Kyrie Irving Named Cover Athlete of NBA Live 14

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A couple of years ago, I had the chance to sit down with Dwight Howard and talk about “NBA Elite,” a new NBA video game that was coming from EA Sports. This was just before the 2010 NBA Draft, and as we talked we saw a build of the game that displayed a promising new motion system. Not long after, it was announced that the game was not coming out, after all. And EA hasn’t had a true console NBA sim since.

EA eventually announced they were going back to their classic “NBA Live” franchise, and that game was supposed to return last year. But that didn’t happen, as they held off in order to get everything polished and make a splash this year. And now it seems that “NBA Live 14” is on track to release this fall/winter, as today EA Sports announced that Kyrie Irving will appear on the game’s cover.


We still haven’t seen 5-on-5 game play video, but up top in the cover announcement video we see footage that is billed as “actual in-game footage.”

As good as the 2K series has been, I’m still hopeful Live can figure out how to get back in the game.


  1. Josh says:

    NBA Live?
    EA Sports, what have you done? LOL

  2. CRYsis says:

    NBA Live still exists?! EA has some problems right now especially in the sports department so I am not surprised if they are taking chances on this game.

  3. gaesmrfg,naersgz says:

    people still play Nba live?

  4. Jamal says:

    Cant Wait ! OMG People Who Know Basketball Knows When NBA Live Actually Releases They Don’t Disappoint. Other Than The Fact They Haven’t For 3 Years