Ben McLemore Pranks His Mom

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For many years, my grandfather was a postman out in the country, which meant getting into all sorts of misdaventures, such as roads blocked by livestock and things of that nature. One of his favorite tales was the time when he rolled up to a mailbox, absent-mindedly opened it up, and was surprised to find a live snake inside the mailbox, comfortably sleeping in the heat. According to my grandfather, he nearly sprinted down the highway to the next mailbox.

Point being, nothing scares most folks like a surprise encounter with a snake. Which is probably why the mother of Sacramento Kings rookie G Ben McLemore was so surprised when she opened the bag of food that McLemore brought her from Taco Bell and found instead a snake (presumably fake) in the bag. (BTW, any time someone hands you bag and is filming you as you open it, perhaps it’s a good idea to be on guard a bit.)

(via SB Nation)


  1. miami 4 lyfe says:

    Just got the inside word that the kings are trading DeMarcus Cousins to the Heat in a trade for Rashard Lewis. Good move by the Heat I reckon – should give them more depth. Miami 3peat 4 sure!!!!

  2. celentano says:

    to miami 4 life@, you forgot to mention about your familymember involved inside the heat organization this time (hilarious nonsense) ! stop posting,do your homework ‘you little aurrichione’!!!
    i bet for life you’re barely 10y old !
    getting tyred about these 10y old lebron/heat bandwagoners!

  3. For the Win! says:


    • Byron Mullens= MVP says:

      If Demarcus Cousins got traded for Rashard Lewis than you might as well trade dwight howard for Greg Oden Smh lil boi.

  4. Komotion says:

    Inside word huh? I think he means that aliens transmitted it inside his head, right after they scanned his head to find it was empty