Steph Curry Thinks James Harden’s Record Is A Bad Idea

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last summer’s Foot Locker commercial featuring James Harden and Russell Westbrook was one of my favorites of the summer. (I’m still not convinced Harden’s beard isn’t a tear-away beard.)

This summer, Harden has teamed up with Steph Curry for a Foot Locker ad where Curry tries to talk Harden out of releasing his debut R&B album. From what we hear of the album, this is probably a really good idea…

(via SLAM)


  1. heatcelticswizards says:


  2. ollieboombayay says:

    These footlocker commercials are always pretty good. Now they need one where MWP steps in and stops Westbrook from buying eurotrash clothes and shouts “Queensbridge!”

  3. Craig says:

    GOLD, love it

  4. Oatestwder says:

    that was great

  5. Ballislife says:

    comment policy should be related to topic follow direction before you direct a commercial…shout out Westbrook you got two haters who made it known there haters bro…

  6. Kimmy says:


  7. Matthew says:

    Now thats comedy!!

  8. installerx says:

    that was so funny!!! great acting!!

  9. aaaaaaa says:


  10. roy says:

    hahaha thats funny

  11. JJ says:

    Who knew James Harden could actually act! Awesome!

  12. Facts says:

    Westbrook’s dressing style is TRASH. Terrible taste in clothes haha

  13. The Return (of Derrick Rose) says:

    2 funny, and yet still better than just beiber

  14. MingDynasty says:

    Here is the whole song haha

  15. Lupita says:

    Steph Curry!!!!!!!!! ❤

  16. E.Balnik-ZaValee says:

    James, no. Just don’t. Pleeeeeease.

  17. hmmm says:

    what ? c’mon after artest and the song, james who want to be a dj, now harden is….. TROLL.

  18. Kishore says:


    Too damn funny!

  19. Chris says:

    I am now in pain.

  20. Kray says:

    hahaha love it

  21. ABBEY says:

    Everyone should leave these young men alone they have money and can do all the silly dressing and singing they want. They are having alot of fun…..

  22. Lolita Coan says:

    Well we don’t all share the same thoughts on this as this guy right here says differently.