Kobe Bryant Debuts Black Mamba Handshake

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Lakers G Kobe Bryant has been using the “Black Mamba” nickname for a few years now. So long, in fact, that this season he broke out a new one — “Vino,” reference to how he’s aging. But at this point, Kobe’s the Mamba to many of us, including Nike, who keep putting Mamba references into Kobe’s signature shoes.

Kobe’s been on a big tour of China for Nike the last few days, meeting fans and making appearances. Some fans have found themselves completely overwhelmed to meet Kobe, as people are crowding streets and climbing light posts just to get a peek at Kobe.

At a recent stop in Xi’an, Kobe was not only met by a raucous crowd, as you can see in the video below, but check out the handshake he debuts at the 53-second mark that ends with “Mamba” motion. Think we’ll see the Lake Show break this out this season?

(via NextImpulseSports)


  1. Nene says:

    In China He Should be called the “Black Sushi”.lol

  2. Blink143 says:

    Sounds like: “Yao Ming” “Yao Ming” “Yao Ming” hahaha

  3. Marvin Tyrone Anderson says:

    For a great one like KOBE!
    [Me coming from out of Overbrook high.
    The school WILT build..]
    Any player would love to play along side KOBE.Unfortunately the media and those players who was stupid enough to be convinced.KOBE is not a leader player.When the great one [SHAQ] departed from Lakers.KOBE won two NBA championships.The me concontinued the ignorance.The players continue to follow.

  4. Marvin Tyrone Anderson says:

    For those who don’t know.
    KOBE stats in NBA now and long before Wade,James,Duncan,Durant,Carmelo stats end.KOBE stats Will still be much more impressive and better then those guys when they retired.
    For sure!

  5. claims says:

    @Marvin Tyrone Anderson: actually your wrong bud. I think you should go look at lebron’s stats vs kobe’s and see how Lebron leads him in virtually EVERY SINGLE category except free throw pct.

  6. Kandall says:

    I am pretty sure as a Lakers fan that Kobe Bryant will come back even better and he will play with a sense of urgency considering that he has three years left in him despite the painful injury.

  7. devinn says:

    Kobe & WWE Santino should do a mamba / cobra handshake.

  8. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Kobe is done…he is all talk and all medical professionals are laughing at him right now…including his own people. His ego is so big he actually believes he is shattering recovery timetables. Truth be told walking is no accomplishment at this stage and the real test is driving of his foot which will not happen. Sorry Kobe fans. The bright side is LA can now move past this cancer that has plagued the team for years.

  9. drew says:

    Kobe, please don’t be globetrotting on that achilles. Heal that thing right.

  10. Sheldon says:

    What’s crackn peeps @imSheldon, No one cares what any of u think Kobe is live why u hating , other players are live too but trying to say any player in todays game is better than (kobe Bryant) in any type of way is a lie maybe in time later in there careers but not now

  11. Superman says:

    Well the problem with Lebron is that with his over extended muscle style of game, his performance will pick and drop much faster than Kobe’s performance, just like how fasr Oneil dropped from peak and retired. So for total career stats when both players are done Kobe’s totals will trump Lebron’s. Also Lebron’s 3 pointers are nowhere near Kobe’s.

  12. GUHAN24KB says:

    @claims B-ball is not just about stats. It’s about the intensity,determination,sacrifice & most importantly skills . Considering all this Kobe is a long way ahead of Lebron

  13. Sit Down says:

    I wonder how much more loved Kobe will be if he decides to become fluent in Chinese, these guys would prolly praise him as a God, I mean they just wait on every word he has to say, whether they understand it or not. But a black Italian guy speaking Chinese would seem weird/funny lol.

  14. What? says:

    What? funny how people forget the topic of the post as soon they start writing their comments. This article doesn’t write about Kobe injury/stats nor does it compare him with others. But just after few posts there is people shouting the same hatred or praising stuff about him that’s completely out of context. Looks like some just copy/paste the same comment in every article there is without even bothering to read through it.

  15. Smooth says:

    Beware Vino…. bet him Nash and Gasol got some tricks and with Kurt Rambis preaching defense dang running the 23 Zone Lock Down Paint dang that’s sick and mike d antoni offense they could be a good 3 point shooting team and rebounding and blocking b

  16. kido_buster says:

    It’s funny when the conversation always end up with a Lebron and Kobe or Jordan comparison..LOL..
    My hat’s off to Lebron’s fans for always depending him but they’re only way on depending their Leborn is by saying all about his “STATS!!!”..

    For me it always goes down to the purpose of the game, It’s always entertainment!! and whose more entertaining to watch? Lebron stiff jump shots or Kobe’s Fade away or MJ’s Fade away?..Who’s more entertaining? you’ll be the judges..

  17. Brian Scalabrine says:

    Kobe is gunna come back and win MVP!! I believe in you! You’re only what 34 35 years old, suffered a serious achilles injury, and on a below 500 team without a solid starting lineup!!! GO KOBE!!!

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