Amir Johnson Loses Tug Of War To Elephant

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Our unofficial social media MVP, Toronto Raptors center Amir Johnson, has been on what seems to be a vacation in Thailand the last few days. He posted a photo a few days ago of himself perched atop an elephant. And it’s not just any animal that can make the 7-foot-tall Johnson seem small…

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AJ vs 🐘

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Later, he went one-on-one against an elephant on the basketball court …

And finally, Johnson joined a group of people in match of tug of war against an elephant. Amir took the all-important “anchor” position at the back of the line, but as he hashtagged the photo, “didnthaveAchance”…

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  1. Ron says:

    Amir johnson should research this kind of stuff before he takes part in it.
    In most elephant camps in Thailand the elephants are treated very bad and are forced to do all sorts of tricks like the ones in the pictures above…
    When in Thailand visit elephant nature park in Chiang Mai, this is a place where they keep rescued elephants and take good care of them.
    you can still interact with these beautiful animals but they are not forced to do tricks or other stuff they don’t naturally do.

  2. jesus says:

    Well rex is challlenged.