Blake Griffin Can Still Dunk Better Than You

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s summer, which means, of course, pick-up basketball and summer leagues. One of this summer’s most interesting runs looks to have been up in Seattle, where Jamal Crawford‘s pro-am has drawn NBA players from all over the League. We’ve seen everything from Kevin Durant returning to Seattle, to Jamal Crawford hitting game winners.

This weekend, Crawford got his Los Angeles Clippers’ teammate Blake Griffin to come to town, and Griffin did what he does best: Dunk, a lot.

(via BIL)

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  1. Tucker says:

    That a boy, Blake! Bust up those knees unnecessarily! Seriously how long does he expect to last in the NBA when he’s coming down from dunks several times a night? There are only a few players that can do it and I doubt that Blake is one of them. He missed his rookie season because of a knee injury and was seriously hobbled in his first post season because of knee problems. I’m putting money on Blake Griffin’s career ending the same way Tracy McGrady’s did. Yes I know T-Mac is still around but he’s barely of use.