NBA 2K14 Trailer Drops

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At this point, video games are treated like movies. They can cost as much money as a movie, they can make as much money as a movie, and we spend way more time playing some games than we do watching a 90-minute flick. So it only makes sense that before a video game drops, these days we first see a trailer, a preview.

We knew LeBron James was covering NBA 2K14, and we knew the Euroleague teams would be involved, but yesterday 2K Sports released the first real trailer of game action. The game itself drops October 4…


  1. Sekou Smith says:

    Looks the same NBA 2K13.

  2. Spell check says:


  3. ligowyoffice says:

    Sometimes I think that nba game producers don’t want to earn money … same mistakes every year. I’ve played NBA games before NBA live 95 and i m still playing and i ve had been surprised positively about twice in last 18 years…
    So I’ve someone interested in making good nba game let me know 😉

  4. Terrell says:

    The servers for 2k for xbox 1 suck. they never work and the servers are constantly down. terrible