The Highest Basketball Shot Ever

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — So I got an email from the guys at How Ridiculous, a group from Australia who travel the world making trick shot videos. According to them, “How Ridiculous are passionate about sports, trick shots and making a difference and partner with not-profit organization Compassion Australia to see children released from extreme poverty all over the world. They have been making incredible trick shot videos since 2009 and according to the group, the best is yet to come.”

It will be hard for them to top their latest feat: Making the world’s highest basketball shot. These guys held the world record when they made a shot from 67 meters high (about 220 feet). For this one, they went to Rotterdam, to the top of the Euromast Tower, to attempt a shot from 98 meters (about 320 feet). After 62 attempts, they finally got one to go.

I’m just glad they didn’t have anyone down there trying to grab the rebound…


  1. I make 500 of those as a warm for my seat on the bench

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