Kevin Durant Dominates At Summer League Game

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The NBA’s official summer leagues in Orlando and Vegas are mostly populated by either young players or players just hoping to make a regular season roster. When it comes to the NBA’s veterans, they generally skip the organized leagues in favor of making occasional appearances at games in some of the bigger leagues, like the Rucker in NYC or the Drew League in Los Angeles.

Which is exactly what happened yesterday, when Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant showed up at the Drew League to prove that summer is serious, and he got in a run in a game with several other NBA players, including Metta World Peace, DeShawn Stevenson, Baron Davis and DeMar DeRozan. (Also, rapper The Game was out there getting some run.)

Here’s a long video of highlights from the game…

Durant apparently missed the game winner, but his best play of the day was probably this dunk where he charged down the lane for the throwdown…

(via WTLC)


  1. baller3000 says:

    kevin Durant is a beast

  2. Kimmy says:

    Kevin Durant is the best!!!!!

  3. Do you even LIFT? says:

    I’ve seen a skeleton with bigger arms than KD.

    • AD says:

      No you haven’t. But he is very skinny, Imagine if he bulks up like LeBron…scary.

      • Van says:

        He can’t, Lbj was born like that. Lbj just got bigger. Kd needs steroids to get that big. He needs to take some. Lololo

  4. Killing Me says:

    That announcer needs to stop talking all together. He is so annoying.

  5. Random Guy says:

    I don’t really see why this was such a big deal. I mean, DURANT had much more BETTER DUNKS than this. And the opposing team BASICALLY let him drove down the open lane. I mean, really? It would’ve been better if it was a FACIAL or a monster 360 dunk. But all-in-all, it was just pretty basic considering his skill set. I’m not hating or anything, but I just don’t see something special about this.

  6. Name says:

    That’s why you want Metta on your team. Dude may be a little off lol but look how hard he’s going in a summer game? He doesn’t know any other way!

  7. Gingersnap2 says:

    Another summer, another Kevin Durrant showing. What is new. It is the playoffs where he never shows.

    • Okckd35 says:

      Do u even watch basketball? KD doesn’t perform in the playoffs? Are u stuck on stupid? He only averaged over 30ppg in the playoffs. You should not be allowed to speak

  8. D says:

    The Game plays (and starts) every week and his team is always the biggest draw. He’s a really good shooter and gets a dunk or two in every now and then. I was there on Sunday. Stephen Jackson, Shannon Brown, JaVale McGee and Brandon Jennings also played that day. James Harden and Nick Young are also regulars at The Drew.

  9. Daniel says:

    He just dont need to be a beast.. He is just to talented

  10. Matthew says:

    Can I meet KD? Please, please