Kobe Bryant Jumps Off High Dive

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We don’t know exactly how soon Kobe Bryant will return from surgery, but he’s given hints of late that he’s getting close. And as Kobe tweeted tonight, if he can run, why not jump into a pool from way, way up in the air?


  1. Michael A says:

    MY MAANNN!!!

  2. waaaaat says:

    y jump with shoes on lol

  3. Ryan says:

    He did not jump though he basically walked off the edge.

  4. noname says:

    this probably wont go so well with laker fans. lol

  5. He jumped in a pool wow he’s definitely 100 percent

  6. Lebron iZ DeezD says:


  7. Tenzin GGT says:

    haha You could tell the brief moment of trepidation as Kobe “leapt” off the edge. As accessible as online social media outlets have made it to connect fans with their idols, regardless of his business intentions, I’m glad to see Kobe taking the time to connect with his fans during the “offseason”. It seems like only a brief moment ago where he was exposing the gruesome pictures of his surgery. What’s next? Who knows? But watching this clip one more time makes me a little bit more excited for the NBA season.

  8. RENZ says:

    is it just me or kobe didnt jump but rather fll

  9. junetrebored! says:

    he jumped on a free fall..his 6’6″ so if the pool is only around 10feet didn’t his feet reach the floor?

  10. petermac44 says:

    I just hope he can get some air going up, coming down – I can do that…. this could be one serious miracle recovery or another achilles pop that ends with a thud

  11. petermac44 says:

    well I can see him doing the all out air but seriously the air we want to see is that of going up not down. Hope this is a miraculous recovery and not another achilles pop that ends with a thud. Keep up the good work Kobe, the Lakers need you – heck the NBA needs you! As much as David Stern has tried to screw the Lakers lately it would be so nice to see the Lakers surprise the league and win one more – Kobe, Pau and Nash have to have superb years.

  12. Elesa says:

    Yep. He ready. Lol!

  13. scott the magician says:

    Didnt andrew bynum get ridiculed for bowling…………………..
    imagine the mamba re-tore his ankle doing this……………………………………

  14. Nick says:

    That wasn’t so much a jump, more of a fall into the pool. He barely lifted his feet off the board. I hope he recovers full for the start of the season and it doesn’t look likely at the moment

  15. jty7271 says:

    Why would he jump into a pool fully clothed and with shoes? Too much vino?

  16. hookthrowguru says:

    Thees are real plyometrics! Doing deep jumps are known to be the most efficient way to improve your elevation. Watergym-exercises are although enjoying growing popularity among professional athlets. Sum 1+1 and you get Kobys new program:
    – jump of the turret into the water, get your feet schoulderwith on the ground, jump up explosively out of the pool and land on the firm land on the other side of the turret.
    As the whole world can see, Kobe handels the first part of the drill already to perfection. The second part is in the making for the weeks to come (only Lakerhaters can doubt that!!!)

    Do 5 sets of 5 reps with 4 min rest inbetween twice a week over a periode of 2 month!

    Lakers will beet Heat in 4 games (because Kobe will to that time jump on water 😉 )

  17. Dave says:

    I’m sure the Lakers organization was thrilled about seeing this.

  18. Kimmy says:

    That’s not a dive!

    • libertatus says:

      – “That’s not a dive!”

      The video is titled “Kobe Bryant Jumps Off High Dive”

      Jumps not Dives.

  19. AdamToth15 says:

    The new “Nike Kobe Splash I” comin out early September

  20. h says:

    lol I love Kobe, you will be back stronger Black Mamba

  21. WackoJ says:

    Another splash for Kobe

  22. Kobe No.1 says:

    Lets go Kobe.Top 3 scoring 2013-2014 FTW.

  23. Steph says:

    Slow news day?

  24. Go Kobe! Do NOT click the name!

  25. Yas says:


  26. War-love says:

    REALLY!!!… This is breaking News!!

    He walked off the edge …. he did not Jump!

    listen I’m one of the biggest Kobe fans in the world so would like to keep up with progress …. this was a waste of time and I would like the cost of data transfer from this article refunded even if it is ONLY about 30 Cents

    I could be looking up the collapse of LO….. on TMZ ( on another note: TMZ please stop following LO until we get him signed , you are KILLING all laker fans!!! With the negative press ) ..

    • HighAlt says:

      Really? Did you click on the wrong website by accident? This is not a breaking news segment. Which of the video clips here did you feel really got you in touch with with what was going on the world and gave you focused informative content? Was it Pau Gasol doing mil press? Deandre Jordan dressed as Captain Universe (or whatever) or perhaps when he got punched by a boxing glove worn by someone off screen in “super slow motion?” Maybe Javale McGee playing the pop up basketball arcade game against an eight year old? Kevin Durant shooting ping pong balls? Amir Johnson tug of war with elephant? Or maybe melo throwing a fish? Seriously.

      I’ve never been a Kobe fan per say (I was a die hard Lakers fan until about the time my South Florida home got a team and then Magic retired now with all the fair weather fans I route for the Nuggets first then D Wade, Udonis and the rest of their team then the lakers provided they aren’t playing one of the other two) but I am not stupid enough to try to deny his talent, freakishly competitive will and dedication. With all that said, and knowing he has had trainers with him everywhere all the time and would not be doing anything to jeapordize his return, for God’s sake people let the man have a little fun. If you don’t want to see it, don’t watch it. Just because its available doesn’t mean it’s mandatory reading.

      I totally agree on the L.O. point. I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for anyone with that kind of a paycheck when so many of us are struggling and so many more around the world have it so much worse than we do, and though the media attention is a huge part of the problem he brought that on himself too with that stupid reality show, but for crying out loud vultures this is obviously a tough time for the guy, give him some damn privacy and let him get better in peace. Then give this much media attention to the recovery story so other people can be helped and encouraged by it. If only the public wasn’t so hungry for “dirty laundry” these vultures would be out of business or have to report some of that “real news” you were looking for (tmz is also not a likely source for that). Praying a fast and strong recovery for Odom and would love to see him back in purple and gold (or two other places) as he is very talented, a great sixth man and a huge benefit to the team when he is into it.

  27. marlon green says:

    Man Kobe did not jump and he basically dragged his foot behind him before he went off the ledge. As one of your biggest fans Kobe please stop trying to rush back! There is no sure thing that you are coming back to a championship team so take your time so when you do return you will be 100%. Because the Lakers will need every last bit of it. And the record shows father time loses to no one.

  28. matthew mathis says:

    soon LEBRON GETS IN ON THE FUN .jumping off the diving board. FLUNKY

  29. Adam says:

    Lebron “copycat’ will do that too, just like what he did with the anti gravity treadmill.

  30. hanhah says:

    So proud . ^_^

  31. rjarceo says:

    to all comments saying lebron’s gonna copy that, i’m afraid lebron beat kobe to it:

    • libertatus says:

      When Bryant performs a high dive in the context of a commercial advertisement then, well, yes,

      • libertatus says:

        P.S.. Do you really think that was James doing the diving in this commercial?

      • rjarceo says:

        of course i know it’s not real. it’s a commercial after all. i’m just sick of people calling lebron a copycat as if kobe were the first to run on an anti-gravity treadmill or jump (more like fall off) a high dive.

  32. allen says:

    he make so much damn $ that photo was taken in his backyard

  33. starfive says:

    kobe wiil show u all stop heaten ment tos spell it dat way

  34. 1234 says:

    Are we even sure Kobe knows how to swim?

    lol, sorry had to do it

  35. Chase says:

    I am a die hard Kobe fan, but I must point out. 1. He did not jump. 2. He came off his right foot (to my knowledge the left is the injured one)

  36. bokz says:

    Hope he can swim, too.
    Get well soon, Mamba !!!!

  37. Johnny says:


  38. nba says:

    kobe just jumps. also lebron in the commercial is probably not all real.

  39. ThatGuyMohamed says:

    Kobe walked off the edge of a diving board! He will return in the preseason! LOL

  40. This is a dumb article says:

    Why is this a story!?!?!

  41. sports fan says:

    Kobe pushes off with his RIGHT foot to FALL into the pool while wearing SHOES. If he was 100% he would’ve leaped off of his left foot & hit the water in bare feet. I can’t even tell that it was actually him but I’ll give him the benefit of doubt.

  42. Automatonomatic says:

    If it’s not at least a reverse dunk into the pool there is cause for concern

  43. Blind Fans says:

    Wow what much of blind Fans

    He didn’t Jump.. He fell to the pool

    He may can run but Jump ??? LOL seriously

  44. Lakers Fans says:

    Lets Talk serious:






    • HighAlt says:

      How is rose who had an acl surgery and will have stayed out of game action for almost a year and a half (16-17 months technically) a relative comparison to Kobe’s torn Achilles?
      Very different injuries. To very different locations. Of course if you are comparing will and determination to return to the game only then maybe a guy who had an acl/mcl/lcl surgery and is returning to game action on the football field (RGIII) after eight months would be in the conversation (obviously Kobe has more in common with RGIII than rose when it comes to wanting to play, doing whatever it takes to recover, win and be there for his team, but it’s still a very different injury)

  45. Lox says:

    The Kobe haters just don’t give the man a break. It seems that you guys are just like kids to criticize Kobe even though he made a lot of improvement in terms of his recovery. Keep it up Vino!

  46. Come on people says:

    Why are people saying that they want to see his ability to go up and not down? The achilles tendon is stressed when the front of the foot moves upwards, stretching it, not downwards during a jump. Landing is by far the more stressful act on an achilles. Smh

  47. Jose says:

    This is will help his mental game. Trains him to overcome his fear of injuring himself again when jumping to shoot or drive on the court.

  48. caleb says:

    breaking news!!! kobe breaks leg jumping into pool

  49. THINKER says:

    it’s NOT about the TAKE OFF… it’s about the LANDING… You SLOW MINDED HATERS…
    His OLD.. and his ahead of schedule in coming back from the surgery he had on his Achilles tendon back on April 13… Compared to other YOUNG player who took a YEAR before they could walk… Use your BRAIN for once in a while.. If you have one. 🙂

  50. alstarvlbl says:

    I think it is supposed to be artistic. He’s not trying to say he is 100%. He’s just creatively saying he thinks he is going to be and he is going to make this season work even if it looks like its not going to. Like jumping by running off a diving board even though he can’t jump yet normally… though its not as cool if he has to explain the whole thing for people to understand

  51. rhea says:

    I think lebron should post a video of jumping from a slightly higher dive ……

  52. d wades biggest fan says:

    MJ would of gone head first……thats how a little girl dives in

  53. arsenio says:


  54. Carl S. says:


  55. Dwight howard says:

    will that diminish Kobe being a ballhog? noooooo still Kobe GBE greatest ballhog ever.

  56. Lawrence says:

    Looking at the amount of games Kobe Bryant has played (http://hostnumber.com/kobe-bryant-career-stats.html) in the regular season and playoffs, he needs to rest his body well for the upcoming season. Doing things like jumping of swimming pool platforms should be avoided because he may reinjure his achilles. Hoping he has a good recovery and that the Lakers make things interesting in the Western Conference.

  57. lakerfan says:

    you guys are all idiots do you know how much pressure he just put on the foot with sneakers on and jumping into the water he tested it out..you guys are insane and the one do with saying hes dragging his foot bro your an idiot plain and simple with that being said if he didnt re-injure his foot now that means the guy is back and hell is breaking loose

  58. ed says:

    Left legs, no force

  59. realize this says:

    That ain’t Kobe. For all we know that coulda been someone else.

  60. BlackObama says:

    Kobe had to climb up there first. What a work-out. Go MAMBA

  61. BlackObama says:

    That “play through your injuries” comment he made to Dwight had some karma attached to it (referring to the Warriors game where he suffered 3 leg/foot injuries on his way to 34-5-4)

  62. LukeSkywalker says:

    May the “Force” be with you, KOBE-WAN-KENOBI

  63. HighAlt says:

    Lebron and Kobe have very different styles. The anti gravity thing looked like a blast and Lebron was obviously having fun with it. Other than that, which is weak on y’all’s part anyway, what is this copy cat junk all about? I’m not a big fan of either of them (though I am a fan of both teams) but if you don’t respect what each of them is capable of on the court you are clueless and had might as well be watching soccer (sorry that doesn’t really work for the international stage so soccer for US or whatever the red head step child of sports is to your country if you’re outside of US