Chris Paul Discovers Secret Of Blake Griffin’s Endorsement Ability

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen Clippers F Blake Griffin explode onto the scene not only due to his basketball ability, but also because of his deadpan acting, which he’s flexed in more than a few commercials. (“Uvo, play funk.”)

In this new spot from Foot Locker and Jordan, Griffin teams with his Clippers point guard Chris Paul, as CP3 uncovers the secret of Blake’s ability to make any product sound as though he honestly, truly loves it…


  1. baruch says:

    blake griffin rocks

  2. dd def says:

    i never understood how “earthquake” blake never took

  3. Leon says:

    I’m Blake Griffin, and this is my favorite dunk on the Citadel.

  4. Leggo HEAT says:

    lol that’s funny

  5. ism says:

    Ive seen him act well even before he really played in the NBA. Real talent as far as I can see.

  6. Golden says:

    Haters can have a go at his game or whatever, but the fact is the sport is entertainment, and this guy is seriously entertaining, on and off the court. Gotta love Blake!

  7. Keeon says:

    LOOOOOOL Blakes facial expression killed me

  8. Yeahh says:

    Must have been a slow news day..

  9. hmmm says:

    ….here we go again, 1 regular season of commercials, alley hoops and.. playoffs semis stop.. uvo, play we go fishing summer

  10. zgillet says:

    “But all you do is dunk in that game…”

    “Bingo” *wink*

  11. rtl3 says:

    Young and improving as far as B-ball goes. That said, he has expert comedic timing. One talented dude.