Watch Isiah Thomas On NBA TV Along With Isiah Thomas


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On last week’s edition of the Hang Time Podcast, Sekou and I got into a discussion about Allen Iverson‘s impending retirement. When I wondered aloud if Iverson would go down in history as the best “little man” to play the game, Sekou quickly countered by bringing up Isiah Thomas. When I wondered if maybe Iverson would be known as just the best plain scorer at six-feet or under, again Sekou brought up Isiah. This was a timely conversation to have, because on Tuesday night on NBA TV, we’re going to celebrate one of Isiah’s greatest games, and one of the NBA’s greatest moments. And Isiah himself will be involved.

The 1988 NBA Finals lasted seven games, with the Los Angeles Lakers eventually prevailing, 4-3. But it was Game 6 of the series when Isiah Thomas had perhaps the most heroic game of his career, even in defeat. In the middle of the third quarter, Isiah sprained his ankle, badly enough that he could barely put any weight on it. Still, he missed just 35-seconds of game action, and Isiah hobbled through to finish with 43 points for the Detroit Pistons. Isiah’s big night included 25 points in the 3rd quarter on 11-of-13 shooting, a Finals record for points in a quarter. (The Lakers went on to come from behind and win as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar hit two free throws to give them a 103-102 victory to force a Game 7.) You can see some highlights from the third quarter in the video above.

NBA TV will air a two-hour version of the entire game, Tuesday night, August 27th, at 8 p.m. ET. Even cooler? Thomas will be live tweeting along with the game as it airs. Isiah will be using the @NBATV handle and the hashtag #IsiahLive during the event. And if you’re not on Twitter, Isiah’s tweets will appear on-screen on NBA TV.





    AT LONG LAST…Finally some recognition from the “media”..and NBA such as it is a great man and player who gave as much to the eighties game of basketball as anyone else who played…so many generations of youngsters missed out on his greatness..which can only be blamed on the nba itself and your ally espn for never showing Isiah winning a game…always on the losing team…they will never know the great battles that he and Jordon or larry bird in which he was victorious…so this little token is grudgenly welcome.Because you made a LOTlotlotlotlot of Piston fans hate you and all media who cast negative aspersions on one so great…Detroit Basketball..”

  2. Tim Andersson says:

    Hello Greatest Basketball Player of All Time!
    Will you be back as a coach, if yes which team will that be?
    Who is the best player in NBA today?
    I’m a Pistons fan since the early 80’s and You have been my absolute favorite player.
    Best regards from Sweden

  3. Richard says:

    I have always felt if Isiah Thomas does not get hurt in game 6 the Pistons would have prevailed. He was not 100% for game 7 and I think it cost the pistons the title

  4. drbopperthp says:

    Damn Skippy Irv!!!

  5. Bullsfan says:

    This guy was tough…

  6. sports fan says:

    Isiah would kick some major A$$ in today’s league.

  7. Brasiman says:

    I dont need a TV-Channel to know/understand, that Isiah is one (if not the) best little man in the history of the game! I mean, we all know basketball and we are all fans. How can a person see a game of Isiah, even loosing, and not understand that this guy is HUGE?!?!?!

    For me, as a fan of the GAME, it don’t matter if on ESPN he was always on the loosing-team.
    Anybody should look “behind” everything. Not only on top of it…

    Peace from cold old Hamburg-Germany