Dallas Mavericks Auctioning Off Championship Court

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I grew up in Atlanta going to as many Hawks games as I could afford to get to ($5 seats FTW!). Then, in 1997, the Hawks announced plans to demolish their long-time arena The Omni and build what would eventually be named Philips Arena.

A few weeks after the last event was held there, the Hawks had an auction in The Omni, so my friend Matt and I showed up. Everything was for sale, from kitchen equipment to usher uniforms. We ended up $20 on two huge framed photos that had formerly lived in the press room of former Hawks forward Ken “Snake” Norman, and we pooled whatever money we had to buy two seats from the arena, mounted on a piece of plywood. Matt and I shared an apartment at the time, and we plunked those seats right down in the living room. (They currently reside in my parent’s basement.)

It wasn’t much, but I knew I had to get a piece of history. The Hawks hadn’t won a title in the building — they hadn’t even been to the Conference Finals — but I’d spent so much time there and had so many memories there, that I wanted some kind of keepsake. Not long after our purchase, this happened (skip ahead to the 6 minute mark)…

I bring this up because news broke today that the Dallas Mavericks are going to auction off two sections of the court that they played on when they won the 2011 NBA Finals, as well as few sets of floor seats, autographed by Dirk Nowitzki. The auction will take place in Chicago on Aug. 1, and if you want to get in on the bidding, you better have some bingo: The court sections have a minimum bid of $7,500, while the seats are all around $400 already.

The coolest part is that according to the Dallas Morning News, proceeds will go to a great cause: the Dallas Mavericks Foundation.


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  1. caloyski says:

    I would love to go to Chicago and bid on one of the Maverick’s memorabilia