LeBron James Serves Jury Duty (UPDATE)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Part of being an American citizen means that from time to time you get called to serve jury duty. It is, for most of us, a relatively painless process. Yes, you may get stuck judging some unsavory case, or perhaps assigned to a trial that lasts weeks and could affect your employment, but citizens serving on juries is how our system works. Whenever a case goes to a jury trial, we are promised a jury of our peers, and the best way we can assemble peers is by occasionally compelling citizens to at least spend a day or so as part of the juror pool. I’ve been called for jury duty a few times but never actually made it onto a jury. Still, you spend a day at the courthouse and get a glimpse of a world you might never see otherwise.

This morning Miami’s LeBron James posted a photo of himself on Instagram, all dressed up, with the caption: “Jury duty time. Time to do my civic duty.” I’m not sure what kind of case LeBron might end up on, but we’ve seen the four-time MVP’s leadership skills — he would probably make a solid jury foreman. That is, if he doesn’t spend the entire day signing autographs for the rest of the jury pool and judges and lawyers. Either way, good on LeBron for getting it done…

Jury duty time. Time to serve my civic duty

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(UPDATE: LeBron’s jury duty lasted about an hour.)


  1. DJ3 says:

    I could imagine the judge saying, “LeBron, what do you think?” LeBron: “(charged persons name) has been found guilty by me and my shoes, on account of (charges pressed).” Judge: “Case closed!”

  2. A-Gar says:

    Great to see he brought a notebook.

  3. Joe says:

    Jury duty isn’t optional. I don’t see why Whitaker is praising him for getting it done.

  4. Dj Transition says:

    Another question the jurors have to be asked is “Do you know LeBron?” cause I know I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on a case without wearing a DWade jersey the next day lol

  5. steve says:

    looks like he was wearing a Cleveland Indians hat lol

  6. Karl says:

    OMG !!! The middle photo looks exactly like Greg Oden!!! But then i read the article its LeBron but still doesn’t look like him

    • TooShortTooOld says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks these pics don’t even look like LeBron. I’m trying to see it, but I just can’t. It looks like someone else. Maybe when you’re rich you can hire a body-double to go server jury duty in your place? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Lebron sucks says:

    Even the loser of lebron is cleveland indians bandwagoner just cause they doing good. wonder if he was a fan of them last year. what a jerk lakers and kobe coming 2014 champs

    • Joey Kuzbiski says:

      Or maybe it’s because he was born and raised in Ohio…

      • travis says:

        no joey he’s been a yankee fan his entire life. They made a giant deal about it when he showed up to an Indians game in a Yankees hat and that was his reasoning. He’s been a yankee his entire life. However I’m sure he also roots for the state team when they aren’t playing the Yankees.

      • Kjones082 says:

        It’s a Tampa Bay Buccaneers hat!

    • Marcelo says:

      so the fact that he was born and raise, and live in cleveland has nothing to do with that… solid logic by u

    • Marcelo says:


    • ladyshakalaka says:

      Lebron the best player on the planet and a genuinely nice man! I want any team to win so long as its not the Lakers or the Celtics! But I prefer MIAMI!!!! GO HEAT KEEP DESTROYING ALL THE HATERS!

    • sick says:

      stop crying IDIOT… kobe & lakers will be champs maybe in D-League .. LOL

    • sick says:

      kobe sucks & sitting in his WHEELCHAIR

  8. kusse says:

    lebron sucks…you’re a loser just like your lakers….

  9. johnbrownraider says:

    Go Lebron, we need citizens to get up there and rubber stamp the justic systems half baked ideas. If we didn’t have citizens willing to sit and listen to hours of prosecutors half truths, fabricated evidence and out right lies how could we still claim to be a democracy.

    I hope you get into the jury pool and stand up and say you stand for jury nullification!

  10. jacknohara says:

    his game aside, he has a great taste for clothes …

    • kek says:

      Dont you think he hired a stylist to pretty much tell him to wear or pick out options for him to wear? I dont think lebron buy`s his clothes, bet someone does it for him.

  11. Beast says:

    “a jury of our peers” … Who’s on trial, Calvin Johnson?

  12. LBJ IS KING says:

    man has some real swagger

  13. MD says:

    Judge: “I sentence you to 10 years in jail”
    LeBron: “AND ONE”
    Judge: “Make that 11 years…”

  14. Bob says:

    Nice job LeBron! Way to do your civic duty!

  15. Akidnamnedmitry says:

    Lebron Knows he is gonna get dismissed lol.

  16. Alden Hussey says:

    GO LJ!! I wonder what would happen if the man was a Cleveland Cavaliers fan and was scentenced by the judge. Life with Lebron staying in Miami, this is the most regrettful desicion of my career but I have to do it”

  17. kwp says:

    finally father and son will play in the same team

  18. HeatSuck says:

    wow really? a article about LeBron going to jury duty how pathetic is that.

  19. michael mcbride says:

    lol lebron is gonna get sent home LOL. or did he already make it past the jury selection? for some reason i get picked every other year, maybe they keep track of the people who like to serve instead of getting job excuse notes. I think the whole process is interesting.

  20. Kimmy says:

    It’s funny to me how we all have different lives. I could never do jury duty, civic duty or not. Can’t afford to live off of $7.00 per day and leave my family for an extended period of time. Who does that?

  21. Slipstik says:

    And i hereby sentence in not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 but 5 years in probation

  22. Duv says:

    I’m a BIG LeBron fan but there is no way he is going to get away with wearing a hat in a courtroom. Embrace going bald, I have!

    • Game Time says:

      He doesn’t have to be in court unless they actually pick him to be a juror. The first part of it is just showing up in a HUGE crowd of people that they start the selection from.

  23. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Why does he get a congratulations for doing this? Not even worth bringing it up. But somehow I clicked on the link….

  24. What he is going to do if the Judge calls him to the jury at the same time of a NBA game? LMAO!

  25. Phil says:

    The most studying hes ever done in his life…

  26. Jonathan says:

    Why does Bron look like Gilbert Arenas in that middle photo??

  27. T dot says:

    Hes not going to be selected. Hes being called and interviewed for jury selection. The lawyers and judge wouldnt want him on as it will be a distraction. Him posting this on instagram already killed his chance and violated the rules. Same as any other celebrities picked for jury duty they were dismissed.

  28. he sent greg oden to serve for his spot! LOL

  29. Kobe Sucks says:

    LeBron should be hung for grand Larceny. He took something from the Spurs and we want it back.

  30. Kobe says:

    I heard when LeBron was asked to place his hand on the bible to be sworn in, he fell on the floor looking for a foul call. SMH.

  31. BallDontLie says:

    they can make an hour long special on the jury’s “decision”