Metta World Peace Is Changing His Name, Speaking Out For Animal Rights

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In a new video from PETA, new Knicks F Metta World Peace talks about animal care and animal rights, and urges people to report any animal abuse.

As a pet owner myself, it’s great to see MWP get involved in a cause like this. But of course, it wouldn’t be MWP unless he was also involved in some news that was completely unrelated. So in an interview that apparently takes place at a Barnes and Noble, MWP says he will be changing his name next season. To what? Well, that’s still under wraps. And he also stresses that he won’t be legally changing his name again because it’s too much work. So I guess everyone who ordered those “WORLD PEACE” Knicks jerseys will still be good.

(via BDL; via NBC Sports)


  1. superbobyjones says:

    nice this permanent insult to world elbowed peace is over. lol ron what’s about the nba players abuse, you know that harden is not dead only because of the beard

  2. Mike says:

    Wyatt Wooden Workman

  3. george miller says:

    this guy guy is a clown. ron “the clown” artest…how fitting. what next trendy bandwagon are you jumping on now? animal rights? what about the year after that? what about feeding the no talent hack politicians fund? nevermind our president’s got that covered… ron artrst for 2016!!!

  4. David says:

    I think it could be Metta New York lol

  5. Edub says:

    He could be the next Dennis Rodman, except instead of changing his hair, he changes his name every season…

  6. 123ouriya says:

    E.P,A! EPA!!!!!!

  7. Milroy says:

    Mecca World Peace…

  8. Kaosmann Kabri says:

    Did Metta World Peace just give an advise? lol

  9. Chinaman says:

    It should be world’s elbowed

  10. nanzc74 says:

    Worldly Piece of Mettal!

  11. gaesmrfg,naersgz says:

    you just don’t ask when it comes to ron ron

  12. john says:

    he shoulkd change it back to Ron Artest or not change it at all

  13. Michael Collins says:

    Lovin tha L.A hat with the Knicks colors

  14. roy says:

    first name: Kent
    middle name: Riley
    surname: Decide
    fullname: KENT RILEY DECIDE

  15. knicksfan33 says:

    the knicks are better than the nets! #letsgoknicks

  16. NBA BALLS says:

    who gives a flying mOnkey.

  17. Tikolo says:

    love him or hate him World Peace is something else. Gob bless him

  18. WOW says:


  19. WOW says:


  20. wuffe says:

    He supports mental health. animal rights, and I haven’t seen an entertainer in basketball like him since Dennis Rodman , or Charles Barkley. When He leaves.. he will have done a lot of good..and made a lot of people smile.

    • Van says:

      Mental health doesn’t exist that’s why they don’t have a cure for it. Attest is just an idiot who was too dumb and ignorant to understand why he did all of those stupid things.

  21. Buddy says:

    He should focus on his basketball game rather then his fame

  22. AL says:


  23. Armando says:

    There are 2 things nba players do to keep people and nba fans and media talking about them # 1 having a monster nba season and # 2 changing their names, who decide to do the 2 nd one is. Just because can’t h ave # 1…. Please stop it!!!

  24. Worrier says:

    Didn’t MWP get in trouble in Sacramento for abusing and neglecting his dog(s)? Not exactly spokesman material.

  25. Facepalm says:

    PETA is a joke and Ron Artest (or MWP, whatever you want to call him) is a joke…… Perfect.

  26. VVatcher says: