Westbrook Goes Fashion Forward-er

By Nick Margiasso IV

What happens when the worlds of the NBA and New York Fashion Week collide? Something with explosive patterns, random accessories and odd lil’ hats … worn by a guy like Russell Westbrook, of course.

But, you see, New York Fashion Week is no place to make tongue-in-cheek quips at the outfits worn by NBA players like R-Wes in the obligatory postgame presser fashion show. Just the opposite — it’s where NBA fashion fits like a glove (check out NBA Style correspondent @LanceFresh for all your NYFW-NBA happenings).

Case-in-point, Westbrook has been spotted sitting with one of the most powerful faces in fashion — Vogue Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour.

See for yourself … if it’s a little blurry, that’s just because you stylishly took the lenses out of your frames:

And again at another NYFW (the kids’ll wanna throw a “hashtag” in front of that) event:

……. #fashionking and #fashionqueen #nyfw @annawintour

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What does this all mean for the OKC man runnin’ the point on posh style? All signs point to a little love in the pages of that aforementioned very famous fashion mag. Keep your lense-less eyes peeled …

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  1. ChadAUS says:

    Just got word from my uncle who works at miami heat training facility that they are trading ray allen and mike miller for RAoy Hibbert. Apprently they are saving cap room to make a play at camelo next off season.

    PG Rio
    SG Micheal Beasley
    SF The King
    PF Flash Wade
    C Hibbert

    Bench – Bosh, Birdman , that guy with the flat top, howard, oden, lewis

    THREE PEAT!!!! Get the king his third ring! GO HEAT!!!!

    • John Doe says:

      This might just be the dumbest comment I have ever seen on this site. This is why I don’t like typical basketball fans.

    • anti-heat says:

      You are such an idiot. The Pacers don’t need Ray Allen and/or Mike Miller, they already have (young) beasts at those positions. Plus Roy is poised to be one of the top centers of the league. Nice try, and keeping dreaming though. Oh, just saw you put Dwayne Wade as the PF and Beasley (?) as shooting guard. You’re either a troll or the biggest heat ****-rider with the smallest IQ.

    • Sufi says:

      Aw man this is too funny… Thanks for the laugh.. I truly hope that was your intention. Oden Howard bosh bird man all together lmao. They’re gonna trade mike miller again lol… And somehow this will save cap room for melo omg lmao. Truly original my friend.!

    • Memphis James says:

      Mike Miller plays for the Grizzlies again… So you’re imaginary uncle lied.

      • ChadAUS says:

        Roy Hibbert is to slow for the offense they play in IND he needs a half court tempo like the Heat will provide, and ray allen/miller provide cap room to get melo, you will all look like fools when it happens and you can write back here to say sorry. Just cos MIA is the best doesnt mean im a fan boy!!! GO HEAT!!!!!! THREE PEAT. LBJ GREATER THEN MJ

    • miami fan 4 life says:

      ChadAus I heard this too but its not mike miller they are trading it is Ray Allen and James Jones for Roy Hibbert. My cousin is Bill Foran the strength coach. Cant wait!!!! 3peat for sure!!

      • #1 Heat Fan says:

        ChadAus and Miami fan 4 life has no knowledge in basketball whatsoever. It MIGHT be one of the stupid rumors that goes around in the off season but Indiana would NEVER send Hibbert for Ray Allen and James Jones (or Mike Miller, whos not even with the heat anymore.) As much as the Heat would love for this to happen.. not a chance, as anyone with a bit of knowledge in basketball would know.

      • ChadAUS says:

        Thanks for the back up, these fools will look silly very soon. LBJ is god, Miami three peat is on the cards!!!! GO HEAT!! KOBE BRYANT IS THE MOST OVERRATTED PLAYER EVER!!!

    • William says:

      Really??? Mike miller don’t even play for the heat anymore AND why would indiana trade a top 5 center for somebody who has MAYBE two years left? Do EVERYBODY a favor and shut up!!!

    • William says:

      NBA.COM needs to ban you for these dumb things your saying!

  2. Snap says:

    Wow Anna Wintour is at the top of the fashion world. Westbrook must be doing something right to get attention from the head editor of vogue.

  3. Jay Jay says:

    Wait didn’t mike miller go to the girzzles

  4. D-Fence says:

    Westbrook looks like clown, I don’t know about that fashion but those fashionmakers want to make people look like idiots and even like it… that’s how crazy this world is today, people look like morons and they like it because its fashionable to be idiot

  5. celentano says:

    How delusional Heat bandwagoner’s can be?,it’s hilarious!!!
    If they trade Ray away,the heat can kiss your “3-peat” goodbye !!!
    Because of Ray they won the championship, “the best player,master of the universe” Leclown didn’t made that shot game 6 or grabbed that rebound before the shot!
    I hope they trade Ray away involving 3 teams (Lakers),Ray is always welcome in LA.

    • #10 says:

      The lakers need more than Ray Allen my friend. And again another LeBron hater on nba.com! Shocker! If it wasn’t for LeBron the game wouldn’t have even been close and Ray wouldn’t even have had the opportunity to make that shot. Illogical laker fans talking like they know whats going on when they’re just fans because the lakers have won a whole bunch of championships, have kobe and they live in in l.a. it’s pathetic!

  6. 31for3 says:

    WOW! My uncle works there too! But they just fired your uncle…. 😦


  7. okc2014 says:

    He also said Russell Westbrook is going to the Heat in a previous article. And named the same Heat players for trade. He’s pulling our legs people. Russell Westbrooke cannot leave Kevin Durnat hanging! Whew!

  8. DomoDaGreat says:

    Let me get this straight. LBJ better than MJ. never kill yoself. An kobe being overrated u need to join that fool. Why dont yall hold hands an jump out a airplain at 20,000 feet. wit no parachuit. lbvs. Statistically kobes next greatest to Jordan. an one he gets those 2 last rings hell b the greatest. Lbj a b lucky to get 3 unless he join the best franchise L.A baby…

  9. King KGM says:

    Lol whomever is reading chadUS or whatever his name is post and didn’t realize he put Dwayne Wade at PF is just as slow as him. I do think they will try to trade Bosh and Allen for Hibbert with other players in the deal but I doubt IND will pull on that trade. Peace

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