Every Pick-Up Basketball Stereotype

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just recently we saw a Jordan video that featured Blake Griffin playing with the guy who thinks he can play but is actually terrible. That is a classic pick-up ball stereotype, one of any number of types of players you tend to run into on the regular on the court.

The guys from Dude Perfect, a group of Texas A&M students who know a thing or two about viral basketball videos and are committed to achieving a bunch of random goals, put together a new video that catalogues every pick-up basketball stereotype. Be honest: Which one are you?


  1. Wes says:

    STEPHEN JACKSON is the guy that shoots the ball all the time

  2. offensive foul guy
    cell phone guy (stops the game to answer phone)
    leaves for no reason dude (playing 3on3 with buddys then one dude leaves for no reason and screws everyone)
    1 hour late guy
    guy that sweats alot
    the 5 foot 5 post player
    signature shot player

  3. And1guy says:

    And 1 guy
    Only can drive right guy
    Jewelry guy
    Wet guy
    Laces never stay tied guy
    Short shorts guy
    Enjoys playing as ‘skins’ guy
    Timeout guy
    Screen but doesn’t roll guy
    Soccer guy
    Half court shot guy

  4. Bill says:

    Based on the video: Mr. Excuses but here are some more:

    Laces never stay tied guy
    The never shoots 3s guy
    Allen Iverson wanna be guy
    ITS THE SUN guy

  5. celentano says:

    Shot behind the backboard guy.
    extra step travelling guy (Lechoke).
    loose ball dribbling guy.
    breaking ankles guy.

  6. Travis Best says:

    lolz gross sweaty back attack guy

  7. Rob says:

    in Italy we have “The guy who never ever played basketball and only played soccer his entire life…but today he wants to play basketball”

  8. Andy says:

    I’m the

    Comes to play but talks about nba players all day


  9. ollieboombayay says:

    These were pretty good. You could probably make about 10 of these videos. Here’s a few more.

    All gear, no game guy (shiny jordans, authentic jersey w/ matching shorts)
    Under 6 ft. chip on the shoulder guy
    Can’t wait his turn guy (shoots on open hoop during a game)
    NBA rules guy
    Wants to fight after a foul guy
    Drug dealer pretending to hoop guy
    knee brace guy
    Lets play shirts/skins guy
    Takes all the shots then complains about defense guy
    Mad handles, no shot guy
    Tall dude that refuses to guard opposing tall player guy
    Cherry picker guy
    Score cheating guy
    Calls other peoples fouls guy
    hop step guy
    exploits lack of shot clock guy

  10. MackDaddy says:

    No D guy… only cherry picks for easy offence.
    The Black Hole…. ball goes there, never comes back- shot always goes up.

  11. Diego says:

    Haha im the looks can be deceiving guy. I don’t look like i can play, but Im actually pretty good.

  12. Dirk-A-Derr says:


  13. Danny says:

    I’ve been through the dad + kid situation before and it is the crappiest thing in the world.

  14. Mongolian basketball fan says:

    Fade away guy – but he never get shot by fade away. Always fades away, but has no successful shot.

    Score cheating guy sounds funny. hehe

    Fancy moving guy – always uses fancy moves, but no scores and no defense. All he cares is fancy moves.

    This video is funny 🙂

  15. Jaamnoo says:

    There are 2 missing here:

    actually can play white dude who also jumps over you guy
    Steven Nash wanna be guy

  16. jvaleemcgee says:

    Tragic Bronson guy

  17. derick says:

    Mr Excitement Vs Mr Excited

  18. freal says:

    The misses all game guy, but sinks a three for the win at the end, was made an art-form by Robert Horry aka BIG SHOT ROB

  19. Jay says:

    I’ve experienced these guys:

    – Ball Hog guy
    – Wolverine Nails guy
    – Forced Shot guy
    – Only-Competitive-Against-Girls guy
    – The Blame Game guy
    – Playing-For-My-Life guy
    – Life Story guy (ex. “Man, I haven’t played ball since High School..I was a guard on the team then I hurt myself…but my rehab went alright so I’ll try to shake off the rust..what’s your name? Oh, nice to meet you. Where is your name from….”)

  20. nick says:

    Dont know why this video has got so much coverage all of a sudden.

    This video has been on youtube for SIX YEARS. Weird.

  21. alp says:

    im the”my bad” guy

  22. Tony R says:

    I’m the Right or left handed shooting guy

  23. TTKIN says:

    Hahaha my entire basketball group was cracking up over this video last night after we were done playing. There’s at least one of every one of these on our little team.

  24. Mike says:

    baseball cap to the back guy like Billy Hoyle from white men can’t jump

  25. Patrick###Kobefan says:

    So true and funny

  26. Adam says:

    My dad when i was 13. I ended up guarding a guy who was 6’6 while was 5’8

  27. Kirk says:

    Come on people, this video was not funny at all. I like the concept, but most of the bits just weren’t funny.

  28. matthew nagbe says:

    this is so funny, its so accurate too, lol all my friends were named, and im the tall guy that only shoots 3 pointers

  29. Eric Jimenea says:

    when a player is playing all day to his right as zoo as he goes left, debacle.

  30. bhimz says:

    they miss, Mr. Dribbles the too much,
    Mr. Handles, but terrible shot.
    Mr. Stays only on one side of the court.

  31. KDEasyMoney says:

    no offence guy
    try to hard guy
    the average joe but really good guy
    shoot it every time guy
    only shoots floaters guy

  32. Brandon says:

    The crybaby guy

  33. sports fan says:

    the “always carries his dribble” guy
    the “won’t stop talking” guy
    the “always quiet” guy
    the “lazy defense” guy
    the “never in his spot for zone defense” guy
    the “no high-tops” guy
    the “no talent what-so-ever” guy

  34. Sander Alnes says:

    The Girlfriend guy… agrees to play 3on3 and stops every 10 seconds to talk to his girl :/

  35. Chris says:

    One of the worst guys is the This-was-an-offensive-foul guy…He can’t guard you and all the time he complaints…

  36. still got it says:

    the ugly guy – you know when this dude is playing awesome, but you just cant watch him or guard him because he is so ugly

  37. Jan Näslund says:

    The tall guy that always shoots 3:s… Minnesota anyone? ;P

  38. Don says:

    Awesome! Funny. Yea, you gotta mention the BALL HOG, the TALKER I just wanna DUNK-ER.

  39. SlikReggie says:

    The “Offense-only but complains about the defense” Guy

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