Allen Iverson’s Crossover

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There is no real secret to performing the crossover dribble. You have the ball in one hand, and then you bounce it in front of your body to the other hand. Sure, there are other things involved, from footwork to head fakes, but for the most part, successfully crossing someone over is about changing directions when they aren’t expecting you to change directions, and leaving your defender in the dust.

Allen Iverson was among the best ever at crossing people over, and this fan-made video mix shows working his craft, from Georgetown to the NBA, breaking ankles and creating space to get his shot off. It looks like such a simple move, until you see defender after defender fall by the wayside…

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  1. matthew mathis says:


  2. bunbury says:

    Tim Hardaway’s cross over is more spectacular- the best pg in the early 90’s.

    • e says:

      A.I could cross you without even trying to cross you.

    • Lawrence says:

      You are right. Many people have forgot about Tim Hardaway. His crossover was pure, no carrying involved. When Iverson came into the league, refs were probably ordered not to call the carry.

      Looking at Tim-Bug’s stats from 1990-1995, he was an absolute beast:, but unfortunately injuries took over. However he came back with the Heat for a few more good seasons. Hail to the original crossover king, Tim Hardaway.

  3. kc says:

    What are you smoking???

  4. e says:

    Holy Lord that dude was fast.Nothing short of incredible.

  5. rabbitKiller says:

    Fakes left and goes right everytime

  6. unikr0n says:

    definitely a carry but whatever. carrying is completely normal now days in the NBA. every single player (that has good ball handling skills) carries. even my favorite player kobe carries the ball. lebron carries. dwade carrirs. j crawford carries…

  7. stranger says:

    It’s the same way every time, did people not catch on. Come on now

    • e says:

      You cant stop greatness even if you know what a great player is gonna do.

    • Wurth says:

      I thought the same thing. I do not think this would have been as effective after the most recent Pistons championships when teams started gearing up more defensively through scouting. Scouting would have led to players being more right-heavy for Iverson to drive right even if he had the ball in his left hand. As Bill Walton used to say: “He promises to be right-handed the rest of the game.”

  8. Boston Brian says:

    He was a very exciting scorer, big heart, and was a phenomenal athlete! If he somehow he could have added some efficiency to his game, I think we’d be talking about him as one of the all-time greats. BUT for his career he shot 42.5%. Do you know who shot 42.5% last year? The Charlotte Bobcats, who finished DEAD LAST in the NBA in FG%. There were several seasons AI shot below 40%, which is absolutely terrible! I don’t know how you justify that or expect to win when your leading scorer shoots such a low percentage.

  9. Drew Pruitt says:

    Carry! Carry! Carry! Tough, athletic, gritty player, but not a winner in my book. The poster child for “And 1” basketball and the mentor for Hot Sauce. Basketball is a team game and AI had no team AI. NBA marketing loves him because of his thug appeal and the narrative of his background. He could have been 10 times the player if he shared with his team. No major market team ever wanted this guy. Loser when it mattered most (NBA Finals, Olympics, World championships). He will get to the the Hall, but at the end of the day his career can be summed up one way. “We are talking about practice!” Yeah AI go ask Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki about practice or maybe you should just show your new friends in the China league your crossover.

    • Witness says:


    • mp says:

      U are an idiot. “loser when it mattered” he carried that team to the finals

    • wow says:

      What do you have against AI…He never meant to disrespect practice, he was just tired of people bringing it up..get your facts straight. He has the most heart of any player, and has the nastiest cross to ever come to the NBA. He invented modern day ball handling in the NBA. He took a garbage team to the finals where he won a game against Shaq n Kobe, he deserves the HOF no damn doubt, quit ur hating. Tim and Dirk both have had tremendous championship caliber teams year after year

  10. Sanel says:

    How is it a carry? His hand is on the side of the ball every time, not under it. His crossover is the best ever because he used it better than anyone, it looked better and yes Tim Hardaways was good but it wasn’t as spectacular as Allen’s.

  11. malmon_rhubie says:

    i am piss with the sixers, they have a broken line up this year, why cant they get iverson give the man another year and if nothing works then let iverson retires, yes iverson may not be the same but i believe he does not deserve to end his career this way, give the man a year contract so we can see if he still got it, hope this will reach sixers management, i have followed him with your team from start,never bought a shoe other than the answer until now, very dissapointed with the management act, iverson deserves a contract more than andrew bynum

    • John Paul Tronqued says:

      Yeah you’re right! I can say that I am one of the number 1 fan of AI. He deserves another year to the sixers. Sixers team is a trash before but when AI entered the league, Sixer went up and became one of the most favorite teams of people when he was there. Sixers management didn’t even see what AI made for the team and what AI did to the management.

  12. Win in iso says:

    It’s not a carry if your hand stays on top or side of the ball he was just at the point of unstoppable just like Jordan, shaq, and Barkley when they changed the rules on them as well just because they were unstoppable

  13. sports fan says:

    Iverson is no doubt a hall of fame player but his crossover is a definite carry. In the video Iverson mentioned that when his crossover became very effective he would then get called a lot for a carry. The refs should’ve been making the call in the first place. Tim Hardaway’s crossover is still the best because he was the originator & never carried.

    • Jacob says:

      Never carried he was a point guard of cpirse he carried thats lile saying a offensive lineman never holds lmao fool

      • sports fan says:

        Just watch a ton of footage of Tim Hardaway & you’ll see that he never carries the ball on the crossover. But it’s obvious that Iverson does.

  14. RealAnd1GM says:

    To compete with And1, the NBA “experimented,” allowing certain players to “exaggerate” and “re-interpret” the game in an effort to re-package their product.

  15. tulio says:

    the best point guard that played in NBA

  16. RealAnd1GM says:

    …Who am I kidding?? Iverson’s crossover is legitimate!! Ask MJ..

  17. JBR says:

    3 words… Mahmoud. Abdul. Rauf.

  18. peters says:


  19. bernycacay says:

    These are good crossover. Iverson is one the best in this business. However, I will give the-crossover-crown to Chris Paul. Look at the difference between this two players. When AI crossovers he leaves dust to his opponent but they are able to chaste him though behind. But when CP3 crossovers, he leaves not just dust but stay-on-the-ground like being shot by a sniper. His crossover is not just breaking your uncle but your entire body. If we want proof, we can ask some players like Tony Parker and Andre Miller…

    • phillyAj says:

      Chris Paul ever make someone fall twice in one play? And andre miller? Really? If you never watched a sixer game when AI was here then don’t comment because the dude had the best crossover ever.

  20. Narf says:

    It’d be impressive if it wasn’t just a video compilation of all carrying violations. Perfect view of his hand under the ball at 4:30 mark.

  21. ZenGarden says:

    hardaway got more flavor

  22. Wilson says:

    look at lang whittaker acting like it’s easy to master the crossover…. There is no real secret to performing the crossover dribble. You have the ball in one hand, and then you bounce it in front of your body to the other hand LOLOLOL.
    another clueless writer

  23. T says:

    Notice that every single one all of his crossovers in the video go from left to right. The defenders should have made those adjustments and forced him right to left. Still a legend in my book!

    • island boy says:

      What the video doesn’t show is the times he fake left and the defender did not bite and he just went to the rim on the leftside….. that’s why it work everytime he did it… is either u let him go left or try to stop him and get crossed… its like a yes or no question, no doubt he took hardaways craft and electrified it’…Hopefully his son could end up in the NBA a decsde from now and show it to us again

  24. greenmexican says:

    AI is the best PG ever whoever said he would cross you is stupid.. Id like to see yall guard him

  25. greenmexican says:


  26. James Lee says:

    It appears that only very few time he goes to the left. Most of the time he goes to right.
    In today statistic-heavy-league, he might not get it done easily? Just wonder, not a BB player myself.

  27. Dhaliwal24 says:

    Whats this music piece ?

  28. dan says:

    yeah he did fake left and go right everytime, but the defenders probably knew that and thats why they reached EVERYTIME but Iverson just to fast with it. like they say, “you reach, i teach”

  29. Professor says:

    If he didn’t go to college, he would never have adapted the crossover. This is why NBA players should go to college

  30. Professor says:

    they should of put the crossover of michael jordan in the video

    • NJ_NETS says:

      why would they put Jordan’s crossover in a video about Iverson’s crossover?? Jordan has plenty of videos…

  31. KingCross says:

    it was NOT a carry. His hand was always above the ball. Tim Hardway had a great crossover arguably even better than that of Allen Iverson but in a one on one AI has the most effective cross over ever. He was barely 6ft. but had a wingspan of 6″5 that did contribute a lot in his amazing dribbling.

  32. Jp says:

    Lol. AI wasnt a point guard. He was a shooting guard.

  33. celentano says:

    To @professor you sir, d’ont know what you’re saying!!!
    Why almost every American thinks that for developing talent,learning moves you must go to college for it ?!!?? Especialy in America,college?
    My own arsenal of moves i learned myself practicing hours almost daily at home,club-b.ball and most important of all mastering my skills,moves,speed,shot’s was on the playgound( STREETBALL ) during the 90’s until 2005.
    During the 90’s ( Europe ) barely could watch games on television we had no satylite,no internet to watch Magic,Kareem,Jordan,Bird,Barkly,Pippen,Kobe… .I practiced myself every skill expanding, leading by my natural intuition many hours streetball one on one,two on two,three on three, alone … .
    Crosser move(AI) is most easy dribble move to produce!
    Try to make crossover’s behind your back,through your leg’s with fake’s repeating a few times before breaking ankle’s to the opponent, that’s more difficult to use as a weapon!
    Even today with my 38y.old ,fat belly,shorter height, no condition still breaking your ankle’s 100 times with many styles on the playground any moment !!!

  34. moneyman says:

    reason he did it with the left is because he likes to drive right. and it wasnt carrying. if your palm goes under the ball thats a carry, at the side of the ball not a carry. and u might think u can defend it until you guard Iverson.

  35. ron says:

    That crossover was incredible. A lot of times his hand didn’t go under the ball so it wasn’t a carry. The NBA created that (hand under the ball) carry rule to stop him because the move was too dominant. It’s the same as Lebron’s crab dribble rule. This move was completely legal but then all of a sudden its legal. That’s stupid. Patrick Ewing, Hakeem, Kareem and a whole bunch of other legends put there hand under the ball all the time and it was never called. But when AI did it and broke everyone down with it and it became an issue. That’s when you know you are a legend. When the rules have to change to stop you. Rest in peace AI crossover. True ballers know the NBA created that to stop you.

  36. lvmodig says:

    This video is too one-dimensional. It doesn’t do A.I’s complete crossover game any justice. Where are the clips of his best signature moves: the cradle-through-the-leg crossovers, his reverse-cradle-through-the-legs hesitation, his full jab-step-forward-and-pull-back that made defenders stumble backwards, his quick-jab-step-forward-then-slow-wind-up-pull-back-cradling-ball-high-then-sprint-right past the defender. And let’s not forget the rapid-jab-step-forward-then-behind-the-back-pull-back followed by the two-step-crossover — jeez, I can go on about his handles for days. Bottom line, dude had a majority of the maneuvers in his arsenal that you use to play-make on 2K. He was that great on the court. Just because you disliked his wayward personality, don’t blind yourself to his greatness or downplay how unique he was and make those “oh this guy was better than A.I” comments just to spit on the talent value he brought to the game.

  37. NJ_Nets says:

    99% left to right crossovers… it’s definitely nice, but you would think the league would have caught on after a while…

  38. NJ_NETS says:

    99% left to right… it’s definitely nice, but you would think the league would have caught on after a while

  39. SYDALE says:

    People say that it’s a carry, but his hand rarely went under the ball… The League deemed it was a carry after Iverson’s rookie year if I’m correct…


    How does that explain the thousands of times guys still got crossed over by A.I. for the rest of his career… after he had to adjust the move to make it “legal”???

  40. Wilson says:

    what is the background music played when AI played MJ?
    Anyone knows about it? I have been looking for it for soooooo long!

    • Wurth Skidder says:

      The NBA on NBC introduction music? I’m pretty sure that’s the only place you can get it. Just search for “NBA on NBC theme” with Google.