How The Dallas Mavericks Went After Dwight Howard

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For fans of the Dallas Mavericks, having Mark Cuban as an owner must be nice. No, not every move Cuban and the Mavs make works out perfectly, but at the very least the Mavs try. Where other teams stand pat, the Mavs often make moves and have shown over and over that they are willing to spend some money. If they’re going down, they’re going down swinging.

At the same time, Cuban has frequently shown a willing to be open. He communicates with fans via Twitter and his blog, and regularly pulls back the curtain on the workings of the organization to let fans know the thinking behind decisions.

Over the weekend, Cuban took to his blog to check in with Mavs fans and explain where the Mavs are right now and how they ended up there. Cuban starts with the 2010 season and works his way forward to this summer, where the Mavs had cleared cap space and were planning to make a run at a “max out” free agent. With Chris Paul unavailable, the Mavs instead went after Dwight Howard. According to Cuban, they had a three-hour meeting with Dwight, and as part of their pitch, the Mavs showed him this video they created…

Cuban adds as a reminder that the video was just a portion of their pitch, an example of the marketing support the Mavs put behind their players.

Since Dwight chose Houston, the Mavs have moved on to the next part of their plan. As Cuban writes…

“If we stay healthy, I think we can have a good team. How good? I don’t make predictions. I do believe that by having a core of players that we can grow and develop with, and cap room in the upcoming season and what we feel is the ability to develop and improve the performance of our players, we are in a good position for this year and for the future. We have been hurt by not having a core of players in place that free agents see as teammates they want to play with.  That shouldn’t be the case next year.”


  1. Bullsfan says:

    Not a bad video, actually……….

  2. Abdulll says:

    Seriously that’s your pitch? That video made the bobcats look more appealing.Bottom line is D12 isn’t stupid. He knows the mavs are an aging Dirk or bust squad. Thankfully he made the right decision. #GoRockets

  3. JP says:

    if the changed to : being a mav ends with…. a championship! howard probably would have signed…

    fire the martkeing man!