Pau Gasol Loses Bet, Shaves Beard

By Jeff Case


Pau Gasol is known for his smooth footwork in the low post, a reliable jump shot and, to a lot of Lakers fans, his up-and-down play throughout his 5 1/2 seasons in Los Angeles. Another thing Gasol is well recognized for, perhaps, is his combination of flowing locks and a beard that he’s sported since before the 2005 season.

Gasol’s beard/hair combo last season was pretty tame compared to some of the levels it has gotten to over his years in L.A. For example, check out how he looked when he first arrived in Lakerland in 2008

That look may be a distant memory come 2013-14 as Pau recently had to shave off his beard after losing a bet to his (equally bearded) brother, Marc Gasol of the Grizzlies. As part of Marc and Pau’s Gasol Foundation charity, the pair started a campaign called “The Healthy Competition” that ran from June 10-Aug. 2. Marc and Pau served as coaches, challenging children in L.A. and Memphis, respectively, to get healthy. The children were outfitted with Nike Fuel Bands and the coach whose team burned the most fuel would win the bet for their coach. The stakes of the bet? The loser shaves off his trademark beard, of course.

In the final leaderboard, Marc’s Memphis team edged Pau’s L.A. team, 1,352,639-1,328,320. Being a good sport, Pau Gasol busted out the clippers, shaving cream and a razor and took to YouTube to pony up.



You can see more of Pau’s beard-shaving exploits on his YouTube channel if you so desire.

And in case you forgot what he looks like beard-less, we’ve got some photos of a clean-shaven Pau for you.



  1. armin halvadzic says:

    damn..looks like the guy from Memphis ! I think he’s gonna have a great season next year.

  2. TTKIN says:

    I like the bet the SEA and SF quarterbacks have right now better. If you lose, you have to shave an eyebrow haha.

  3. Pau will now be faster and lighter. See him dominate next season :)`

  4. Craig says:

    both these brothers are champions

  5. boy you don't know says:


  6. boston rules says:

    Clippers suck

  7. Mick Zombie says:

    What a shame!! Paul’s not going to be very good at chopping wood with an axe, paddling Canoes down waterfalls or protecting his homestead from Bears anymore.

  8. symon says:

    must see pau this upcoming season….you must maintain that look…..Its like your a rookie again!!!!

  9. miami4life says:

    He will have a great season at Miami next season. My uncle Bill Foran is the strength coach it Heat HQ and he said that a deal has been done and will be announced next week. Pau Gasol, Nick Young and Steve Nash to Miami for Rashard Lewis and Birdman. Miami are after some depth. Cant wait!!! New lineup for Mia:

    PG Nash/Chalmers
    SG Wade/Allen
    SF The King/Young
    PF Bosh/ Pau Pau
    C Oden/Kaman

    Miami champs for sure!!! 3peat!!

  10. okc2014 says:

    Both brothers are great sports and even better team players. Gasol’s beard will be back before you know it. As good as he is though, his team is going nowhere this upcoming season. Marc has a brighter future, better team.

  11. Haha, looks alot younger. Hopefully he will regain his form when the Lakers made three straight Finals appearance. Pau Gasol ( ), many people forget is a former Rookie of the Year and has two silver medal in the Olympic games.

  12. Vox says:

    Is Sheldon Cooper

  13. Cathy Karl says:

    Soooo handsome!! I like the clean shaven look a lot better! Now, if he could just make that bet with James Harden!! Why any young man wants to look like a grandfather, is beyond me??

  14. harry bush says:

    he sucks along with the rest of his team. even though i cant stand miami, theyre probably taking it all again next year