LeBron Competes In Dunk Contest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERLeBron James has won two NBA titles, two NBA Finals MVP awards, four regular season MVP awards, and been selected as an All-Star nine times. You could argue that he’s done pretty much everything — except compete in the dunk contest. Which doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have a chance — we know LeBron can dunk, as we’ve seen in games (check out the video above of some of his top ten plays from this season) and even in warm-ups.

But if you want to see what LeBron would possibly break out in an actual dunk contest, you need to check out this new commercial from Nike, where, toward the end of the clip, LeBron finally shows some of his dunk contest repertoire…

(via B/R)


  1. NikeJustDoIt says:


  2. BigMike(from north hill in akron,ohio) says:

    Maybe if every NBA Team would put down a 1 million dollar donation to the event where winner takes all,and only all-stars can compete.

  3. C Yates says:

    Is Nike the moderator?

  4. sports fan says:

    Just Dunk It.

  5. carter grant (kezzie) nyc says:

    5 nba dunker and get five street ball guys let them go at it for one million dollars nba plaers would probably lose

  6. Yeah yeah says:

    nice try lebron. you still have to do that in a dunk contest where people will be gunning for you. \Michael Jordan did it, two times. You dont even have to win, just compete. Be fearless.
    The thing with lebron is he is a protected brand. His advisers and sponsors try to make him appear great. Jordan on the other hand is a fearless dominant brand. He is great because he takes on the challenges head-on and fights his way to victory. I take Jordan any day. even Kobe is far more fearless than Lebron. Heck, even Allen Iverson (A.I.) is more fearless than lebron

  7. Jalen says:

    I personally don’t wanna see LeBron in the dunk contest. There’s no possible way he is going to lose because of the hype and popularity. He is a In-Game-Dunker…but the judges would make him win..it would be rigged and its not fair.