Nate Robinson Chooses New Number To Honor Lionel Messi

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the biggest free agency signings could turn out to involve one of the NBA’s smallest players. Over the weekend, the Denver Nuggets signed Nate Robinson, the 5-9 former dunk champ, stone-cold scorer and summer league Hall of Famer. Nate has played for five teams during his NBA career, and worn a single digit number with all five teams:

— He wore number 4 and then number 2 for the Knicks.

— He wore number 4 for the Celtics.

— He wore number 3 for the Thunder.

— He wore number 2 for the Warriors and then for the Bulls.

But upon signing with the Nuggets, the number 2 was unavailable, as the Nuggets have retired the number in honor of franchise great Alex English. So in choosing a new number, Nate turned to the world of futbol, as he briefly explained when posting this photoshopped image on Instagram…

He later expounded on his reasoning in an interview with the site Denver Stiffs

I usually dig the single digit numbers, but No. 2 is retired. Alex English, great player. He was my coach at predraft camp when I played in Chicago. He was my coach and I averaged like 22 points and 8 assists, something like that, and he was just letting me go. I was like, “Man, it’s a pleasure. You rocked my favorite number.” I knew exactly who he was and I was like, “Man that No. 2, there is something special about it.” I’m going to change it up and wear No. 10. I’m going to wear it for [Lionel] Messi, that’s my favorite soccer player. I’ve been playing a lot of FIFA lately and watching the games. He’s the best little guy to do it and I’ve got to be the best little guy to do it at No. 10 in the NBA. That’s my goal.

Here’s guessing Nate scores plenty of goals next season.


  1. The Other Nate.. says:

    Best Little Guy to do it in the No.10 >> Tim Hardaway in my opinion.. That’s a good goal to set for himself..

  2. that is if you get enough playing time with your crowded backcourt

  3. Luigi says:

    Dieeego Armandoo Maradona aka “EL PIbe de Oro” Is THE BEST little Man That ever PLayed Sports!!!

  4. kellogs says:

    “best little guy” sounds so cute :3

  5. mary merc says:

    Nate is one of my favorite players. He is exciting to watch and puts his heart and energy in every game he plays. The team that has him on their roster is a better team. Good luck Nate in the new season!! A fan always!