Not Even Samurai Can Stop D-Rose

By Jeff Case

The silence that surrounded much of Derrick Rose‘s 2012-13 season has been lifted practically since the Chicago Bulls were ousted from the playoffs by the Miami Heat. Shortly thereafter, Rose took to to in early July to update fans on his rehab process (hint: it’s going very well), told CNN International that he’s the NBA’s best player and gave Bulls fans hope for 2013-14 by dunking during his promotional tour in Europe (albeit on an 8-foot rim).

Suffice it to say that Rose is determined as ever to prove he’s still got the skills and talent that made him NBA MVP for the 2010-11 season. As he continues on his adidas promotional tour, the latest stop was in Japan. It was there that Rose took on three Japanese samurai and breezed past the trio for a two-handed jam that you’ll see below:

From there, Rose has some fun dismantling the defensive dreams of some on-lookers by breaking them down with a dribbling/crossover clinic to make his way to the basket.


Of course, putting fancy moves on samurai-dressed folks or everyday Joes isn’t the same as getting to the basket against the top-notch defenders Rose will face seemingly every night next season. But Bulls fans are surely thankful that this is another sign Rose is getting his legs back under himself.

One last addition to this Rose-related item: the star is set to be the next cover boy for the new issue of SLAM Magazine.


  1. jung says:


  2. gg says:

    Rock beats scissors

  3. silencio says:

    rose is going to lead his team, in minutes not played!

  4. T says:

    I want to see D. Rose dunk off of his left leg, since his left knee is the knee he had surgery on.

  5. RT says:

    I just like the ‘D Lose!’ chant at the end

  6. Just Saying says:

    Still afraid?!?

    First video… watch how he lands…

  7. M says:

    D rose will prove that he is the man and has a lot of heart coming back from this injury I’m too ready to see him back in action

  8. bernycacay831 says:

    I’m a HEAT fun but I love Derrick Rose. It is nice to DRose looking good again. Although he obviously not comfortable of landing using his left leg, but he is looking better doing crossovers ang good lay-ups… Long Live DRose…

  9. Ronda says:

    RT, Thay can say the letter ”R” because they are Japanese not Chinese. So they are not chanting ”D.LOSE”

    • Yeah hey says:

      Yeah they wouldn’t say “Lose” practically ever because there is no “L’ sound in the Japanese language.

  10. alp says:

    samruai doesn’t have to stop d rose, he’ll just stop himself….

  11. Jumppong says:

    let’s go Drose can’t wait to see you play. again as a fan i all i want to see is to see you play again and CRASH the HEAT

  12. RealAnd1Gm says:

    Wow… The NBA has turned D-Roses into a “Side-Show?”

    • HighAlt says:

      D rose turned himself into a sideshow, but at least as a sideshow when he crys and doesn’t perform he is only hurting himself and not his team like he did in the nba

  13. RealAnd1Gm says:

    Kobe would’ve abused these chumps..!!

  14. Dman says:

    You are the man Rose! 2013-2014 is the year of the BULLS!

  15. Jimmy Buckets says:

    YEA BOIII!!!

  16. Ray says:

    that was probably the only dunk he did during this whole thing or else it would have showed them. so he is still afraid. MVP DRose would have gone HAM on the rim

  17. Ray says:

    probably 9 ft rim too. i know hes very athletic but barely any lift on that jump. him and russ westbrook go HARD and high. so probably was 9 ft rim

  18. Znobad says:

    See how he lands in the first clip? Thats a problem.

  19. D-first says:

    Don’t understand why all the defenders are trying to force him right. Just bad mental recognition on the players ends. Defence wins championships.

  20. celentano says:

    That performance shows nothing! even my nice of 12y old can do this better!
    his moves are stiff not even amateur level worth.move along nothing to see here!

  21. the M dog says:

    they still wont bea the HEAT!!!!!!!

  22. the M dog says:


  23. sports fan says:

    It’s great to see Rose back on the court & having fun. He recovers from an injury, is doing an international tour, & here you have a bunch of Rose-hating idiots posting the dumbest comments in the world.

  24. HighAlt says:

    RGIII Is a man 8 months after acl, mcl, lcl and back on the football field and rose is a boy (maybe even a girl) 17 months after acl surgery and running his mouth when he wasn’t there for his team after a four month longer recovery period for a smaller surgery. Ewwww ahhhh so special. I’d make him come back through the d league to make sure he will be ok. Treat him like he treated the team who was so short handed many of them playing injured and fighting with all they had to the bitter end.
    Best what in the nba? Cry baby? Sell out on your team?(is there an award for that?)