Larry Bird’s Best Passes

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks ago we ran across an old “Red on Roundball” video where we were treated to a lesson in shooting fundamentals from Larry Bird. It was interesting to see how Bird, one of the greatest shooters of all time, understood his craft. But check out this video that’s been making the internet rounds the past few days of Larry Bird’s best passes, including some amazing no-look drop-offs and ambidextrous dishes.

Bird will probably always be known for his shooting, for good reason, but this video reminds us of what a complete player he was as well…


  1. FACE THE FACTS says:


  2. Mike Pace says:

    Awesome! I don’t feel todays generation really understands how good he really was.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      indeed people keep talking jordan kobe and lebron but to be honest there so many greats that brought so many things to the game, some of which can’t even be replicated. If you were to compare bird to jordan it’s just impossible because they did different things. They are each their own scale. Really can’t compare.

    • Rafael says:

      what p[eople don’t realize is that the league itself has really gone down in its level of play. There was never a more competitive era than the mid 80s all the way to the late 90s era. It was basketball at its finest with the likes of mj, magic, olajuwon, bird, barkely, malone, robinson, drexler, pippe, the list goes on. I can guarantee you that ANY player right now wouldn’t stand a chance against these guys. they played HARD, INTENSE, and AGGRESSIVE. The league’s best players complain about everything and play more for the money than the game, there are no tough guy’s in the league now when back in the day it was way different. I really hope the league comes back up from this horrible slump with horrible players such as lebron, griffin, howard, westbrook, williams, the list goes on

      • Yeh Buddy says:

        what are you talking about? you idiots are always making stupid comments like this…the game has changed in a different way…stop riding 80s jock

      • jgfq says:

        We can check team to team: jordan>rose, magic>kobe (to me); bird>pierce; barkley>suns-team-all-together LoL, Robinsonmillsap-or-jefferson; stockton=nash; drexler>roy at his best, payton<durant; blackmanboozer-or-noah-or-socalledallstardeng; then tmac, iverson, hill, francis, crazyheads or injured…. And last but not least olajuwon>howard*2….

      • jgfq says:

        Robinson < duncan, blackman rest of the bulls

      • herpaderp says:

        The thing you’re forgetting is that NBA players learn from those that come before them. So current players know just about everything previous players knew, and that knowledge gets expanded on. Most players in the 80s never hit the weight room for fear of losing ability on the court. So compared to today’s players they were weak and nowhere near as athletic. Jordan didn’t even start weightlifting until he got his salad tossed by the Pistons one too many times. Every generation produces great players, but from the best players in the league to the worst, currents players are much better than their previous generations counterparts. Someone who is a true fan of the sport, and not attempting relive the “glory days” (which is disturbing btw), should want every generation to be better than the previous for the advancement of the sport.

    • boobies says:

      Larry Bird would average the same statistics in todays game

    • NewYorker says:

      So true.

  3. Trindade says:

    Only injuries could slow Bird. In his prime he was the best of the best. People only remind him criplled by a multitude of injuries. No one could touch Larry in his prime.

  4. Dan says:

    You don’t see talent like that today. He was one of the greatest ever to play the game.

  5. someperson says:

    some of those were not even understandable. i don’t know if part of it is the grainy video quality, but one could hardly tell how he got the ball to those places. incredible…

  6. dirk nash says:

    if steve nash was in a body of dirk it would be larry bird

  7. jgfq says:

    Those Celtics and Lakers were really entertaining, not todays heat or spurs. No player today is close to bird or magic, kobe is great and lebron is superior physically, but none has an allaround game as these two.

  8. Dejan says:

    his jersey was a destiny to hang on my room wall…

  9. c says:

    Larry…showing off a little big of MAGIC

  10. Romeo says:

    Wow, im impressed, now i understand why Magic had such respect for him.

  11. andykor7 says:

    I am a Lakers fan from the Magic/Karrem/Worthy era and Larry bird is never my favourite player but he is a true legend. This video gives the youngsters a chance to witness the ball handling, defense and court vision of a all time great, apart from his sharp shooting. Great video!

  12. Larry l'oiseau says:

    BB at its best.

  13. Demba go 2 guy says:

    I think Rondo is the reincarnation of Larry Bird but in a black and shorter man.DAMN this guy has a crazy court vision!!!!.i think that’s the difference between a good player and a great player, great players involve their teammates and make them feel comfortable on the court.

  14. NBA FAN BROOME says:

    look at his CAREER STATS 24PPG !0RPG 6APG, only person in todays game that comes close is LeBron James. BEST POWER/SMALL foward to play the game. BASKETBALL mind at its greatest. just have a look at what hes also achieved as a GM, this blokes amazing and VERY loyal. WE SALUTE YOU LARRY

  15. DR BBAL says:

    This generation understands how great he was, i even try to copy his style ;d

  16. kek says:

    His basketball skills was just off the charts, he wasnt very athlethic but still dominated the game.

  17. Harold says:

    Don’t forget how great a defender he was, too. I don’t have his height or his skills, but I tried to model my game after his. Creates his own shots, creates for other people and stops other people. He is my favorite player of all time.

  18. Omer says:


  19. Jam says:

    Amazing!!! My idol and only favorite player during 1980’s era.

  20. alp says:

    i really didn’t know he had vision like this…

  21. dffdg says:

    RAJON RONDO = Half of LARRY BIRD But Bird is better.

  22. WOW! says:

    if this guy is black he’ll be the best bball player ever!

  23. jty7271 says:

    Larry Legend. Today, maybe only Ricky Rubio has this kind of flair for dishing the rock.

  24. ???? says:

    yo larry bird was great mj was great magic was great and other players in the 90’s or 80’s . but you cant say that lebron is a horrible player and howard and down the list . we going to have new great player they might not hustle that much but you cant say they not good so i wouldnt say nothing if i was you!

  25. Maney says:

    Amazing skills for a guy his size.

  26. Oberol says:

    Crazy good. Respect.

  27. RickJ says:

    Ball Handling, Rebounding, Vision, Toughness, Grit, and a little crazy to go after some of those balls. Dude was an animal.

    Truth is he still is. Just ask Paul George. He said he showed up at Pacers practice one day and proceeded to hit more than ten straight 3s and turn around and left.

  28. Irwin says:

    He should have named as Larry Eagle not Bird.

    His court vision was underrated. All we usually knew about him was his scoring prowess and clutch performances.

  29. patrickmarc says:

    Thank you for giving that movie..
    I didn’t expect such a talent,
    and how he was fighting to grasp the ball
    among those big men.

  30. keithmon says:

    He helped bring basketball back to Boston when it seemed to be on the brink of death.

  31. once a jazz fan, always a jazz fan says:

    Friggin’ awesome video editing and accompanying tune; even how it reflects the era. Slick. This movie illustrates well why basketball is the greatest spectator sport, while Larry Bird exemplifies supreme effort and determination.

  32. NBA FAN BROOME says:

    look at his career stats of 24PPG 10RPG 6APG the most complete player statistically, only other players to be as complete ia LeBron James, the Big O (Oscar Robertson), Magic Johnson and Grant Hill before the injuries.

  33. Ricardo says:

    It was so freakin easy playing with Bird. Just cut to the basket and you’re going to receive the ball in perfect layup/dunk position…
    I counted one thousand of those to McHale in this seven minute video only…
    Mchale, Bird and Parish, probably the best front court ever.

  34. merkinmuffly says:

    Are you guys seriously still trying to say the 80s had poor athletes, please… MJ, Dr J, Pippen, Drexler, Hakeem, Worthy, Rodman, Dominique Wilkins all were supreme athletes, probably better than anyone today. The player with the highest vertical in the history of the NBA is Darrell Griffith, guess, what, he played in the 1980s, not in today’s game. Are you seriously trying tell me that the 1980s athletes couldn’t compete with today’s superior athletes, like, Kevin Love “Handles” Marc Gasol, Artest with his one inch vertical, Pau Gasol? The average vertical in today’s game is 28 inches, Larry Bird had a 28 inch vertical, athletes are not better than they were then, period. Wilt Chamberlain can bench more than Dwight Howard, Phil Jackson said Rodman was the greatest athlete he ever coached, not Kobe, not one inch vertical Artest, not Gaso, lol.

  35. Bird33 says:

    you guys should see “a courtship of rivals”

  36. oh yehhh says:

    Whats the music called? sick beatsss!!

  37. RH says:

    The music was actually kinda cool.
    And it seemed like McHale was ALWAYS in the right place at the right time.

  38. Pedro says:

    It was so easy to play with him. I’m a Laker fan since the 80’s. I’ve always respected Bird’s game and at the same time hated him. Some epic battles between him and Magic.

    IMHO the only 5 guys playing today that, in their primes, would stand a chance playing against the likes of Bird, Magic, MJ, Malone, Pippen, Drexler, The Dream, etc, are Kobe, Le Bron, Duncan, Pierce and Garnet.

  39. Jukes says:

    Rookie of the year, All -star MVP, 3 x MVP, Finals MVP, Gold Medalist, 3 x 3pt champ and then coach of the year then exec of the year. Greatest basketball IQ ever – heck he is the only player to have an NBA rule named after him.