Carmelo Anthony: World’s Greatest Fisherman?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — According to his social media, Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony took advantage of the long holiday weekend to get away and hit the open water with his family. He posted a photo on Instagram of what he referred to as a “lite weekend trip,” including bass fishing …

One of the images within that photo shows ‘Melo holding a few fish, the spoils of the day, and a different image shows ‘Melo apaprently biting the fishing line after making a catch. This would lead one to assume that ‘Melo caught these fish the old fashioned way, with a pole and a hook and bait and all that stuff.

Yet a video posted to Instagram from Lala, ‘Melo’s wife, shows that perhaps ‘Melo has a secret weapon against the fish — his hands! (Meanwhile, just ignore that fishing pole behind him, please.)

#withthehands LOL!

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  1. Kate Upton says:

    My ‘Melo…

  2. Majkel says:

    Yep, he goes fishin’ very soon in the post season 🙂

  3. Nas says:

    He just had to throw it didn’t he, lack of respect for life.

  4. OKC2014 says:

    They are a great couple, to me. He deserves a relaxing vacation. He had a great year last season and the expectation is even higher for him next year. Just ask Spike Lee. Enjoy Carmello!

  5. HighAlt says:

    That’s right Charles and the gang called it (as did Majkel) when you are “gone fishin'” every year that early (aside from the one time Chauncy and the Nuggets supporting cast (incl a shot out to Aaron Afflalo that year) carried him to the west finals inspire of his selfish ball hogging ways) you should be pretty good at it. Of course he continues to show us what a selfish, careless jerk with no respect for anything else he is by lobing the poor fish like a half court shot (I’m somewhat of a conservationist but have problem with keeping a few to eat, but stunning and likely killing the thing for a laugh says a lot about his character (or lack there of).
    As if we needed it, here is further proof that letting him go (I know he wanted it and that is all I will thank him for) was the best thing that ever happened to the Nuggets. They have been so much fun to watch all humble and playing as a team. Seems like they already made some mistakes this summer so praying Shaw keeps them pure. I’d rather not even make it to the playoffs with a “team” of sportsman and real winners than to go all the way with a puke like this.

    I’m not denying his raw talent (and nobody knows how much he really has since he doesn’t ever leave it all on the court at once and not wanted to be bothered with defense or rebounding most of his career) but this just shows us again who he really is. Despicable.