James Harden’s Full R&B Debut

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few days back we saw the new Foot Locker ad, which features Steph Curry attempting to stop James Harden from recording an R&B single. In the commercial we hear a few seconds of the song. Well, now Foot Locker has released the full song performed by Harden — the song is called “Harden Soul.” And if you ever had doubts about Steph Curry’s ear for music, don’t doubt it again…


  1. authordas says:

    It’s almost a sif he’s doing it on purpose.

  2. no no no no says:

    oh gawd, have mercy, damn it.

  3. Paul says:

    Still better than Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj etc…

  4. heatcelticswizards says:

    lmao. too funny

  5. aaa says:

    hahahaha oh thats terrible, damn, but funny as hell tho

  6. The Captain says:

    This is amazing.

  7. Lincoln says:

    At least it’s better than Justin Bieber!!!

  8. Baskethad says:

    Wasn’t this on Kanyes last album?

  9. Kimmy says:

    There is bigger fish to fry than Harden trying to sing. Who cares about that? The bigger question is, Harden: after Dwight Howard gets bored w/ the Rockets next season, can you please come back to OKC? We need you to win a championship, and we’ll even let you start. We will redeem ourselves!!! Come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Thunder!!

    • Korey Buchholz says:

      I’m right there with you we have a better shot at it with home not taking any credit from KD and Westbrook but he was a big part of that team to


    AAAHHHHH that hurt my ears so bad. that song was terrible

  11. Mark Allen says:

    So AWESOME! When can I buy this album? Best music I have heard in years.

  12. Zer says:

    Having seconds thoughts on whether to use JH on my next “Creating a Legend” game mode on 2k13… @_@ nanananana take your shirt off!

  13. Linvoy says:

    Good to see he has a sense of humour! Totally taking the piss.

  14. Garfunkle says:

    I need to clean my ears out now. Thanks

  15. NBA Fan says:

    Stephen Curry was right! LMFAO i actually kind of like this after my edited version

  16. JJ (Rockets Fan) says:

    This will be downloaded and bumping in my car by tomorrow, book that.

  17. Yao Xiao says:

    oh no…he is better on the court!

  18. AGdude says:

    this is a joke right? I’m trying to believe that this is legit but is he seriously into this or is he making fun of something?

  19. john says:

    this song goes out to dwight howard

  20. Jazz217 says:

    This is so funny and better than all the singers

  21. Zach says:

    *Kendrick Lamar calls out James Harden*

  22. Maxamill25 says:

    Yeah it was hard to listen to the track, which was hilarious by the way lol. But it was even harder to read some of the comments left, talk about people trying too hard to be funny…… smh.

  23. J. Harden 13 says:

    Damn this made my day haha. It’s terrible and funny

  24. Curtis says:

    James is a great, great basketball player…….. Is he trying to be this bad of a singer?…..lol

  25. Jesse says:

    it was so harden to listen to that

  26. name(required) says:

    this song is amazing….

  27. Thunderhead says:

    He just playin, if he not, oh damn that’s bad.

  28. Allan says:

    Please James, don’t quit your day time gig! LOl!

  29. rhea says:

    Are you all that dumb its a stupid spoof its hilarious yes no he isn’t being serious and yes he prolly is trying to be that bad why do people keep asking if he is serious its for comedic purposes like the Manning’s rap video…. You think they thought they were really great rappers ……this is way funnier than that by the way

  30. Chris says:

    Ouch, that just hurt me.

  31. Houston22 says:

    The only ting funnier here around is laker fans crying about Dwight

  32. dat dude says:

    that was awful and funny lol

  33. LeBronAllDay says:


  34. Talha says:

    James you are better at playing basketball!!!
    But Good try though!!!

  35. Grievous56 says:

    Hahahah, this is hilarious. Harden rocks!!!

  36. peter says:

    good damm who this

  37. LBJ IS KING says:

    i made this my ringtone

  38. Jordan says:

    He’s the next Seal….for sure.

  39. Berny831 says:

    This is awesome… I just couldn’t stop laughing at…

  40. Ivica says:

    hahaaha, great lyrics:)