Steph Curry Still Takes No Days Off

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — NBA players typically spend the first few weeks following the season relaxing, letting their bodies recover and minds chill out, before they get back onto their off-season workout grind. But Golden State’s Stephen Curry has spent this entire summer using the Twitter hashtag #nodaysoff to describe his summer. A few weeks ago we saw him putting a series of ball fakes on every person in his household. This, in turn, prompted Denver’s JaVale McGee to show us that he, too, takes no days off, as he dribbled through a series of pillars and stools in his home.

Now Curry is back on his grind, and a few days ago he posted this Vine of himself taking what appears to be a Zumba class, which the internet reliably informs me is a dance fitness class. Looks like a lot of work, even if he is the only NBA player in the class…


  1. Matthew says:

    This dude is hilarious.. my favorite player hands down now… GOLD!!!!