DeAndre Jordan’s Superhero Costume Party

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When we last saw Clippers C DeAndre Jordan, he was getting punched in the face in preparation for Comedy Central’s roast of James Franco. In much more sedate off-season news, Jordan recently held his second annual costume party, this year with a superhero theme. Here we see a photo Jordan posted of his crew, including Jordan himself in costume as Captain Planet.

He also posted some more photos that show how he got into costume, as well as a better look at the outfit…

Other Clippers getting in on the action included Blake Griffin, who dressed as Bane…


And also, Oklahoma City’s Ryan Gomes was ready to help, as Captain America…

SuperHero- Captain America to the Rescue….who needs my Assistance….

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  1. Ryan Gomes? More like Ryan Gosling.

  2. jeff says:

    that girls pretty tall is shes to blake shoulder