Jason Williams Can Still Pass Better Than You

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks ago we came across video of former NBA point guard Jason Williams, a.k.a. White Chocolate, on an NBA Legends tour in China, where he we was still breaking ankles on the floor.

And it don’t stop. A new video, presumably from the same tour, has surfaced, in which Williams throws a perfect alley-oop. From just inside halfcourt. Oh yeah, and he bounces the ball to get it there. Really. I don’t know if this makes any sense, so just check the video for yourself.

(via ThatNBALotteryPick)


  1. It means he can still play.

  2. Actually, the Knicks could use him right about now.

  3. But, don’t count on the Knicks doing what makes sense.

  4. nba freak says:

    J-Will was one of the best in dropping sweet dimes.
    The guy is awesome till this day !

  5. Ro says:

    haha Isiah Thomas style… The commentary is awesome!!

  6. double drib says:

    Bring him back.. He was one of the reasons Sacramento developed such a huge fan base early.
    I used to love the Jason Williams weekly highlights when he was with the Kings.
    That boy sold tickets!

  7. Jwill still got what it takes for NBA…! any team please…

  8. xlr8_555 says:


  9. trey says:

    We wouldn’t mind if he rejoins the heat for a 3peat,Chalmers and Cole need help.They have alot of missed opportunities.Pat Riley would agree if he wasn’t in tha Heats organization

  10. Wigo Hunter says:

    He can still play! Btw, it’s Taiwan, not China