LeBron Dresses Old-School, Gets Funky

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Not really sure what’s going on in this photo and video that LeBron James posted on Instagram — presumably it’s a commercial shoot of some sort. or maybe LeBron just enjoys putting on an afro wig and rocking really short shorts. Whatever the case, here’s a picture of LeBron wearing an afro wig and short shorts, which he hashtagged with “#howdidtheymovearoundwiththeseshorts,” a valid question. Bron followed that up with a video of how he would get down during the pregame introductions of that era…


  1. newyorksteelo says:

    Someone please call Shaqtin A Fool lol.

  2. Travis Best says:

    flint tropics filler

  3. Shutdownpc.exe says:

    hahahahahahah…trending pics for the king…
    he will be famous not only in the court but
    also he’s physical appearance will brought
    fame…hahah…retro mode

  4. ivan says:

    lebron having a good time in MIAMI.now i know why he took his talent to SOUTH BEACH..take that C’s “sore loser owner”

    • GW says:

      Clevelands probably more over it than you are and they’re the ones that lost him. or did you just get the news he left?

      • GW TO THE REAL GW says:

        @ GW – Bro, the HATER in you is pouring out thru your lyrics! Shame… man… just a shame.

      • HeatBandwagon2013 says:

        Yeah I’m a cavs fan and I really don’t care. Just heat bandwagoners that keep saying it to say it

  5. Jonathan Pluviose says:

    He wish he had that type of hairline ha..king james!!!

  6. andrea says:

    old fashion.

  7. Sky says:

    hahhahah Flint Tropic “Coffee Black” a.k.a “Sugar Dungkerton”

  8. boobies says:

    I would be dancing too if I were a millionaire and the most talented current basketball player on the planet

  9. Aussie Fan says:

    Movie potential right there.

  10. Fred says:

    It’s obvious Dr.J is back lol

  11. grey says:

    let see king james play a full game with those on all night lol

  12. Rohan Mukerji says:

    The things a second championship will do to a man

  13. Just About says:

    No doubt about his talent, but the Heat’s last championship was largely won outside the court. The players and coaching stuff won it on the court fair and square, but outside the huge PR pressing machine did its job and created a very biased environment. Yes, it is all about execution, and in that regard the Spurs failed, but they played much better basketball all around. The Heat are very talented and good but way over-hyped.

    And talented as he is, to me Mr. James seems always the product of a PR machine that shaped and molded him from youth to become a money printing machine. I’m sorry, but even his celebration after winning this last championship seemed a contrived and childish; much like most of his media appearances (including the above video which I think is cringe worthy).

    • LebronFan says:

      you sound like you have zero fun in your life

    • xantheus says:

      pathetic hater is pathetic…no merit at all to your comments…

    • What the eff are you talking about? The heat won the championship hence they were the better team. It wasn’t a one game lucky win but seven tough @$$ games. All the PR in the world won’t make you a champion. Hardwork, skill, and determination are what do it. I’m a Knicks fan but I agree with Lebronfan. You have no fun.

  14. bokz says:

    niiiiice ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Andrew says:

    Another desperate attempt by Lebron at covering up his hairline…

  16. Bob says:

    Business LeBron

  17. installerx says:

    Awesome and funny!! i’ll give him that. He can do what ever he wants, he’s a champion.


    He should be practicing! The Heat better watch out this season. I’m telling you there are teams who are really gonna be after them this season.

  19. Fern says:

    I am glad LeBron is relaxing and having fun. He doesn’t have to hide his hairline anymore because he shaved his head already. Look online and see him with no hair on his head. This year is even going to be more competitive and all the players on the Heat, especially Wade, needs to heal. LeBron has had no time off since the beginning of the shortened 2012 season as he did play in the olympics in the summer of 2012.

  20. mrcpg says:

    Oh come on! No tomahawk jam? That would have been sick.

  21. elvan says:

    Still looks baggy compared to ’70s shorts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. sergio swagtgini says:

    thank you for this video