Milwaukeeans Agree: Giannis Antetokounmpo Is Hard To Say

By Jonathan Hartzell,


It seems like Milwaukee is excited for their new small forward from Greece, no matter how difficult his name is to pronounce. Antetokounmpo — whose full name is pronounced YAHN-is anh-teh-toe-KUHN-po for those who don’t know — recently signed his rookie contract with the Bucks, so expect to see the 18-year-old prospect some next season.

(And just for the record, I can totally pronounce his name.)


  1. Julian says:

    Actually, the correct pronunciation of his last name is Ah-deh-toh-kuhn-bo.
    This is because, in the Greek alphabet, the combination of letters “nu” and “theta” (n and t) is pronounced D, and the combination of letters “mu” and “pi” (m and p) is pronounced B.

    This will be much easier when following a different spelling of his last name (which is often used): Adetokunbo.

    The player himself is actually using this spelling of his name, for his twitter account. You’ll also find this better spelling on many web sites: the Sixers’ official web site, on the Draft Express, SBNation, etc. web sites.

    Although he’s coming from Greece, his family is originally from Nigeria, his last name is Nigerian and is spelled Adetokunbo in Nigeria.
    Preserving that quirk of the Greek alphabet when spelling his name with Latin letters is unnecessary, and only creates confusion (as in the article above, which is mistaken on the pronunciation of this name).

  2. Julian says:

    Follow Giannis on Twitter: @GAdetokunbo!

  3. hmmm says:

    not easy ? meh. maybe for total ignorant person.