Kobe Bryant Enters, Wins Chopstick Competition

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Whenever someone asks me about Kobe Bryant and his return from injury this season, I am always reluctant to put any sort of timetable on his comeback. Because if there is anything we know about Kobe, it’s that he is legendarily competitive. Given a challenge — any challenge — Kobe will put his mind to it and do whatever it takes to shatter expectations.

That could mean returning from a severe injury, or, as we see below, it could mean competing on a game show in Shanghai, China, where you are asked to use chopsticks to pick balls out of a bowl. (Also, Kobe throws in some beatboxing at the end of the clip.)

On the court or on the stage, the Mamba never stops…

(via SLAM)


  1. kb24 says:

    The guy is just a winner. 😀

  2. aswtey says:

    Kobes immunity to pressure won him the game but that chinese guy shamed Chinese people everywhere, or he lost on purpose which is still pretty bad.

  3. tupac says:

    you can tell how much of a kick the crowd gets when Kobe is there. Must have been really fun!

  4. W/E says:

    that was lame, the chinise guy lost on purpose cause he is a kobe bryant fan common thats crap

  5. Go Kobe! Don’t click my name!

  6. Guest says:

    He could have a big career on that kind of ball game and beatboxing.

  7. michael jordan says:

    when u copy michael jordan of its a fraud…. we seen that….

  8. The Truth says:

    ya that’s not fake and staged. I can’t believe they convinced him to rap.

  9. James Monroe says:

    1. The dude is obviously a Kobe fan. Not sure if he let him win, but it sure looks like it.

    2. This is just a douche move. I mean, come on it’s a game show. It’s just for fun and a little show for the fans, you don’t have to go all out to win and impress them. Kobe wants to be a winner yes. His drive to win is one of the best in this generation. But this is a game show man, just cool it.

  10. leggggoo kobe says:

    i read the comments before watching the video and all of them said that the guy let kobe win. i thought that they were all just kobe haters. but man… that was such a bs win

  11. boston rules says:

    If it were lebron then he would have traveled off the set

  12. jty7271 says:

    Smart move by the host . If Kobe lost he would’ve torn the place apart.