Kevin Durant Needs A Nickname

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When we last caught up with Kevin Durant, at least in the world of commercials, he was being selected first overall in a streetball draft. Now, back in that same commercialized world, Durant is on the cement court and doing his usual dominating thing.

This time, however, he’s looking for a nickname. In this new spot from Nike, the PA announcer at this outdoor court (played by the hilarious comedian Hannibal Buress) is struggling to find a proper handle for KD, a struggle that plays off Durant’s real life. In the ad, Durant himself wants “Kevin, nickname, Durant.” But as Buress suggests, what about just “Kevin”?


  1. Gvtdred says:


    • Freshness says:

      I believe he was sued because people were calling him Durantula. Dude that sued him last name was actually Durantula i believe. Kevin “The Sniper” Durant

  2. helmy says:

    where did kevin Durantula go?

  3. Ben says:

    slow summer for the writers

  4. Chema says:

    Durantula is the nickname that a famous Spanish’s TV Sport commentator use to named it. Durant + Tarantula (Spider with “long arms”) = “Durantula”. This is the origin of the nickname that metioned Gvtdred.

    It could be better but it’s not too bad. The spider is strong and hard, has long “arms” and it’s dangerous like Durant in a basketball play. Sometimes in home we using the nickname “KD Basketball’s Essence” , I know it doesn’t sound very good.

  5. Victor Collier says:

    smooth and easy
    the natural
    k-smooth (I like this)

    • Sit Down says:

      That’s too close to J-Smoove, which is Josh Smith and it sounds lame, maybe it can work for Kevin Love but Durant is better than that.

  6. Anthony Draughn says:

    Ice Berg Slim!! via Jalen Rose

  7. chogme6 says:

    Kevin “Unmatchable” Durant

  8. daniel s says:

    I have a great nickname for `kevin`. … about… O,KD . …….oklahoma,kev durant.

  9. Kevin Dynamite Durrant, cause he is explosive.

  10. Kevin Dynamite Durrant because he is explosive like that boom

  11. morgan m says:

    “buckets-r-us” or “have-buckets-will travel”.

  12. LebronGo3Peat says:

    How about KD as “KSnipe35” .. ??

  13. Red says:

    I think it’s kinda lame to think for a nickname for him or any player. Nicknames just happens when he does something special

  14. newyorksteelo says:

    Kevin “Pajamas” Durant, or Kevin “State Farm” Durant, because of the State Farm commercials lol.

  15. loslobos says:

    k-drizzel …. making it rain!

  16. Nets #1 says:

    Some band pressed charges against KD for using “Durantula”

  17. eric says:

    kevin needs a nickname, but we also can give him a motto. Like D-Rose they say, To Big, To fast, To strong, TO GOOD! i think his motto should be “He dont need muscle to be great”, and my nickname for him is “Scoring Machine”, but if you want a nickname that BEST discribes hime, it would simply be “MVP”

  18. hotsun15 says:

    the smooth operator

  19. spectrum says:

    Kevin “SPLASH” Durant!

  20. David says:


  21. Kimmy says:

    How about “the best basketball player on earth”.. after Lebron James for the whole galaxy….But I like Durantula. He may not. Go Thunder!!!!!!!!

  22. lifeofkidd says:

    Kevin “Silk” Durant

  23. Playful NBA fan says:

    Kevin “Deo” Durant. Get it?

  24. KEVIN says:


  25. Mark says:

    Why does he need a new one? I like Durantula

  26. Marcelo says:

    hey have u noticed, that KD is a scoring machine and a great player, but he doesnt look athletic at all.. specially in this commercial, i mean.. kobe, lebron d-wade, westbrook griffin, howard,d-rose, all elite players look very athletic and muscular and tone … while durant looks like that dude from sprite

  27. Keshawn says:

    Kd should be his nickname

  28. Bullsfan says:

    This looks like a job for stacey king!!!

  29. Eric Jay says:


  30. Steven says:

    Kevin smooth operater durant

  31. Oscar says:

    I think kevin”sniper”durant would be sick

  32. Chui says:

    I’ll call him “The SKINNY”!

  33. skunk says:

    kevin “under arm deo” durant

  34. Nathan says:

    I like Spiderman for him. He’s kinda gangly but athletic and co-ordinated. He has a spidey like sense on the court. And he swoops in and saves the day all the time. Might be copyright issues around it though…

  35. Wonder says:

    Mr Big Clutch KD

  36. 007 says:

    How bout “Home Alone”?

    His name is Kevin and once you step into his house (any basketball court) it’s going to be trouble.

    And he will leave you w/ both hands on ur face like on the movie.


  37. This Guy says:

    “The second best”
    “Team player” (you have to end that one with an upward inflection.)
    “Oh come on” (i figure this one will help him out. Instead of having to complain about getting “hacked,” the announcers can do it from him, “I believe there’s been a foul on… Oh come on!”

  38. El rocho del cerri says:

    Kevin “El chupapija” Durant

    le re kabio el plomo

  39. Jeremy Lin says:

    Kevin “Rainman” Durant
    Kevin “Make it Rain” Durant
    Kevin “Bombs over Baghdad” Durant
    Kevin “Sri Lankey” Durant

  40. Stephan says:

    Kevin “Agent 35” Durant ? Lol

  41. Vince says:

    Hammer or hammer-man.


  42. Rui says:

    How about TKO T -Thunder recognizing his team K – Kevin O – Oklahoma The state. This nickname will only work as long as he plays for the Thunder… Plus I think his shooting ability is lights out like a TKO. That’s my 2 cents.

  43. oman says:

    Kevin “kev” Durant lol

  44. hmmm says:

    KD KITTY (hello!)

  45. Romalo says:

    How about Kevin “Dominatrix” Durante! There will be a crowd that appreciates that. Lol

  46. kill your self says:

    how about ,,,kevin”Garnet”Durant,,LOL

  47. kill your self says:


  48. lenzlopez says:

    kevin ‘yessirr’ durant

  49. 1234 says:

    The Playing Mantis

  50. Vrin11111111 says:

    Kevin “The Greatness” Durant

  51. austin wiley says:

    kevin money durant because look at those shoes man

  52. lebron says:


  53. rhea says:

    Thought he was the durantula?

  54. Tino says:

    Kevin “Kid Clutch” Durant

  55. what about Buckets? or Kid Ice? or Money?

  56. Lone Star State says:

    this gona fit.. Kevin “Dagger” Durant. Coz he’s the number 1 option in the late game situation for OKC and he is delivering quite well.

  57. Ikan_12 says:

    I think we should him “DURIAN” – King of all fruits

  58. Trigga says:


  59. sirkevinwalker says:

    Kid Clutch

  60. Thomas H says:

    How about:

    Kevin “the Silencer” Durant.

    I’ve seen him on numerous occasions ‘silence’ opposition teams and fans.

    That’ll work!

  61. Halim Azhar says:

    K-Smoove or The DC Sniper even tho he from Seat Pleasant (PG county), or Sniper Slim

  62. Phillip Looney says:


  63. Marcus Bad says:

    ” Escrow” —Money in the bank.

  64. Garabilagan says:

    Mr free throw

  65. turopitosauros says:

    He’s HOV’s property now, i dont think he will have any copyrights issues.

  66. Lakers-Warriors-Suns says:

    Jim Slim!!!… He’s skinny and long…