World Peace Releases Rap Titled ‘Peace’

By Jonathan Hartzell,


There aren’t many things better than finding out Metta World Peace has released a new rap song. So today is our lucky day.

The newest New York Knick gives a shout out to every city he’s played for (except Sacramento) in this #hottrack about peace. The song ends with a fake crowd chanting “world peace” and I’m not entirely sure why you haven’t pressed play on the song yet. It’s worth your time.


  1. TETE says:

    I dont get this guy. He is so violent on the court (vicious elbow to James Harden head, infamous Detroit brawl) and he is raving about peace. lol. This guy is crazy to the max. got to love it

  2. ZugZug says:

    This is noy bad Ronald it is beyond HORRIBLE,

  3. KAPEL says:


    • gary says:

      what are yu talking about first LeBron now this artest has been trying to be In the rap game dosent mean he’s any good just saying he did it before LeBron wen he did that song with I believe fat joe and George lopez hahahah

  4. Daniel Taylor says:

    This song absolutely sucks! If this guy was not a professional athlete no one would even listen to this garbage! He has no flow what so ever! Listening to this actually made my summer worst!

  5. Chuck E Baby says:

    songs hot keep ya head up pease gota love da haters

  6. spicytysie says:

    This is TERRIBLE.

  7. kurdisH says:

    Worst thing I herd since Justin bieber

  8. Brennen Wilson says:

    First of all metta is Ron artest if you don’t remember who was a pretty well know rapper

  9. Kevin says:

    That’s not actually bad rap, pretty cool to listen to

  10. AJ says:

    He just want his track to be on NBA 2k14. What a clown !

  11. hmmm says:

    put this horrible track in jail

  12. big boss man says:

    this is horrible….. he should stick to fouling people in the NBA and sucking on the court…….what has this world come too. 😦

  13. Anti-hater-er says:

    I have no idea why y’all judging him like that. When a non-professional rapper intents to do what so-called professionals do we can only appreciate his intention, not his flow or anything like that. Plus, he’s not a bad player at all. Do you haters even watch his game?

  14. boobies says:

    What the heck is wrong with this fooool?

  15. Joram says:

    Daaaamn, MWP!! You might just have given me a worse headache than what that elbow of yours did to James H. I think you just killed rap music.

  16. Toocrunk says:

    This is garbage! Peace owes me 58 sec of my life back for even trying this trash! Get this off NBA. com PLEASE!

  17. rob says:

    What’s next? Acting?

  18. SteamRickroller says:


  19. Sam says:

    No NBA athlete or any athlete should even attempt to rap or sing cause obviously they made success in a different area. Music is not any athlete’s forte. Leave it up to the real artists.

  20. tonyg says:

    Lol more like metta world CRAP!

  21. HatersGottaHate says:

    Lol @ you haters. He makin $ while you guys hate

  22. A Brenard says:

    Hah, Metta dope on this track.

  23. kalen says:

    not as bad as lebron

  24. chriii jayyymes bruh says:

    love how he shouts out LA new york and houston in a song about peace when he went to NY and dwight went to houston..

  25. king rawkstar says:

    Idk wat r all u guys problem is he is actually good i love this song u negative ppl r just haters cuz he is doing good n ur not

  26. isack says:

    oh god this is terrible…
    this abomination just begs for its own destruction.
    like i said before, professional athletes need to stick to what they do best and leave alone other professions.

  27. Unsportsmanlike says:

    First Shaq… Then Kobe…. Then Iverson…. Then LeBron…. Now this clown…. At least it’s better than Roy Jones Jr. #yallmust’veforgot!!!

  28. jermaine says:

    Nice song I always followed world piece In his rapping

  29. celtic533 says:

    well this sucks but champion was pretty decent i think