Paul George An Out-Of-The-Blue Surprise At Colts’ Home Opener

By Jeff Case

LeBron James has long pledged his NFL fandom with the Dallas Cowboys. He backed that talk up last night by watching and taking part in last night’s Giants-Cowboys game in Dallas with the kind of access that only a four-time NBA MVP can enjoy.

But the man who proved to be one of his greatest challenges in the 2013 posteason, Pacers star Paul George, also got into some NFL action yesterday. The young All-Star was on the field for the Indianapolis Colts’ home opener against the Oakland Raiders, but not in the conspicuous form that James took. Watch the video below to see what we mean …

(H/T to PBT)


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  1. T says:

    I’m loving it!

    The Pacers are in great hands with Paul George and Roy Hibbert going forward. Not only can they ball, they also have great character and treat the fans extremely well.

    Do the right thing and pay him the max Mr. Bird.