LeBron Wants To Be A Cowboy, Baby

By Nick Margiasso IV

Still no NBA? Well, at least the NFL has started.

Not that excited, eh? Well, you are DEFINITELY not as excited as LeBron James, who took in a Sunday night Cowboys-Giants game with about as much fanfare as the actual football game itself.

LeBron (who might very well soon be actually) playing QB:

LeBron and some legendary Cowboys “fans”:

LeBron and, umm, country singer George Straight — the real cowboy:

Even King James is bigger when he’s in Texas. Just ask San Antonio…


  1. Tip says:

    wtf that’s not football football is football and usa football is a joke because they play whole the time with hands and they call football ha funny they should call this sport headball mhhahha

  2. jimbo says:

    I would like to see LBJ in a SAS uniform, gettin’ too preppy in Miami !

  3. celentano says:

    Leclown ” the king of the universe who needed so much help for win the Nba”.
    Man i wish i was that tall like Leclown,i mean with that height i beat Lefreak any day one on one on the streets !
    Nah,i d’ont need his height to beat him one on one !!!
    Even now i’m half his lenght, with my speed,cross-overs,fade away “in your face”,fat belly,no condition; i brake his ankles 100 times !!!
    For real !!!

  4. I believe that the Heat will three-peat. Lebron is currently at Jordan’s level (1990-1998) meaning that no one can stop him in the Playoffs. His stats ( http://www.hostnumber.com/lebron-james-career-stats.html ) show that he has reached a point in his career where he can contribute a bit less, but still be more successful.

    If all else fails, meaning D-Wade and Bosh have off-games, Lebron can take over and become a one-man wrecking crew. There has never been a player who could impose their will onto opposing teams and give coaches big headaches. The only two players to come close are Shaq and Jordan in their primes

  5. RH says:

    “Even King James is bigger when he’s in Texas. Just ask San Antonio…”


  6. Casey says:

    Miami isn’t going to win the ship this year! Wade is going to have injury prone year! Indiana is going to rule the east this year! Mark my words! Lebron I no where near Michael Jordan sorry everybody! Michael Jordan is the king of the ring