Chris Bosh Transformed Into An 8-Foot-Tall Actual Raptor

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One reason that I enjoy playing video games so much is that you are generally limited only by your imagination. I have taken Madden and made an entire roster of NBA players, and had various NBA players attempt pro baseball careers in The Show.

Some fan out there got curious and wanted to know what would happen if Miami forward Chris Bosh was somehow transformed into an 8-foot-tall, basketball-playing velociraptor. And thanks to NBA 2k13, we now have an idea of what it would be like if this happened.

If this is something that’s ever kept you up at night, check the video below for the results…

(via Deadspin)


  1. kwp says:

    lol wade and durant got huges heads and at the end lobron is flopping like in real life

  2. fishcake says:

    still flops

  3. Sam says:

    Chris Bosh: Once a Raptor, always a Raptor.

  4. Serenity_Drummer says:

    Looks the same to me…

  5. W/E says:

    Chris Bosh true form

  6. Lolwut says:

    Well, this goes a little farther than all those 1ft tall Kobes and 30ft tall LeBrons.

  7. Sunny says:

    Him dunking on Nate Robinson. LOL

  8. Mark says:

    This is disrespectful to the velociraptors..

  9. perryboat says:

    Bosh looks similar to characters in Avatar, maybe they should try that next.

  10. Meme says:

    opposite in real life he shoot bricks

  11. Javier says:

    C’mon man… Don’t you think this is kind of an… “Unprofessional” article? I mean everybody knows that people love to make fun of Bosh because he looks like a raptor and he does undeniably, but you don’t see commentators talk about his “Bosh” face when he makes them in game. Might as well write an article on LeBron’s hairline next?

    That’s just my view on this… Even though I’m a Heat fan and I still find this hilarious lol.

  12. Bitch says:

    Why is every one making fun of bosh he makes 100 times we make and he does what he loves and has a hot wife so u can make fun of him cuz he has a better life than u

  13. ninjapls says:

    i dont see a difference ..only that hes taller

  14. E says:

    Super weak just like bosh

  15. The Next Lebron in The Making says:

    Man bosh suck he didnt even score a point in game seven of the playoffs the heat need to get rid of his sorry excuse of a basketball player

  16. Kobe says:

    Chris Bosh looks like a shaved bird, far from a Raptor.

    • JJ says:

      Do people learn anything anymore?

      Birds evolved from dinosaurs. Raptors are what birds of prey are called because theyare related. You saying he doesn’t look like a raptor he looks like a bird is idiotic. PPlease pick a relevant insult and try again.

  17. the black mamba says:

    funny as hell lol

  18. Kerupt shun says:

    lol haters there trying to have fun and you guys are hating ong lebron wow you guys are pathetic proly dont even play basketball..keyboard warriors

  19. trey says:

    If your the next Lebron in the making then u need to understand that Bosh did the small things that helped them win the series.The heat is my team but i don’t care what ya’ll say.without Bosh no title

  20. Jasmine Ford says:

    Chris Bosh is a great basketball player, seemily a fine man. But this is funny.

  21. xSkyCityx says:

    Imma have nightmare now. ITS COME TRUE BOSH IS ACTUALLY A RAPTOR

  22. ronolobe says:

    dispite his looks (funny looks a mean)…this man is a good player…not the best, but better then the average in the nba…

  23. Matt says:

    Best part of this vid is the very end LeBron flopping. Just like in real life.

  24. hows ur ankles says:

    Wow really Lebron flopping at the end, I mean look at the score 65-16. Bron wants those FT’s so badly, even though he gets the call he prolly get 0 for 2 from the line.

  25. Patrick says:

    I do have a 8’10” player in MyCareer mode. When he dunks, he also disappears.

  26. Heatfan1 says:

    Yor all sour losers just shut up