Jennings’ Move To The Pistons Should Have Been Pretty Obvious

The Brandon Jennings era in Milwaukee is officially over after he was traded to the Detroit Pistons for Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton and Savla Kravtsov on Wednesday. This move surprised a lot of people as many expected Jennings to accept the Bucks one year, $4.5 million qualifying offer to return to Milwaukee for a final season. But this trade should have obviously been in the works for a while if you’d paid attention to Jennings’ clothes and shoes over the recent days and years.

First, Jennings wore a Pistons Bad Boys shirt to the Drew League last weekend. That seems like a pretty clear signal.

Then Jennings released a photo of his new colorway for his shoe line with Under Armour two weeks ago. It looks very Piston-y.

Finally, and most importantly, this picture of a young Jennings in a Grant Hill Pistons jersey should have been enough evidence to predict this trade years ago.

(h/t @SoleCollector)


  1. SOUL One says:

    Good for him. Great squad. Miami still wins it all again.

  2. Ziden says:

    vow, now dat i dink about it, it doz seam like dat branden jennings waz goin two go too da pistons after all. Nice work whoever put dis all to gether da first time

  3. yadadada says:

    Pistons will be good this year, but with the 3 nice additions The Pacers made (and Granger coming back) I think they are the favorites to upset Miami.

  4. lee says:

    this is funny if you think about it the question is will be good enough for a good team I don’t see them being the bad boys replica that’s for sure but a good team I think the could make it as high as a 6th seed maybe a 5 I don’t know about that spot will probally go to the knicks though

  5. Reggie Evans is an Alien! says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the Pistons are going to suck?

    • Robert Guyette says:

      No,you are not. The island of Misfit toys has nothing on this group. Why not destroy your decent young foundation of Monroe by bringing in Smith who has never listened to a coach before. Take some of Greg’s minutes, shots, and make him play out of position. Oh and now it’s Smith’s team too, because of his long list of accomplishments???? Horford who is Monroe couldn’t work together, why should this be different? Oh becuse you added a selfish point guard who can’t shoot or defend. Great mix.

    • allen says:

      they have some good individual pieces. they are only decent if chauncey is on the floor for at least 30 mins a game but who knows if his body can withstand that. otherwise there is no floor leader and they will be lucky to nab a playoff spot.

  6. Unkle Daddy says:

    With Jennings added to the squad they’ll be better than they would have been, but they still won’t make the play-offs, and soon he’ll want out of Detroit as well. Just as Smith will, I’ll give them both two seasons before they are asking for trades out of the (no longer) motor city.

  7. rush says:

    wow. it looks like nobody’s got the pun.

  8. rascal says:

    miami vs broklyn and pistons vs pacers??? the eastern semi finals

    • Shimmy_4 says:

      Because Chicago is no longer an Eastern Conference team?? dude.. Cavaliers en Wizards are gonna end up way higher than Pistons!

  9. Kimmy says:

    Pistons and Cleveland will throw out Milwakee and Celtics from playoffs. Hawks may get last seed if Wizards don’t knock them off too.

  10. Uncle W says:

    BAD BOYS BAD BOYS, wad ya gunna do…Eastern Semi’s will do this year!

  11. brojohn3 says:

    I have hope in the Pistons. I love them. They can make some noise this year and in the coming years. The management just needs to bring other players that can help the team. Hopefully Mo Cheeks can help bring team to next level.

  12. Great trade for the Pistons and Jennings. He’ll learn PG skills from Billups and see a lot of good players around him like Smith, Monroe, Drummond… The Bucks are in full rebuild, finally! For championship dreams this season, it’s Indiana. Peace out.

  13. B.King says:

    Wow it seems as if everyone hates Detroit for no reason lol. Everybody is saying the same stuff this year they said in 03 when the Pistons acquired a young Chauncey and Rip. Looks as if history is repeating itself.

  14. Sebastian says:

    Nobody’s talking about the Bucks, the team that’s really going to suck next season. At least the Pistons have talent in Smith, Jennings, Drummond and Monroe… it depends on Mo Cheeks if this works out for Detroit

    • D.Flash says:

      Mannn!!! I’ve been a Pistons fan all my life throughout the good & bad years. I’m gonna be very honest, The last few years sitting in front of that T.V screen watching those Pistons games..Were sad & depressing!!! But this year I’m excite, I feel good bro!!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SEASON TO START-LETS GO GET THEM-WE ARE BACK BABY!!!!!

  15. Papa Kwaku Osei says:

    hahaha for a second, i thought you guys were being serious. then i saw the throwback pic smh

  16. tyreice says:

    should the pistions get better jerseys and center like melvin ely yes they can if the coach make his mind up for geting better uniforms or something so wat about RIP hamilton he got wavie from the bulls

  17. No_Content says:

    man. these articles are equivalent to TMZ reports that have absolutely no content at all.. just sayin these articles are pretty bad lol. but I wasted my time to read it anyways.. and I feel dumber for it. thanks

  18. chris says:

    I grew up in detroit back in the days of the silverdome. This is exactly what the city needs a great chance at the playoffs and maybe a few upsets along the way. Put your hands up for detroit

  19. Pete Medina says:

    That was a great trade for the Detroit Pistons, with a great off-season for them it will give them a better roster for their playoff push. Also I can’t see them playing horribly again. They will play great basketball if the players play to there strengths. Can’t wait to see this team in action!

  20. Tucker says:

    I think this team is gonna suck. Jennings is a scoring point guard who can’t score. A good year for Jennings is when he shoots 40% from the field. A mediocre defender too. Billups is past his prime and will hardly make an impact. Josh Smith at SF will brick jumper after jumper and will only have success if he’s more of a slasher which he probably won’t be. Greg Monroe should have a good season IF Jennings and Smith don’t take away his touches en route to building a brick mansion every game. Same pretty much goes for Andre Drummond. Their two post players in Monroe and Drummond are the future. So you bring in two ball stopping shot chuckers? My prediction is that Smith and Jennings will shoot ghem out of games more than half the time while Monroe and Drummond twiddle their thumbs on the block thinking about where to go when they’re free agents.

  21. pistons33 says:

    The Pistons are as good as anyone!

  22. hmmm says:

    meh, jennings is not obviously a very good player. 50/50 for a flop here. so it wasn’t obvious no. the only obvious thing is that we don’t know if he will do good or if it will be bucks-jennings V2.