingvvideo games because he doesn’t feel quite right yet.

  68. Baller123456798 says:

    At least lebron made the finals with the cavs, did rose even make the 2nd round?

  69. Matthew says:

    Honestly D.Rose is a great player… The rest of the Bulls though… Yeah you can play physical in basketball and great defense wins championships but the Bulls team brought more negative attention to the game that I’d like to see. People complain about the Bulls’ injuries but maybe the way the play gets them injured on a consistent basis. Trying to tackle people every play seems to not work long term… Just sayin…

  70. No offense to all of you says:

    DRose is young just like LBJ in Cavs before. You can say anything you want but they will be future hall of famers. NO DOUBT.

  71. Dear everyone,

    D-Rose is the best, let’s face it. Period.

    Best wishes from Napoli.


  72. HeatsFan123 says:

    Well, Drose.. Definitely one of the star players in the NBA. Dont think he has proved enough to gain the BEST PLAYER in NBA now. May be in couple years!

    anyways, hope he stays healthy~ so we can see a good match b/w heats and bulls!

  73. MARKY! says:

    come on! stop comparing DRose to LBJ.. they are both good! they just have difference in their games! and of course Lebron is bigger! so he can do something that a small guy would not be able to do all the time! and lets say the BULLS of 2011 is like the CAVS of 2007 wherein they had good seasons just to lose! as what u have said, they have nobodys! so stop comparing anything! lets just wait and see the season and lets see if the HEAT could 3peat or dark horse will rise from the dead! stop those non sense! its just non sense! thats stupid!

  74. nba is gonna see what the nba best can do. derrick is ready hes says he is the most confident out off all the nba players. koby is a legand. but one star will rise all mj once again

  75. Pdub says:

    Kobe is the best.

  76. DRXSS791 says:

    As expected, Lebron fans are quick to jump on what DRose said. They are misunderstanding DRose’s statement. It’s not that he thinks Lebron or anyone else isn’t good or haven’t accomplished anything special. It’s his way of mentally tackling the game. He obviously has the ability to compete with the best of the nba. Doubting himself would be detrimental. He probably acknowledges Lebron’s talent but he will not accept that his opponent is better and it’s his desire to prove it that would drive him forward. Best of wishes to DRose!

  77. cloneoftheghost says:

    Can you imagine if Rose was moved to the 2 and had a PG that was more focused on distributing the ball!? I like the Bulls, since the days of Jordan and crew but to say they’ll beat the Heat … I dunno, man. And if they DO beat the Heat it won’t be because of Derrick Rose. It will be the same reason that the Pacers almost pulled off the upset. The Heat are soft in the paint.

  78. Clifford Jones Jr says:

    Derrick Rose is clearly not the best.Derrick Rose is a walking highlight-reel! For him to come out to say he is the best player in the NBA is very unacceptable because 1. You haven’t played in a whole season, 2. You can’t stop injuring yourself, & 3. There is way more talent in the NBA! Derrick Rose is clearly one of the goods but not yet the greats. You still have, Lebron, Durant, Westbrook, & More! No player should come out of the blue saying they’re the best player. Until Rose starts winning championships, he as not the best!
    He’s lost a lot of my respect after this!

    • brand on says:

      He didn’t come out the blue n say it… he was asked… wat is he suppose to say?

  79. maw says:

    I think he means that he’s The Best Conditioned Player right now for resting the whole year!!

  80. Jeremy says:

    At his best DR is one of the best players in the game. However a lot can change in a year. How can he say that he is the best when he played zero minutes last year. He has a lot to prove and I got to say I could never see MJ, Isaiah Thomas or Kobe sitting out for an entire season if they where healthy. Kobe will be back before DR. I question his heart not his talent well see, and please do not get this twisted because I got great appreciation for DR game. We will See

  81. Adrian says:

    I was still hanging on to the idea that d. rose was humble, no more.
    It’s so dumb for a player with no titles to say he’s the best player in the nba, when maybe he isn’t even the best point guard.
    Guess it’s not easy to be twenty something and have that many pe4ople sucking-up to you.
    To bad, I really liked the guy, but this after looking at the playoff on tv, shameful.

  82. Drago says:

    James is the best player in basketball and he has the rings and MvP titles to prove it.

  83. Fern says:

    LBJ is best player in the world period!!!!!

  84. Octstuff23 says:

    Any Lebron lovers should think why he never stayed in Cavs , why he run away from court after loosing against Magic. Rose will stay in Bulls and this , next or two season later they will win championship , because of that you will never mention Lebron and Rose in same line. You could name Jordan , Wade , Kobe , Duncan in same line , teams was build around them and they won several championships. Period. Btw you can talk Lebron but Miami is Wade’s team. I will have more respect to Rose without any championship rings then to Lebron with 10 rings. Rose is youngest MVP i NBA History !!!!!!

  85. RS says:

    Only an idiot says that he’s the best in the league.

    In my opinion, the best in the league is Lebron James. He has been the best since he was 14 years old.

    But nevermind who the best player is, the fact is only a low-IQ guy says that he is the best. It sounds so stupid.

  86. superbobyjones says:

    “lebron is the flop king, rose never flopped 1 single time” correct.
    james is dominant because of the body, rose has more skills. rose is more athletic too, just smaller body. but pound for pound, rose is a LOT better, more inteligent in the court, and off the court. not the same level

  87. superbobyjones says:

    off course mike tyson will KO bruce lee easy, but bruce lee has more skills.
    and this is not figthing, so rose is better

  88. joe says:

    I predict LeBron james will have a knee injury next season! ROSE, KOBE, WESTBROOK.. im pretty sure hes next! yeahhh!! baby ..bye bye Miami Heat plus Dwayne wayde is aging and injury too and chris bosch. sorry your 3 4 5 6 7 rings is over! HAHHHHHHHH…

  89. Jordan says:

    Lebron will prolly never get hurt over his own wrong doing. the only way he’ll ever get hurt is over some freak accident caused by another player. and how can someone ever wish for someone to get hurt?? seriously?? i despise the bulls, but i was upset that rose got hurt.

    • George Miller says:

      Rose is too small too weak too ordinary to carry his team past lebron and to the finals. He is all excuses with no results. If a player is as small and feeble as rose is they simply must be extraordinaryly smart ie chris paul, and from the his comments it is clear the aforementioned is far from true. I’ve never thought that rose was anythng more than an athletic little guy that would eventually hurt himself with his high-flying heroics. In this league one has to be at least 6’4″ and built like d wade to have any kind of staying power while playing at a super star level(10 plus years), even then wade is showing his wear and tear. I predict an early playoffs send off for rose and his rag tag team. The east has gotten deeper… much more sharks in the tank. This kid is overrated, another victim of pre-emptive nba advertisement. Go big or go home. Good luck rosey, you’ll be needing it.

  90. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Kyrie Irving, Jrue Holiday, Damian Lillard, John Wall, Russel Westbrook, Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul……STILL take a backseat to Derrick Rose

  91. Larry loves Miami says:

    I think LeBron is the best player in the league followed by KD. After those 2, #3 Kobe #4 Westbrook #5 Parker #6 CP3

  92. Scott says:

    drose is pretty good at basketball. at thinking he could definitely be ‘more better’,

  93. BasketBall Fan says:

    Here is a thing if LBJ would have said the same thing he is cocky but it is fine to say since it is D.Rose… can’t just come out of the rehabilitation period and think of yourself as MJ or Kobe…..I think he got hit hard on his head :D……. No doubt he is one of the best players but not the only best player in the league…. I think he forgot about Kobe, KD, LBJ, D Wade(i know he is fading away but still the best), CP3, Tony Parker, D.Lillard(potential superstar), Kyrie Irving, Paul George (star in making), Carmelo Anthony, etc……..

  94. real says:

    WHO CARES? it just shows he has confidence in his game, what do you expect him to say? oh Im terrible theres a bunch of people better than me! NO! to win you have to have that competitive mindset that youre the best, you think LeBron went to the 2012 finals saying “well the thunder are probly gonna win” he did not! MJ had that mindset and look at him, you think MJs humble at all? he is not! its great to have respect for other players, but you cant ever place them above you, you have to think youre the best to be the best

  95. Mark says:

    Dirk Nowitzki is the BEST player in the NBA dude

    • U-crazy? says:

      Erm… Few years back yeah, but not now with the injuries and you gotta at least get your team to the playoffs to contend for that title, ain’t got no sway til he does that again at least

  96. Mark says:

    Dirk Nowitzki is the BEST NBA player dude

  97. E.Balnik-ZaValee says:

    Oh well, he has his right to claim that he’s the best out there in the league. And millions of fans and experts around the world have their right to say that he’s utterly dellusional. Pretty much fair.

    PS: and no, he isn’t even close to being the best player in the NBA, not even the best PG. Just my opinion.

  98. Mem says:

    Derick Rose
    2012-13 Statistics
    PPG0.0 RPG0.00 APG0.0 EFF–

  99. Mem says:

    2013 Playoffs Statistics
    PPG25.9 RPG8.40 APG6.6 EFF+ 29.17

  100. Musa says:

    D Rose is good. Lebron had to the Cavs to win and you think he is the greatest, wrong. Do your research, the great players never leave their team to win

  101. Musa says:

    Lebron will never be at Michael Jordan’s level because he lacks the mental toughness, if it wasn’t for Shane Battier and Ray hitting those threes, Lebron can’t do what Michael used to do. So idiots stop comparing him to Michael

  102. Tuesday says:

    I agree that d-rose is the best player right now in the NBA but LBJ is the the best among the best not only in the NBA but in the basketball world.. Just saying the fact..

  103. Logic says:

    @mem, ahaha jokes.

    Men lie, Women lie, Numbers don’t.

    LBJ at his age, has accomplished more than MJ at the same age. It’s upsetting to many, but it’s just the reality.

    Let’s see Rose beat LBJ before we take the guy seriously….how you going to let a PF shut you down if you’re the best PG in the league….

  104. Logic says:

    Any objective person would take a look at the fact that the Bulls made it just as far with Rose in the playoffs as they did without him and realize that the Bulls are just a solid team. Rose is a top talent but come on now, if your team doesn’t even stumble after you’re out for the whole year….

    Anyone remember how many games the Cavs won after LBJ left…. they went 19-63!
    Bulls went 45-37 without D-Rose, which was only five less wins than the year before with Rose.

    Anyway, not everyone is good a math! ahah

  105. ThisIsTheTruth says:

    I don’t think D-rose is better then LeBron, Durant, Kobe or even Curry now he’s going to have to really prove himself it’s hard to call yourself the best when you take a year off because meanwhile he was rehabbing there was a lot of other guys improving their game and to make matters worst Rose will have it the worst because these new young pg’s are really good I think that’s the strongest position right now with the weakest being the Center position

  106. Linwel says:

    Rose is the best : D

  107. nick says:

    ok bro lebron took his team to the finals 4 years after being drafted he was 22 d rose still hasent made to the finals let alone to game 6 of the conference finals he cant do what lebron did in cleveland no1 can

  108. NYCBBALL says:


  109. Vic says:

    I have no doubt that the name “LeBron James” popped into his head just before or as he said “Derrick Rose”… Think about it.

  110. joseugs says:

    Q: Most humble player in the league right now:
    D Rose: Derrick Rose, of course!

  111. LeBron All Day says:

    HaHaHa! What a joke. D-Rose thinks he’s better than LeBron. LOL! The guy doesn’t even know how to stop The King, but he thinks he’s better. LeBron could kick his butt. Even Kobe is better than Rose.
    Message to D-Rose: Watch out for what you say it may come back to bite you!
    Point Be Proven: LeBron is the best player in the present NBA and world. (You heard that D-Rose?)
    Check out D-Rose’s face

  112. luke says:

    Frankly, even if Brandon Jennings was my franchise player I’d want him saying he was the best player in the league…

  113. bkn says:

    Who’s the best flopper LeBron or Bosh I think that’s the hardest question in the NBA right now

  114. bkn says:

    LeBron is great, but which team will he run to after next season. He lowers himself by choosing the path of least resistance in order to win a championship. Anybody can look around and see which team has the best chance to win and championship and then run to that team. But times are different now it’s ok to take short cuts and be called a winner instead of overcoming obstacles to win it the way Jordan had to with the Pistons, and the way Isaiah had to with the Celtics . Things are different now so LeBron is able to take advantage of the system and choose the path of least resistance to a championship the way he did with the Heat.

  115. Danny says:

    If Michael Jordan were still playing he would shut all of you kobe and LeBron lovers up by dunking over both of them and popping a 3 pointer right in their faces. And for Rose Jordan would just laugh and walk away.

  116. DerrickRoast says:

    Derrick Rose says Derrick Rose is NBA’s most well-rested player. lol

  117. ari says:

    he is better then lebron

  118. jeremy says:

    it doesnt matter if he is or not. every player should believe they are the best. its a cocky confident pride thing. it gives you an edge. believing that you are the best and having that drive to prove it, thats what every player needs. idk if he is the best.. havent seen him play in forever but i admire his confidence still after he has sat out so long. i believe he will make an impressive return. got the right attitude d rose!

  119. TOMMY says:

    At least physically LBJ is stronger than Rose. Who got injury? It means somthing.

  120. Real TLK says:

    Derrick Rose is going to be rusty in pre season but after that he will be mentioned in the MVP race… like he should be. Plus a healthy BULLS and Miami Heat would be a much more interesting playoff series than the old NETS. KNICKS > NETS

  121. LeBron Suckers says:


    – They cannot be compared, completely different players, different positions

    #2 LeBron can’t guard Derrick Rose well because he es extremely fast , He even says that D Rose can go anywhere he wants even if he guards him, but Derrick Rose can’t Guard him either.
    #3 Derrick Rose can say what he wants he is a fantastic player probably the #3 Best with LBJ and Durant

    #4 He was the Youngest MVP, (LeBron didn’t do That )

    # 5 Guys admit that Derrick Rose is the player that most people wanna see playing , stop hating and enjoy NBA

  122. george miller says:

    rose is one of the most over-rated players in the nba… i am also really surprised that this kid is drinking his own cool aid or in other words believing his own hype. i mean why did he even get the mvp when both lebron and kd had better stats on their respective teams? i suspect it had more to do with his gimick laden shoe deal then on his “talent”. im a blue and gold warriors fan through and through(bay born and raised), and even i could see that lebron shut this kid down when it counted most. this kid is nothing more than an over paid primadonna that has the audacity to claim himself as the best in a league flush with great point guards. i predict more noise noise, but seldom a true note from rose…

  123. kapampangan says:

    for me LBJ is the best he can play all positions offensively and defensively that i think no other player in the NBA can do..rose maybe the best in his position but not the best player in the NBA

  124. TrueNBAFan says:

    Rose got a pitty MVP. Good player? yes. Best player? hell no, not even the best PG.

  125. itdoesnotmatterasyouloveNBA says:

    oh well another blog again where people are like hating LeBron hating Rose, same goes everywhere in the web, tss comparing crappy stats which we all know it all takes time to accomplish things you want, i hate LBJ for leaving the Cavs but what i liked about him is that he doesn’t care about what any of us will say, he just want a title and i hate DRose for not playing after he was permitted to play again but what i like about him is that he’s a humble guy and he even compliments the greatest nemesis he has just like what Jordan and the other legends does, but above all they have their own eras, skills and knowledge in the game, and it will be great for them when their time comes, and now, it’s still LBJ, so DRose, he can still wait, he’s young πŸ˜€ just sayin’

  126. Enthralled1 says:

    dumb to think hes the best player in nba.. i knonw their are a lot of haters against lebron but right now hes the best nba player and others by his side tony parker, kobe, wade, and chris paul.

  127. WarfreaK says:

    if LBJ is the best player in the NBA or World… then why did he chase a superstar?

    • BBall Gawd says:

      the same reasons Jordan , and kobe did, to win rings… really besides Bill R. who can u honestly say won rings themselves? because everyone else needs a TEAM… pf

  128. Kobe4Life says:

    Kobe is da greatest and no one can be compared to him accept Jordan. Kobe has 5 rings and chasing his 6th. No one can stop the Black mamba

  129. juan says:

    where is your ring? if you are the best you have a ring, you have the courage to say you are the best, but when your team mates needed you last playoff you cant say i’m done for the season. LOL

  130. sanjay says:

    lol, now we know who is in the rehab!!

  131. BBall Gawd says:

    When D rose was healthy.. the heat still won.. the nets only goal is to have a better team than the heat, not the NBA, so they wont win either.. the finals may be the same MIA v.s SA again. And Le’Bron is the best , and has been for the past 6 years D. Rose isn’t far behind, but HE IS NOT BETTER THAN LE’BRON, not on any level.

  132. Imnot urbaby daddy says:

    Admitting that a guy is the best in your field does not make you less of a man. I remember when Lebron was just 3 years in the NBA and they asked who was the best perimeter player in the NBA? He answered without blinking that it was Kobe Bryant. He was right. Derrick Rose should have man up and say the best player in the NBA right now is Lebron. You have to beat the man to be the man, he should have said it then go work on his game to overthrow LBJ. He is never gonna go anywhere if all he is doing is bragging without accomplishment. All he has is an MVP and nothing else. NO Gold medal, not a lot of all star appearance, nothing, Nada and zilch. The top 5 players in the NBA are 1/2 Lebron or Kobe 3 Melo ( i pick Melo over durant because Durant does not have a post game. That is the reason why Memphis was able to shut him down in the 4th quarter when he got tired. Westbrook could have helped but if Durant had a post game he wouldn’t have to work so hard. Melo is better player cause he can shoot, post, take you off the dribble and do much more) 4. Kevin Durant (he is an excellent jump shooter, if he does not build a post game he will always be second best or 4th best, It is easier to double team a guy on the perimeter but it is harder to do int in the post that is why player with a low post game can create problems that is the reason Lebron learned a low post game) 5 Dwayne Wade. Those are the top players in the league, the only thing we can argue is number 1 and number 2. I have lebron beaten kobe for the number 1 spot by a small margin. Derrick Rose is a work in progress, we do not have enough data to rate him yet. If we were to give Rose a grade it will be an incomplete grade. Does he have the skill to become the best? yes, but he is not there yet. He will be fully mature in 3 more years, he is a great guy and outstanding person. I don’t think he clearly believe within his heart that he is the best at the moment.

  133. 11:11 says:

    he is trying to build up his confidence..

  134. versace says:

    Versace Versace DRose the best & no one can stop him (Drake voice)

  135. kepz says:

    magic johnson won a championship and a finals mvp in his rookie season – then he is the best…

    if rose then… if bulls then… if heat then… if lebron then… if cavs then… if… if.. if.. if.. iiiiiiiiffffffffffffffffffff…

  136. Miami Heat Fan says:

    I’m happy that D’ Rose is back! I think Pacers, Nets, Bulls and Miami will meet in the playoffs. I’m just worried to D’ Rose, because the way their coach handle his players, they are prone to Injuries.

  137. NBA fan says:

    Can the fans stop those arguments which are not much meaningful. Each star player has their own “Time”. I have no problem with Rose saying he is the Best Player, he is just trying to build confidence not only to himself, but to his teammates and fans.

    MVP discussion is pointless, MVP is awarded to the player who performed spectecular in one of the best teams in the NBA that particular year, but the media often get tired of repeating MVPs. Jordan would definitely be the best player in the NBA for like 10 years, but he only got 5 MVPs. Shaq only got 1 MVP, but was definitely the best player in that three-peat. Kobe definitely deserve more than 1 MVP, probably one stolen by Nash, but so what? Players are defined by their whole profile, not only MVP, nor championships alone.

    Who is the “Best” NOW? Definitely Lebron. But whos the most accompished player of the NBA now? Kobe and TD would definitely rank ahead of LBJ as of now, but who knows after a few years. I have no doubt with DRose’s potential, he is definitely one of the best i have ever watched. I look forward seeing his return, but he would face upcoming challenges from Kyrie Irving and Damian Lilard, and his own competitors, CP, TP, Deron and Rondo..

    Who are the top players in NBA are pretty obvious, there isnt any point arguing… Each team who won a Champion deserved it, they fought for it. Talent and health are never guaranteed.

    Just enjoy the game!

  138. maw says:

    just shows how fake a humble player DRose is. Hes good but, imagine if LBJ or Wade were asked that question. Humble players give credit to those who deserves it. Not true with Rose at all.

  139. Marko Viter says:

    Derrick Rose is NBA’s best joke. He was just voted MVP because everyone hated LBJ.

  140. LA-Supporter@Manila says:

    They are all good players!! Kinda different in any ways.. Can not be compared to each other because everyone has their own skills.. Kobe is good.. Lebron is good.. Michael is good.. Everyone needs a TEAM to be champion.. They can’t do it all alone..

    Hey Lebron!!
    Hey Carmelo!!
    Hey Rajon!!

    We are calling you here in LA..

    Kobe, Nash, Pau

  141. vbl3 says:

    He’s the best . Right? coward!!! You are the best at faking injury when cleared to play. Whyyou don’t get ur money and stick in ur and leave us alone with ur silly comment

  142. MrBasketball says:

    I love the bulls. Noah may be my favourite player in the nba (after rajon rondo). But until uncle Tom Thibs starts managing his guys minutes in a more professional manner. they will keep getting injured. you can’t play every single one of these gusy 40 something minutes a game. even if they want to. you will wear them down and they will either be injured or won’t have anything left for the playoffs. Thibs need to take a page from rivers and Greg Ps books. manage your players minutes so that they are injury free and fresh for the second season. we all know that’s the season that matters. C’mon Thibs. make me call you Mr. Thibs