Phil Jackson Has Advice For Kendrick Lamar

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Twitter went crazy two nights ago when rapper Big Sean‘s latest single, “Control,” was played on the radio here in New York. What had hip-hop heads spinning was a verse on the track by rapper Kendrick Lamar, who basically threw down a (NSFW) lyrical gauntlet against many of his contemporaries, from Drake to Wale to J. Cole.

In another line in the song, Lamar claimed that he was hard for anyone to handle, saying, “If Phil Jackson came back, still no coachin’ me/ I’m uncoachable, I’m unsociable.”

Many wondered which rapper would be the first to record a response. But as it turns out, the first response came from none other than Phil Jackson, via Twitter…

(via B/R)


  1. Trey says:

    Lol phil listens to hip hop or maybe someone forced him to hear that line,but anyways the Zen Master is correct. U c he didn’t go n on Weezy because weezy will end his career #dirtysouth

    • A Basketball Fan says:

      u think wayne will end kendrick career…..STOP IT…wayne career ended after the carter 3 real talk.

      • lol songs like these are the reasons why i hate this kind of music….just like new pop music nowadays talkin about nonsesnical s#!t…dissing people left and right like he’s someone better when as a collective they all $uck lol…why not rap things about something that does matter instead of rapping about your insecurities?

    • D says:

      he didnt need to go at wayne…u see he listed the greats that he didnt want to get involved but wayne wasnt mentioned there either…i wonder why, because wayne isnt good anymore

  2. alphamale says:

    Kendrick lamar claims himself “the leader of the new school” that’s y he didn’t mention the veteran rappers. He only mentioned the young lyricist in the game! Lil wayne definitely don’t want it with kendrick..KL is a conscious rapper who has more to prove..other than sippin codeine n sleeping with random chicks weezy lyrics aren’t as dept..just my opinion!

  3. Travis Best says:

    everyone has heard of wayne from old country folk to all inner city to all over the world – i think he takes the cake. lamar just throwin names out to get press

    • alphamale says:

      Yea bcuz he been around for 20yrs! Which is outstanding, But u gotta ask yourself when has wayne ever made a song or feature that made rappers respond like this! Thats true hip hop! But in actuality, this don’t have anything to do with wayne..let kendrick have his moment.

  4. Certified mobster 5 says:

    Kendrick didn’t mention weezy cuz weezy ran out of stuff to rap about many years ago. Now weezy and pitbull are imitating drake rapping about ramdom pointless stuff. Hopefully kendrick will turn out to be a hi-hop rebel like tupac.

  5. Franswair Heard says:

    I feel it was needed for someone to do what Kendrick Lamar did he was not dissing anyone, He stated he would like for artist to compete with lyrics of something more than women, money, car and material things in all honesty when artist go on rants about money cars clothes and other meaningless material crap how many fans can relate your dont act as if your some 17-35 yr old living in the “hood” driving a maybach and have 30 chains on and a endless supply of money…..thats my point that musics dude or women on some ego trip.