NFL Madness Continues: You OK KD?

By Nick Margiasso IV

The only thing more entertaining than the first week of the NFL so far has been NBA players’ reaction to it. And what better way to cap an extended weekend of madness than the NBA brotherhood taking out the Redskins Monday night meltdown/Eagles ascension on renowned Washington fan Kevin Durant.

Teammate Russell Westbrook, busy this weekend at New York Fashion Week and celebrating his Cowboys’ big win, took time out to rub it in on pal KD…

Durant wasn’t happy…

And LeBron James, well, just thought it was pretty funny…


  1. miami fan 4 life says:

    My uncle is the strength coach at Miami Heat and he said that Westbrook is coming to the Miami Heat at the start of this season. Apparently the heat are trading James Jones and Juwon Howard for him. Apparently its already a done deal on a sign and trade and should be announced in a couple of weeks. Cant wait ! Miami 3peat for sure.

    PG Westbrook
    SG Wade
    SF James
    PF Bosh
    C Oden

    • That Guy says:

      U must be the biggest douchebag in the world. James Jones & Juwan Howard? U should stick to golf or whatever.

    • JonJon says:

      Yea because Pat Reilly shares that kind of information with a strength coach right? Go back to your hole! If your going to say something stupid at least make it belivable. Who in they’re right mind would trade a top 5 PG for two below average players?

    • Korey Buchholz says:

      I highly doubt one of the best teams in the western conference would give away a star player for people that’s probably could match up to him

    • terrence says:

      Can I have some of whatever ur taking

    • AH says:

      That is the stupidest trade rumor. That’s all I can say.

    • Rondell says:

      Not happening, your uncle is lying! And it can’t be a sign and trade because Russell is already under contract and Miami doesn’t have the cap for him…..UNLESS they trade Lebron, Wade or Bosh!

      Sincerely Thunder fan!

    • Jalen says:

      Oh shut up !

    • kdmyles85 says:

      how is that even possible when Westbrook signed a 5 yr deal…so all lies brotha

  2. @miami fan 4 life says:

    Lol your so dumb. Any coaches, commentators, or commissoners for any team cant say what their organization is doing. I asked Tony Fiorento at the Heat Camp if the Heat werep icking up Oden and he told us he couldnt say anything.

  3. celentano says:

    Dream on bandwagon!!! Jones & Juwon for Westbrook ? The most retarded comment ever on the blog,you win the darwin awards boy !!! Why not posting about Wade & Bosh for Kobe trade!

    PG Westbrook
    SG Kobe
    SF Leclown
    PF Hibbert or Danny Grange
    C Oden or Dwight

    Bench; Damian L.,Paul,Khawi,Rose,Shaq,Clyde,Jordan,Oscar R.,Magic&Bird,Birdman

    Is that good for you?lol

  4. celentano says:

    My nice does ballet,dance school with the Heat!
    I heared a different story about miami selling the Heat license to Seatle,for real!!! lol.

  5. okc2014 says:

    You lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ian Moore says:

    Howard isn’t even on the team. Lol get the facts straight. Miami signs him mid way through the season to sit on the bench as an advisor almost. And for westbrook…I’m good on that aqusition. I’d much rather have chalmers and cole. Mediocre at best, but they are out there balling for championships.

  7. Josh says:

    I’m a heat fan but what u just said is the dumbest thing I ever heard… U think okc that dumb to trade away Westbrook for those 2 player??? U an idiot

  8. Richards says:

    Why does the NFL sanction extortion?
    How much does Roger goodell get of the monies extorted from rookies.

    We know he knew of these acts and did nothing. Why one should ask. Answer he got paid.